Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Beef and Ocean Fish Formula, 5-1/2-Ounce Can

All Natural and made the CANIDAE Way with Superior Quality in Every Can with No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Grain Fractions or Fillers and Naturally Preserved!

Quick facts

  • A can a day for every 20 lbs. of body weight. Puppies may need up to twice the amount for the same body weight and nursing mothers up to three times.
  • To achieve a balanced diet and maintain firm stools, CANIDAE recommends a feed ration of 25% canned to 75% dry dog food by weight.
  • Natural Skin & Coat Conditioners

Top reviews

BEWARE! Picture is not what you get!

My westie and yorkie eat this canned food and I thought I might find it slightly less expensive on Amazon.
I found this one and saw the picture of the large dog food which is normally what I buy at the pet store. It appeared cheaper by a little after considering the shipping cost.
I was very disappointed in finding out after shipping cost I actually paid .54 cents more than my pet store! But then it was worse!!! The cans were more than half the size of the picture! I contacted customer service and told them I should have read the description, however, the picture was of the larger can. They offered a return, I would have been stupid again to pay $16+ total in shipping to and from to get a $14 credit.
I told customer service the picture was misleading and she said she wasn’t sure on this product, but in the past they’ve told Amazon they have wrong pictures on certain items and Amazon does nothing about it! I don’t know if it was their fault or Amazon’s fault, but I do know I paid DOUBLE! I have purchased a lot of items on Amazonb and this is the first time I’ve felt CHEATED.
EstherBieber, CA

Warning, Pet food recall ,canned food, untrustworthy company

WARNING !!!!! they don’t even make there own food it is licensed out to another company if you look on the back of the bag it doesn’t even list who it is made by it only says guaranteed by canidae and when i asked who it was made by i was

1 either completely ignored

2 given a huge run around only thing i ever got was a state it was made in they wouldn’t even tell me the company

this is dangerous because this is how all the pet food recalls happened a few years ago by out sourcing manufacturing

TynishaCamas Valley, OR

Trouble opening the cans

I don’t know if anyone else has trouble with the pull-tabs on these Canidae cans but I sure do. The tab part is very flimsy and doesn’t hold up well while trying to pull open the top. I have almost cut myself several times. End up having to pry the top off with a fork after the pull-top breaks off. Otherwise it’s an acceptable product, although I do prefer Evangers. But Evangers has become more expensive for some reason.
MoniqueCorona, NY

Dog wont touch it

I bought this brand because I heard good things about it and I was comfortable with the ingredients that were list. When I tried to feed it to my dog he would not touch it and usually he is not a picky eater. This is not a negative review in any way against the product itself but just an FYI to other pet owners.
DenaeHoward, GA

Quality dog food, but he still can’t have it…

For about three months we were feeding this formula and the Senior formula to our 18-year-old Gilligan, mainly because he has a very long list of health issues that we try to sidestep like landmines and I strongly believe the prescription foods sold at the vet office are nothing but crap. I have researched and studied dog foods for several years now and although I believe Canidae is one of better foods out there, Gilligan began having seizures just weeks after he begun eating it and we now home cook his meals. Gilligan has not had seizures in his lifetime, so we were baffled when all of a sudden he developed a pattern of having a seizure about 3-4 hours after his meal. His vet said that the pattern made sense to her, because ammonium levels are highest in the blood about 3-4 hours after eating and if the liver doesn’t process the protein efficiently, it can definitely cause seizures in the brain. The day I stopped feeding him the canned food was the last day he had a seizure, and that was about two months ago. His vet nor I cannot figure out the connection, but my only guess is that it might have something to do with the quality of the meat they use (better than most other brands but still not what humans might consider consumable.) I must also mention that during this timeframe, Gilligan developed a sinus infection that ultimately we had to have cultured to figure out what it was, and it turns out it was e-coli and the staphococcus bacteria that was up his nose. Gilligan doesn’t have any eyes so when he eats he gets food all over the place (including up his nose), and he was on antibiotics to clear up the infection. The antibiotics didn’t have any effect at all until we stopped feeding him the food (he was on them for about four weeks while eating the food, and about six weeks on his homemade diet.) Amazingly, the sinus infection began clearing up exponentially after we stopped the canned diet. He hasn’t had any seizures or sinus issues with his home cooked meals, so we won’t be going back to Canidae food in the future. However, for a dog that doesn’t have the amount of health issues that Gil has, I still believe the listed ingredients are acceptable and nutritious. I am extremely critical and picky about the ingredients that go into our dogs’ food and I don’t find anything on the Lamb or the Senior formulas that severely throws up a red flag except for maybe psyllium husk, which can be hard on the colon for some dogs with sensitive intestinal issues.
KathieBanner, MS

Superior dog food

My dog has severe allergies, and I’m always looking for superior dog food to try on her. I ordered Canidae Lamb and Rice canned formula; she really loves it, and she’s quite picky. It arrived quickly, and I’m very pleased, with both the service and the dog food.
GildaLa Grande, WA

High quality food but…

I didn’t realize this food was ground up into a fine paste (rather than chunks), which my dog doesn’t seem to like as much. It also smells pretty bad. That being said, it’s high quality food which I have no concerns with.
CasieFairfax Station, VA


My 11 dogs love this so I say it is great! The tiny ones (toy poodles) get the almost straight food. The others get this mixed with their Bil-Jac. I am impressed with the ingredients. Not full of corn! Another thing I noticed… Every time I have fed my dogs any brand of straight canned dog food, with the exception of Science Diet, they had diarrhea. Not with this one. Not even one of them had it. That’s a good thing. I ordered two more cases and will continue. The price is reasonable too and free shipping with Amazon Prime or free shipping with purchase over 25.00. I also ordered the chicken with rice and the dog food for all life stages. My dogs love them all the same. I had never purchased food with lamb in it before but the one for life stages has it. i do not like the way veal or lamb are treated and have never eaten it myself either. However,having said that, I will be ordering this monthly for my dogs. Just wish there were more choices without lamb. It is impressive that their cattle are free range grazing cattle and fish are ocean not farm raised. I believe my dogs are eating better than us! Seriously, you will be impressed with the ingredients list on these foods.
GerryStinson Lake, NH

Fabulous Dog Food

My 11 dogs love this so I say it is great! The tiny ones (toy poodles) get the almost straight food. The others get this mixed with their Bil-Jac. I am impressed with the ingredients. Not full of corn! Another thing I noticed… Every time I have fed my dogs any brand of straight canned dog food, with the exception of Science Diet, they had diarrhea. Not with this one. Not even one of them had it. That’s a good thing. I ordered two more cases and will continue. The price is reasonable too and free shipping with Amazon Prime or free shipping with purchase over 25.00.
MayaMc Grath, MN

Warning this product may contain a doggy stimulant

First things first, unfortunately there is not an option for “Dog Loves It” on Amazon’s reviews so I hope this is not misleading…I personally have never eaten the stuff so this should not be viewed as “I like this” and I haven’t been able to teach my dog to verbally communicate yet so I’m going to have to go off of body language cues. That being said….15 month old, female German Shepherd with a sensitive stomach seems to love it. Had her on it for 5 months now. Half a can mixed with your dry food of choice 2X a day and you’ll have a pretty darn wild dog at and post feeding time. Just bought a pack of the chicken grain free to see if it elicits equal enthusiasm. Inevitably, some of the cans always wind up at my doorstep dented, but I don’t think that has any impact on the product.
TobiasRoswell, GA

My dogs love it, and love the combination beef and fish!

I always wanted to try out Canidae for my dogs, and when I saw the price Amazon offered for these, I had to go for it. The ingredients are awesome except carrageenan, and before I purchase, I read the reviews for concerning it contains carrageenan. Yes, I read about the study that it caused cancer in the lab rats, although it is a naturally derived from the nature. Carrageenan is in many food items for humans too, to provide thickness and sliminess to the food. Even for those healthy soy milk, it’s very hard to find the ones that does not come with Carrageenan. There’s always something that may or may not cause cancer, but we always have to remember that it does not cause immediately, and only taken in large quantities. So my judgement is that if I don’t give the dog food that contains Carrageenan “all the time”, then my dogs should be okay. So if you want to entirely avoid anything that may cause cancer, then you don’t want to buy these. Otherwise, they are fabulous dog foods, and I’ll just wish that Canidae come up with something else in the future to add sliminess to it.
TerrellHamer, ID

All but 2 cans in the case were severely damaged

I purchase most of my dog food from Amazon and, until this shipment, have been very satisfied. When I opened this shipment, all but two cans were severely dented -several cans were dented in multiple places. Even the inside cans were damaged. So this does not appear to be an issue with the case being damaged during shipment. Had to inspect each can for bulges or small openings, as I was concerned about contamination of the food. A lesser, but still frustrating, issue than risk of contamination is the difficulty I have trying to scrape all of the food out of each can (due to the depth and large number of dents in the cans). It is simply unacceptable that this case was shipped to me in such horrible condition. Looks like its time to start picking up this dog food myself at the local pet supply store. At least then I can be sure that the cans are not damaged.
DanielPaw Paw, MI


I really wanted my little shihtzu, Sheldon, to like this food but it was a no go here. He barely sniffed it and walked away. I loved the size of the cans as well as the impressive ingredient list. I do have to say that it didn’t smell alot like chicken to me though so I understand him not even tasting it. Too bad though. I would have loved to add this to the very small list of foods he will eat.
JonelleEvans City, PA

Salmon Formula

This smells more like cat food. My dogs ate the first can, but I mixed half with their previous food. Now they won’t touch it, even by itself.
SidErie, MI


My dog has been on Canidae Dry Dog Food, Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula, 35-Pound Bag for 8 years now. I recently added this to her diet. Stool is more firm. Seems like she’s crazy about the taste too. Texture is a little thick even when mixed with water.
ChariseStorrs Mansfield, CT

Canidae Dog Food

This is the dog food I had chosen for my 5 dogs,but until now,I did not find a good price. Thank you Amazon. My dogs love it.
LarondaCoal Creek, CO


I have 2 Pomeranians that both ADORE this food! They never get tired of it. Both the canned and the dry dog food, particularly the Chicken and Rice, are excellent. You can see the pieces of rice, and it doesn’t smell offensive like some of the other canned dog foods. I notice their nails and coats are strong and healthy, too! This is the BEST dog food! And trust me, I’ve tried many… A++++ for Canidae! The only drawback is shipping cost… If anyone knows where they offer free shipping, please let me know 🙂 THANKS!
JaySilsbee, TX

Canidae 12-Pack Canned Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Formula in Chicken Broth, 5-1/2-Ounce Can

I switched to the smaller cans because I have a Yorkie, and it took too long for her to finish the larger cans. But to me, all Canidae products are great. Let me tell you what happened. Three years ago, my little dog had hot spots all over her. She was miserable, itching, scratching, moping around. I took her to the vet who gave me a cream which didn’t help. Then one time, I went to my groomer who told me the truth: SHE’S ALLERGIC! These hot spots are Alergies!!! Huh? Why didn’t the vet tell me this? (Was it because he was also selling the other dog food I was using?) The groomer suggested I look for a product that had no corn. I liked the Amazon reviews about Canidae products and tried it. Not only did she take to the change right away, (although I gradually changed food) but her hot spots cleared up. Needless to say, Canidae products are all I use now. I don’t care that they are a little more expensive! They cleared up my poor dog’s misery, and that’s all that counts!
DemetriceDillard, GA

Great dog food!

Our 2 dogs love this food. We supplement it with the same variety of Canidae dry dog food. Never gives them bad breath. Seems to be perfect for our dogs.
MerissaMulino, OR

Canidae Canned Dog Food

It is a great product. Our standard poodle has a problem with keeping weight on even though he is a ravinous eater. He put 5lbs on and looks great. We add the canned dog food to his dry with a little water. Also never a problem with shipping or packaging.
GustavoBurgess, VA

Quality dog food

My dogs are picky but they do eat Canidae, not the no grain Canidae, but this one. Canidae has a premium dog food, canned and dry. Get what you pay for with this product.
HanCarson, MS

Puppy likes it!

I feed this to my puppy along with the dry formula to get her to eat more. She now is licking the bowl clean!

She does seem to have large bowel movements with this, but it is getting her eating and I know I can trust the ingredients.

SimonaHindsboro, IL

excellent ingredients but my dogs don’t like it much

I am trying to get my dogs (all shelter dogs although one is purebred) off low-quality grain-based foods and bought this to add to their high quality lamb and rice kibble, which they eat well. They wouldn’t eat it at first, and then only grudgingly. I am going to try again, but I am distressed because I don’t like throwing out food. I will try mixing in some cheaper stuff and trying to move toward feeding this. But I am warning anyone who is trying this that it isn’t immediately appealing to my five totally different (and hungry) dogs.
HerminaGeorgetown, DE

4.5 stars for this great food

I bought this food after searching through many websites to find the right nutrition for our 3 dogs. We decided to give it a try and our Collie/Lab was hesitant b/c of all the junk her previous owners had fed her. The Yorkies and even the cat immediately jumped in to chow down. Our Collie/Lab has now decided this food is great and we even purchased the dry food to go along with it. I was very happy to see this food rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in a food guide at our local boutique pet store.

This will be our primary dog food for a long time.

ElvinPine Grove, LA

Good food – yum! Woof.

My dog likes the Canidae, and he’s very fussy. The fish product is a little, well, fishy, but the other varieties are solid.
FrederickaHoodsport, WA