Cape Gooseberries, 1 Lb Bag

Gooseberries are ready to eat. They may be added to cereals, cakes, desserts, and a wide variety of recipes.

Quick facts

  • Sweet and tart, our Dried Gooseberries have a chewy texture like a plump and tasty raisin.
  • Shipped from a BRC (A rated) facility
  • KOF-K Kosher Certified

Top reviews

Another natural berry product

Unsweetened gooseberries have a slightly sour flavor, although they can be eaten unsweetened. Sugar is usually added if they are made into pies, cobbler, or jam. We had our own gooseberry bush when I was a child, and I do remember eating the berries right off the bush. Like other berry products, they are high in anti-oxidents. There are various nutritional claims, still to be verified, including a claim that they will help burn off belly fat (a problem some of us have). So, we shall see. I have just started trying these.

To obtain a sweeter flavor, the dried berries can be dipped in honey or sugar syrup.

EunaCabot, AR

Great product, Great taste!!

This is a very high quality product, and the taste is awesome. One of my favorite pies in the world is a gooseberry pie. I can’t always find gooseberries though. I ordered these and they were enough to make two pies and they tasted amazing. My husband is still raving about them!!
AnamariaFrannie, WY

Simply delicious!

These goosberries have a wonderful sweet and tart flavor that makes one smile! I ate a handful of them after I had my dinner and my stomach feels very calm and less bloated after eating. Amazing! In my opinion, they need no sugar or soaking. Just pop them in your mouth and enjoy!
HortenciaLake Huntington, NY