Canada Candy Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar 4 x 50gram Bars. Imported from Canada.

Nestle Coffee Crisp Candy Bar is a classic milk chocolate candy bar with a creamy coffee center wrapped in two chocolate wafers. Coffee Crisp Chocolate bar is a combination of coffee cream, cookie wafers and milk chocolate coating. It does contain a small amount of coffee, although much of its coffee taste comes from flavoring.

Quick facts

  • Delicious wafer layers coated with smooth Nestle chocolate
  • 4 x 50gram bars in a package
  • Coffee cream, cookie wafers with a milk chocolate coating

Top reviews


They were great. But I know not to order
Them in the summer. I live in phoenix, and we gave had 3 digit
Weather. I will order them again but in the winter.
Thanks Janice
SarahHooper, UT