Campbell’s Soup on the Go, Creamy Tomato, 11.1 Ounce

We make great soups that taste delicious and nourish you and your family. Whether you’re cooking dinner with one of our Great for Cooking soups or eating one of our Classic Favorites, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! To create our delicious Campbell’s Condensed soups, our chefs simply add less water right from the start, so there’s more room for flavor. We start with quality, farm-grown ingredients and cook them to perfection. Easily recognized by the familiar red and white can, Campbell’s Condensed soups have always been a staple in American pantries.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight 11.1 ounce microwavable cups (total of 88.8 ounces)
  • Made with tomato puree, cream and seasonings
  • 0g trans fat
  • 220 Calories per container
  • Perfect for work, ready in 3 minutes

Top reviews


This soup arrived smashed and leaking out all over the box. And Amazon will do nothing about it. So, you take your chances ordering from them. It might be less convenient to go to the grocery store yourself, but at least you will be able to use what you buy. Total waste of money.
PearlineHindsboro, IL

Great convenience!

Campbell’s tomato soup is my favorite, and now I can bring it with me to work without the waste of an entire can or the inconvenience of re-packaging at home.

Just be aware to watch it very carefully in the microwave, because it tends to bubble over if you leave it in too long because the soup is so thick.

TereseVernon Rockville, CT

Creamy wonderful tomato soup

I don’t usually go for tomato soup, but this is delicious. So easy to pack for lunch, pop into the microwave, and have hot soup to enjoy with a sandwich. I’ll be buying more to keep on hand.
JeniferPomona, NJ

Great way to save money

I have found that buying these soups from Amazon is saving me time, money and calories. Those of us who are fortunate to have jobs are all super busy and find ourselves working and meeting through our lunches. I keep these soups in my closet and grap one when I need to skip lunch. I have found that it not only saves me money but also calories as I am consuming less at lunch and when I was skipping lunch I was starving at dinner and ate more. This is working out great and I share with my friends at work.
PartheniaWalnut, IL

The perfect grilled cheese complement!

I bought this product for one reason only: to accompany my grilled cheese sandwiches!

For me, regular cans of soup just have way too much soup for a meal with one grilled cheese sandwich, but not quite enough to split in half and still have a satisfying amount. The soup at hand servings are perfect. The taste is creamy, the consistency is smooth…it pretty delicious for something that comes in a can.

Downsides: For a small container of soup, it sure packs a punch of your suggested daily sodium intake (~30%) and it has more calories than I expected (190 cals). In the future, I would rather get the classic tomato soup and make it creamy on my own by adding a dollop of sour cream (or better yet, greek yogurt) for a much lower calorie, but still creamy, tomato soup.

ChrisScuddy, KY

Pure Comfort!

These are great to keep in the ‘ol desk drawer and heat up to go along with a sandwich. Just the right amount and no clean up! Just be sure to open them carefully so it does not splash your clothes.
LaurenHidden Valley, PA

Yummy soup, packaging needs help

Love the soup! The creamy tomato is my all time favorite, and it’s easy to pack for lunch.

I’m taking one star away because the packaging is a little rough. Taking the lid off for microwaving is rough on your hands and nails. Not nearly as easy to remove as the lids on the microwavable bowls from Campbell’s. I can’t imagine kids or older people removing the lid with ease.

EstrellaWharton, TX

Tasty portable meal, snack or emergency food!

These are soul-warming soups, hot or cold. My husband actually prefers them cold and drinks them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night snack with total delight. Great to grab when running off without time to eat, or when planning to be away. Ideal for travel or emergency stash, because no refrigeration required, not even a microwave for reheating if you’re like my husband and enjoy them cold! We have 2 cases a month on Subscribe-and-Save and go through them pretty fast. Their nutritional profile isn’t as bad as you might think (at least according to Weight Watchers), and they’re very satisfying. If you’re craving a late-night snack, think: would you be better off with cookies/candy/chips or with tomato soup?? I love that these are just as convenient as those usual snack culprits!!
ManualSouth Wellfleet, MA

waste of money

I dont think it matters which soup at hand you purchase cuz they dont stand UPRIGHT long enough to heat the soup,had it flip over,spilling contents out of course. I will NOT purchase again.
DaniaDana Point, CA