Canine Caviar Treat Buffalo Jrky 12In30P

Buffalo Jerky Flat are extra meaty to give to your dogs. A long satisfying chew (helping to reduce tarter and maintain your dogs teeth and gums).

Quick facts

  • Buffalo emit less methane gas into the air than a cow
  • 100-Percent free range grass fed buffalo, hormone and antibiotic free
  • Buffalo have 70-percent to 90-percent less fat and 50-percent less cholestrol
  • Completely digestible

Top reviews

Very happy with this product

I’ve purchased these before individually at the pet store at a much higher cost than buying in bulk here. I’m very happy with the quality of this product – all came individually wrapped in a large cardboard box as pictured. Best of all – no smell (unlike other natural pet treats or chews)! All my dogs, including a picky eater, are enticed by the buffalo (bison) taste.

Be advised: this is not a chew product for aggressive chewers unless you are looking to give them a quick snack. Since it is jerky, it doesn’t have the hardness of other products intended for longer chewing time. However, it works perfectly for my allergy-prone medium-level chewer as a 10 minute-long treat.

TamikaAbiquiu, NM

Great for limited ingredients diet

I left a review for this product elsewhere as well. I purchase these regularly for my yorkie who must have a limited ingredients diet. They vary in size (thickness), but they’re all usually a pretty good size. My dog absolutely loves them! He doesn’t put it down until it is gone. I highly recommend them for anyone who must have their dog on a limited ingredients diet (novel protein) or just wants a different type of treat for them.
KeithTroy, NY

Great for limited diets

I purchase these regularly for my dog who must have a limited ingredients diet. They vary in size (thickness), but I find them all to be a good size. Best of all, my dog (a yorkie) absolutely loves them. They don’t smell as badly as some do (they’re not tripe, so they don’t smell as strong). I recommend them highly for anyone who needs a novel protein for their dog, or who just wants a different kind of healthy treat for them.
JamieMarion Heights, PA

Overpriced and Unsubstantial

This item arrived and I was surprised at just how thin the actual jerky was–like paper. My dog was not at all interested after several tries and I ended up having to throw it away. I was looking for a replacement for buffalo jerky we used to purchase for our dog, but this item was really disappointing. We have purchased “Blue Buffalo” Turkey Jerky (even though it’s turkey) and she loves that.
BruceSolebury, PA