Cameron’s Kona Blend Whole Bean Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags

Since 1978, Cameron’s has been a name snynonymous with specialty coffee rich in flavor, yet subtle and complex. We purchase our specialty grade, arabica coffee beans from around the globe and “small batch” roast them to perfection in one of the finest roa

Quick facts

  • Three premium coffee beans: Colombian Supremo, Mexican, and Hawaii Kona – roasted and blended to perfection. A smooth and memorable cup of coffee!
  • 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee
  • Whole bean coffee
  • City Roast – medium

Top reviews

Very nice daily coffee

This coffee is a medium roast and it tastes like a medium roast. It has some of the good qualities of true Kona, mild and tasty. I can’t afford true 100% Kona anymore, but this is an economical replacement. So I use this coffee everyday since discovering it about 5 pounds (of coffee) ago. as long as the price stays reasonable, I’ll be drinking this coffee. Occasionally I will drink a light or dark brey, but for Kona, a medium roast gives me the taste I like. I drink about 6 cups of coffee a day because 6 cups a day is magic and a healthy part of my diet…..
GlennieMarietta, MN

Good Coffee

This is some excellent daily coffee. Great full flavor and very, very fresh beans. No bitterness and smooth. I highly recommend this coffee.
GerthaOakesdale, WA

Very flavorful albeit a light roast

This was my first experience with a kona blend and it was a very pleasant and tasteful coffee. It was sweet, with somewhat of floral undertones, with a wonderful aftertaste. All in all a very good coffee.

One caveat for those who like full bodied and/or darker roasts: this comes accross to me as a light roast (although is labeled as a medium roast). To be honest it did take away from the experience a little for me as I prefer medium roasts, but I still give it a five star rating because of the quality of the flavor.

JacquettaOldenburg, IN

A bit weak…

The coffee “Blend” is really lean on Kona and really fat on fill. I could not get a full bodied taste no matter how I ground it. If you want real Kona taste, spend the bucks and buy real Kona!!!
SeritaManchaca, TX

tasty coffee

I have purchased coffee on line as I think I can get good quality and avoid the high prices of Starbucks etc… I make my own coffee now. I believe I can save over $900.00 a year by making my own coffee and not buying coffee by the cup. In these tough economic times $900.00 is a lot of money.
VickieLake Villa, IL