Canterbury Naturals Country Style Cornbread Mix, 12.4-Ounce Units

We have captured hearty real corn flavor in our rich and moist Cornbread. Make it sweet, spicy or thick with creamed corn and peppers! Serve it hot from the oven, smothered with creamy butter and honey.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 16-ounces per unit (total of 74.4 ounces)
  • Hand crafted baking mix
  • Rich and moist Cornbread
  • Serve it hot from the oven, smothered with creamy butter and honey

Top reviews

Not what I had hoped for…

There were two things I did not like about this corn bread.

1. It is way over-the-top sweet. I like sweet corn bread, but this is so sweet that it did not taste good with my chili or soup. It tasted like something to eat for dessert. I wish they had left out about 2/3 of the sugar. You can put more in, but you can’t take it out.

2. It does not have the crumbly, corn-meal texture that I like. It must have a higher percentage of wheat flour than I am used to, because the texture is finer and like there is more gluten than I like. Maybe it is just a very finely ground corn flour. I don’t know.

That said, if you know what to expect, and this does not sound bad to you, you might like it. It just does not suit my preference for corn-bread.

RegenaClear Creek, WV

The Sweetest Cornbread You’ll Ever Eat

I LOVE this mix. The cornbread is very sweet – almost like cake. It reminds me of the corn pone we had on Sundays with fried chicken when I was a child. Smothered with chicken gravey it is to die for. It’s texture is “soft” like a cake so perhaps adding some cornmeal might help. This would be great for breakfast with pancake syrup on it! This is not your “normal” cornbread so DON’T use it for chili, cooked greens, or fried fish.
AnnelieseMinneola, KS


This was undoubtedly the nastiest cornbread I’ve ever tried to eat. If you like to eat sugar out of a spoon, you might like it. In addition to being too sweet, it also has a slightly “bitter” flavor which indicates to me that it contains “too much” baking soda and/or baking powder! Neither the taste OR the texture resembled any corn bread I’ve ever eaten (or care to eat again), in my entire life. I wouldn’t even recommend it as a cake!

Since the postage would be too prohibitive to return the product, I’ll probably bake the remaining five boxes this winter and feed them to the birds. Maybe THEY can eat it!

GavinMaumelle, AR

cornbread mix

i don’t normally like sweet cornbread but this one is good. the recipe on the side of the box for cornmeal pancakes is even better, that’s what i make instead of making cornbread.
CherryGray, GA