Candy Tree Gluten Free Licorice Twists, 2.6-Ounce Packages

Organic. No sugar added. Wheat-free/Gluten free. Corn Candies was founded in 1984 by two parents who were concerned with what their seven children were eating. They cooked up lollipops, toffees, licorice and hard candies – made with organic ingredients. Organic corn malt as a base flavored with organic real fruit juices and sweetened with organic apple juice. Their children, and now grandchildren, have enjoyed these wholesome organic sweets for years – now yours can too. This product is made with gluten free ingredients and equipment is thoroughly cleaned to avoid cross-contamination. Candy Tree, your tasty natural choice. Certified Organic by Skal. Product of the Netherlands.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 2.6-ounce packages (total of 31.2-ounces)
  • A wheat-free and gluten-free licorice that tastes like licorice
  • All batches are small and made using age old methods
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Threw them away!

I was delighted to find wheat free licorice on Amazon and ordered 3 kinds – the black and the raspberry from Candy Tree and a black licorice from another company. The Candy Tree licorice is terrible. Unfortunately, nobody in the family liked it, so this ended up in the trash.
DeandreBloomingdale, NY


I LOVE licorice and this is the BEST I have found without red dye #5 and blue dye #3.

The vines are shorter than with licorice found at Wal-Mart. But that is no problem for me. The candy is still delicious. I have tried the cherry and black flavor. Love them both. Next on my list is the strawberry.

AletaMc Grady, NC

Superior product

I have had celiac disease for eight years. Recently discovered the Candy Tree line of gluten-free black and red licorice. These are the best tasting snacks ever and my sensitive digestive system enjoys them with no adverse effects.
AnderaBaltimore, MD

Gluten Free Black Licorice

YUMMMM! For those of us with Celiac Disease who love black licorice – this licorice is the best on the market! And Amazon offered the best price including shipping.
MyrtieTodd, PA

Not great, but not bad either.

I like these well enough. I like the flavor and enjoy them when I have them. The only problem I have with them are the thick, larger pieces are not very good and way too hard to chew. I like the skinny, smaller pieces a lot better and wish they’d all be small and thin instead of thick and hard. The other problem I have is the slight plastic-y taste they seem to have every time you start a new piece.

If each piece was thin and there was NO plastic-y taste whatsoever, I’d give these a FIVE.

Otherwise, they are not terrible as I do enjoy them once in a while, but I can’t say I love them.

AntoninaMinden, LA

Licorice for the Gluten Free

It is a very good tasting alternative to other licorice. Being Gluten Free and still getting to have a few good tasting snacks helps to stay on track.
SandraBaker, FL

No cane sugar!!! Yea!

I cannot eat cane sugar. No idea why, but I get migraines immediately afterwards. So when I stumbled across this candy maker, I can’t tell you how happy i was. These licorice twists are a great sweet treat. I love the licorice flavor the best.
HugoLudlow, SD


Since going gluten free nearly 3 years ago I’ve really missed licorice, so when I saw these I grabbed them and just hoped they could live up to not only my expectations, but my memories of wheat-filled licorice! And they did, hooray! I’m ordering more, and hope to try the other flavours soon too.
KristinaGorham, NY

Needs more flavor

Okay, we’ve proven you can make licorice in form and function. Now, please give it more licorice flavor, this tastes more like sugar candy than licorice.
AlbertOrange City, IA