Canterbury Naturals Apple Cinnamon Pancake & Waffle Mix, 13-Ounce Packages

Stacks of fluffy cinnamon apple pancakes will melt in your mouth. Sure to bring the young and old back to the breakfast table for another helping. It is easy to make just add water. Conifer has been celebrating the agricultural richness of the Pacific Northwest for 30 years through Its wide array of specialty foods.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 13-ounce packages (total of 78 ounces)
  • Easy to make; just add water
  • Cinnamon apple flavored pancake and waffle mix

Top reviews

Bad batch?

I have tried the regular and chocolate flavored variety of this mix and love it.This one tasted like someone put way too much baking soda in it. I have not been brave enough to reorder it yet to see if it was a manufacturing error.
LakeeshaOwingsville, KY

Odd bitter flavor

We don’t like these at all. I think the mix has too much baking powder or something, as the pancakes have an odd chemical taste. If you make a small dice out of a fresh apple, cook it in butter with sugar and cinnamon and fold into the mix before cooking it covers the chemical taste, but who wants to do that with a mix?
CheriNauvoo, AL


This stuff tastes quite bitter to me. I suppose it’s because it’s gluten free and whatever substitute they’ve used has that flavor. I didn’t really like it and I couldn’t get anyone else to eat it either.
MindiDarwin, MN