Cameron’s Whole Bean Coffee, Toasted Southern Pecan, 32 Ounce

Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan Whole Bean Coffee — 32 oz. Rich in flavor. Subtle, yet complex. Just a few words that have been describing Cameron’s coffee since 1978. It’s all in the bean. After seeking out the world’s finest plantations, it selects only the highest flavor-quality Arabica beans. These beans are typically grown at a high altitude, usually 4,000 to 5,000 feet above sea level. The higher altitude makes the coffee cherry mature slower and stay on the tree longer, resulting in a coffee bean that is more dense, less acidic and has naturally lower levels of caffeine. Then, it carefully blends and roasts them in small batches and rushes them fresh to you. Is it worth the effort? Taste for yourself. Cameron’s has a hunch you’ll be savoring the true character one delicious sip after the other. Toasted Southern Pecan is a premium coffee roasted to perfection and combined with the creamy taste of toasted pecans. It is a medium roast.

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Oh my…

This coffee is insanely good. I’m a picky coffee drinker; I prefer strong-flavored, strong-brewed coffee. Cameron’s Toasted Pecan hits the spot. The flavor is out of this world. I keep the beans frozen and grind up a fresh batch for my french press–oh my, oh my. How this coffee is so cheap is beyond me.

No matter what kind of coffee you like (except maybe if you’re a starbucks snob, lol) this will do you right.

BriannaDabolt, KY

not a good cup of coffee

Not as good as I was hoping. But it is fun to continue to try new coffee, I love coffee, but not this one.
DarceyCunningham, WA

This Coffee Will Blow Your Hair Straight Back

This coffee will blow your hair straight back, it’s just that good. Make sure to wear a ball cap when drinking.
VerdieAuburn, CA


KrystalJefferson City, TN

Rich, smooth coffee with sublte pecan flavor

I hate a lot of “flavored” coffees. They taste phony and overbearing. But this toasted pecan is the perfect every day coffee. I have a standing order for 3 bags every month; that’s how good it is.
LiaMarbury, AL

One rule in our home – we DON’T run out of this coffee!

I am not a fan of “flavored” coffees. I don’t use sugar. I don’t use the “flavored” faux-cream products that crowd supermarket coffee aisles these days. I like real coffee with perhaps just a touch of real cream in the first cup followed by successive dilution with hot coffee top-offs (no more cream). I am not a coffee “snob” but I don’t believe all coffee is the same, I like to taste my coffee – not the extras (thank you very much), and I don’t mind paying more for top grade coffee. So how in the world did I wind up with this coffee in my cup??

Well, my wife is not a coffee purist. She likes her coffee sweet with flavored liquid creamer “products”. How the heck can people taste the coffee with that mess in their cup?? And if you need that junk with your coffee, for goodness sake please don’t waste a premium coffee! Right? I mean seriously, what’s the point?

Anyway, rather than dealing with two different coffees every morning or watching a good coffee get beat up with the overpowering sweet creamer “product” (have you ever read the ingredients?), instead I went on the hunt for a real coffee with good taste, full aroma and some mutually agreeable “flavor” already in the bean that wouldn’t hide the coffee but would still appeal to my wife. Well, we both love pecans so when I read reviews for Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan whole bean coffee I decided we had to give it a shot.

The next morning after we put our first bag in the pantry, I opened it up – getting first full shot of the rich roast aroma of the whole beans (wow!) – ground the beans, brewed that first pot then put a steaming cup in front of my wife with real cream – no sugar – and asked her to just give it a try. With that very first cup, we both agreed this would be a new “staple” in our pantry and soon added it to our existing (Amazon) subscription purchases to insure we don’t ever run out. This has become our preferred weekend coffee (we like to relax on weekend mornings and enjoy extra cup or two of coffee we can “linger over”) and occasionally it manages to “sneak” into the weekday coffee rotation when we have a slower morning available.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy great top grade coffees and will never give them up. And my wife will continue to prefer her coffee “creamed & sweetened”. But, at least for this particular coffee, I have learned that “flavored” and “real coffee” don’t have to be mutually exclusive (when sourced, blended and roasted correctly). And my wife has learned that sometimes coffee (well, this one anyway!) can be better appreciated with a simple splash of real cream – no flavored sweet creamer “products” allowed with this coffee.

As for the price, well again that’s not my primary criteria with food and beverages – taste and quality are higher priorities for me. But I can appreciate a bargain, and I fully agree that when you can find a good product at a great price, that makes it even better (hence, five stars on this review). Seriously, there is no doubt this is a good coffee at a great price. So, whether you approach your purchasing decision from a taste or value bias, go ahead and put a bag in your cart, get this coffee in your cup and prepare to become a fan.

DarioBadger, MN

This coffee hits the spot!

I’m not the biggest fan of flavored coffees, but i had to try this after reading the reviews.

Typically for me, flavored coffee smells great out of the bag, and smells like the flavor when you are brewing it, but once you taste it you find the flavor is gone, and worst is that the underlying coffee really isn’t that great. This is totally the opposite.

I brew a batch in the coffee machine, and when I take a sip the first thing I taste is a smooth medium roast which is actually more than decent. I didn’t really pick up the hint of sweetness the pecan was giving off until my 3rd or 4th sip. Very subtle at first, but more noticeable once you know it’s there. Definitely not overpowering, but just enough where you might think twice about adding sweetener to it. I tried it in the french press, and man! it’s twice as good. Really brings out the richness and pecan flavor!

This coffee smells so good out of the bag you almost want to eat the beans by themselves. And again, the best part is that the way it smells when you brew it is exactly how it tastes. It’s nothing but a good smooth cup of coffee. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.

AngellaMills, NE

good beans

I don’t care for cream or sugar in my coffee. I also do not like this product as a pure cup of coffee. What I do, is to add about 10 – 15% of the beans to my regular beans. Adds a very nice touch without overwhelming either blend. A good bean.
MattMankato, KS

Too much flavor

This coffee contains too much flavor for my taste when used as the sole ingredient brewed. I have taken to mixing it with Cameron’s French Roast at a ratio of 5 scoops of French Roast plus 2 scoops of the Pecan flavored beans. This produces a brew with a distinctive hint of pecan which I do enjoy.
DallasJosephine, WV

Great Coffee and Value

The smell from this bag, especially after a fresh grind, is amazing.
This is a relatively weak coffee, very mild with exceptional Pecan flavor.
I found it’s best to grind 50/50 with Cameron’s French Roast coffee to get a stronger cup with more mild Pecan.
WAY better than any grocery store coffee for less money.
JeraldEnola, PA

One of the Best Flavors

I really enjoy this flavor! It is delicious. My father enjoys this flavor. In fact this is the only flavored coffee he likes. My adult children loves this flavor too.

This flavor is good all day and all night! I love starting my day off with this coffee flavor. I love the smell of this coffee. If you haven’t had this flavor before I hope you’ll try it and I hope you too will enjoy it!

PatHarrietta, MI

great flavor, super value

this is one of the strongest flavor out of a doz I have tried.
It is medium roasted, smaller beams but leave a strong hint of pecan flavor in your final coffee, not just smells good. I use french press, if it matters. If you are using flavored additive, suggest reducing the amount of it as it just fights with the flavor of this coffee.
KandisFloodwood, MN


I drink my fair share of coffee and am a bit particular. I never thought that I would enjoy a flavored coffee this much. I ordered a bag on a whim. All I can say is “Yum!” I could eat it right out of the bag it smells so good. The price is insanely cheap as well. I sure hope it stays right where it is and I will be a faithful customer. If you sign up for a subscription, there is no shipping and a 15% discount. That’s just over $5 a pound. I’ll be getting at least a bag of this a month.
PaulettaMontalba, TX

Just OK

I was attracted to the price, size and pecan flavor. The coffee is not bad for the money, but I found the roast to be very weak.
HeatherLakeland, LA

Radical Coffee


this coffee is one of my favorites!!!

i consider myself a coffee nerd and have tried many many different coffees. i wasnt too intrigued with this coffee but since im texan i insisted to myself i would try this coffee.

i couldnt have been happier.

the pecan flavor is out of this world and much more present than i figured it would be. the beans are also nice and dark and oily.

i dont suggest this as an everyday coffee. i got pretty tired of it after a while: nevertheless i keep it close in my mind and frequently order to keep me on my coffee toes!!

try this: if you dont wind up liking it you can at least say you tried!!!!


MaryannRosalie, NE


Very smooth and flavorful. High quality. I ground it to fine and used to much on my first mug. I adjusted my burr grinder setting and backed off the quantity(3 heaping tbs for 18oz filtered fresh water thru a #4 cone), friggin best flavored coffee bean I’ve found with this quality at any price. Not bitter but full bodied, so goood!
StacyCrum, WV

Pretty good coffee

I found the Cameron’s Intense French Roast on here a while ago and it has become my favorite coffee… Use it in my Keurig with great results. Decided to try some of their other brands – The Toasted Southern Pecan has a great subtle flavor and is a medium roast – not as strong as I usually like – but a great change for the afternoon – Kinda reminds me of the Rain Forest Nut Kcups I used to drink… Can’t go wrong for the price…
MargotTheriot, LA

Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan Coffee

We have been very pleased with our purchase of this coffee. It is very flavorful and we enjoy the freshness of grinding our own beans. The pecan flavor is subtle and delicious. We often use the coffee as an after dinner “dessert” drink. I would definitely recommend Cameron’s coffee. It is a good product for a very reasonable price.
CeolaBakers Summit, PA

Best flavored coffee we’ve had

I tried 8 different roasts from the roaster when they had a product demo at our local Costco just before Christmas. Looking for a mild roast coffee and like this the best. It’s flavoring is not as overwhelming as Millstone’s flavored coffee from the supermarket bulk coffee bins, and the coffee has more taste. We grind our coffee daily and prefer french-press coffee when the weather is warm enough, because brewing often brings out the bitterness in the beans. We drink our coffee with a small amount of either milk, soy-milk or almond milk, no sugar or sweetener, and we taste no bitterness from this roast at all. My wife and I finished the 2-pound bag in less than a month. Just bought a bi-monthly subscription from Amazon for a more reliable supply than Costco.

It’s about 4 months after we bought our first bag of this coffee at Costco and are on the second bag from our subscription. Glad we bought the subscription at $12.50 each shipment, but I noticed some difference between the coffee we get through our Amazon subscription. The bag we bought from Costco consists of larger beans typical for premium coffee, with an oily sheen on the beans. While the coffee beans from our subscription also has the oily sheen, the beans are noticeability smaller, as we can compare from another bag of premium coffee we bought from Costco. Has anyone noticed this? It’s a little disappointing!

Since Costco stopped stocking this brand of coffee after the first batch from the product demo ran out, we can’t compare the beans we got from the product demo and what we get through our Amazon subscription, but the coffee from the subscription does taste weak, so I’ll try a bag of the French Bean flavor and mix it as some reviews are doing.

JovitaOlancha, CA

Much ado about coffee…

I just started drinking coffee. I like medium strength flavored coffees. I drink mine with creme and sugar. The first cup I made I used a semi coarse grind in my auto drip maker and the coffee was a little weak. For the second cup, I ground the beans fine and it was absolutely perfect (and there was no sediment in the bottom of the pot). Not too strong or bitter and packed full of flavor. I highly suggest this coffee. The beans were nice and shiny and very fresh. I only drink one cup a day so this will last forever. This coffee also smells amazing and makes my house more inviting. Coffee is complex. There is a lot of good info out there so read up and educate yourself. Make sure you are using fresh water, and the right kind of coffee maker with the correct grind, filter, etc. Knowledge is power. Hope this was helpful.

One thing I was a little confused on was the price here. It said this coffee was discounted from $16.00, yet when I went to Cameron’s website, they sell this coffee directly from them for $13.99 for the same product so i’m perplexed as to the price increase???

PortiaJensen, UT

Great Coffee

If you like flavored coffee at a great price, Cameron’s from Amazon is your best dealCameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan Whole Bean Coffee, 32-Ounce Bag
EllsworthRiverside, UT

This used to be my favorite.

This used to be my favorite coffee. Now it is a hit and miss. I never get fresh beans anymore and they no longer accept returns. I feel cheated, especially for the price. I don’t think it is worth it anymore and no one on the other end seems to care anymore. Such a shame.
ShawannaDodge City, KS

Cameron’s Whole Bean Coffee

Mediocre coffee for the price. Not as flavorful as I expected it to be.
TashinaElgin, IA

Southern Pecan is the BEST!

This coffee is addictive. My family has tried Gloria Jean’s, Atlanta Coffee Roasters and Cameron’s version of Southern Pecan. Cameron’s is the best quality and so affordable. Amazing!
AraceliHubbell, MI

The best coffee I’ve ever had!

We have been buying the Toasted Southern Pecan for several years now but recently signed up for the Subscribe and Save option. This coffee is so delicious. Anytime I make it for company or take it to a meeting, everyone enjoys it. Even people who don’t like flavored coffees like it! Look for it in your local grocery store and buy one of the small packs to test it out. You won’t regret it!
BarbieLake Panasoffkee, FL

Great Coffee!

I’ve bought this coffee several times. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had.
ZackaryYoder, IN

Toasted Southern Pecan Coffee

This coffee is very flavorful and rich.I grind it myself and use it in my Senseo coffee maker, It’s a lot cheaper than buying coffee pods.
KarmenNorth Hatfield, MA

Wonderful aroma and great taste!

Really enjoyed this coffee, I like whole bean ‘flavored’ coffee, so am not a coffee connoisseur, but enjoy my morning coffee. This smells and tastes wonderful with a light pecan flavor.
LinseyHollandale, MN

Awesome Flavor for the Price

This is one of our favorite coffee flavors … the nice thing is that it isn’t over priced like many other brands. We have paid as much as $17 or more for less than a pound of coffee. 2 lbs for around the same price … no comparison.
LavernEbervale, PA


I love this coffee. I’ve been drinking Eight O’Clock for years until I tried Cameron’s Southern Pecan, which is much better. It has a definite nutty flavor, the pecan flavor itself more subtle, but definitely detectable. A little chocolaty flavor adds to it to make a rich but not bitter taste if brewed right. I find that 2 level tablespoons to 6 oz. of water is about right, but I make mine slightly stronger. Anything less than 2 tablespoons to 6 oz. and it’ll taste like average store-bought. It’s just got a wonderful warm flavor. I just make enough for 2 cups in the morning, grinding enough beans for 3 days so it doesn’t lose flavor. Great stuff!
AmberlyScott City, KS