Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup, 10.75 Ounce

We make great soups that taste delicious and nourish you and your family. Whether you’re cooking dinner with one of our Great for Cooking soups or eating one of our Classic Favorites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! To create our delicious Campbell’s Condensed soups, our chefs simply add less water right from the start, so there’s more room for flavor. We start with quality, farm-grown ingredients and cook them to perfection. Easily recognized by the familiar red and white can, Campbell’s Condensed soups have always been a staple in American pantries.

Quick facts

  • Pack of forty-eight 10.75 ounce cans of soup (total of 516 ounces)
  • Made with chicken and cream
  • Great for cooking
  • Easy open pull tab
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews


OK, so this soup is full of fat and sodium, but it’s still the best tasting cream of chicken soup anywhere! If fat and sodium is a problem, then just drink less of it. The best tasting cream of chicken is when you add 1/2 full milk and 1/2 water, but that might be a bit too much, so you can use 2% milk instead. The way I make it is to put the soup in the pan and slowly add the milk and water. If you add water/milk right away to the soup you’ll get lumpy soup. And there are tons of recipes on the internet, it’s just the best tasting soup ever!
IgnacioNorris, IL

Where Cream of Chicken Shines!

Certainly, CAMPBELL’S CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP is excellent in a wide variety of dishes and recipes, but this, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is where CAMPBELL’S CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP totally shines:

*Take one baking pan.
*Pour in one 10.75-ounce can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
*Pour in one 10.75-ounce can of CAMPBELL’S CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP
*Use one of the cans to add 2 1/2 cans of 2% lowfat milk
*Stir thoroughly until the mixture is smooth
*Add 6 chicken thighs (or 4 chicken breasts)
*Add a pinch of McCormick Onion Salt
*Sprinkle McCormick Black Pepper liberally over entire pan
*Bake at 385 degrees

*After approximately 20 minutes turn chicken over
*After approximately 15 minutes turn chicken again
*Add Minute White Rice sufficient to absorb the sauce
*Bake for approximately 20 more minutes (ovens do vary, but do not remove until chicken is thoroughly cooked)

This is a delicious dish, the chicken and rice being thoroughly enhanced by CAMPBELL’S CREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP. Bon appetit!
–D. Mikels, Esq.

BonnieMccammon, ID

I love this soup!

I’ve loved this brand of soup since I was a child (I’m 54). Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup is my must-have “comfort food”, and is very nutritious. I always feel so good & energized after eating a large bowl.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to avoid salt/sodium, as people with high blood pressure do, since there’s quite a bit of sodium in this soup.

Also, I wish there were a few more bits of chicken in it, but since Campbell’s is trying to keep the price competitive, I’d rather have less chicken than no soup at all!

ChrystalForest Dale, VT

A versatile soup

Poured over hot toast, your oven roast, or eaten as soup, hot or cold…a tasty, nutritious, and economical meal every time…a great addition to your menu.
FrankieSussex, WI