Capella Flavor Drops, Egg Nog,Big-Squeeze Flavors over 120 8oz Servings

“The Flavor, Not the Sweetener”. Enhance your delicious beverage, add 3-5 DROPS of Capella Flavor Drops per 8oz serving. Capella Flavor Drops contain NO SWEETENERS, NO CALORIES, NO FAT, NO GLUTEN. Add Flavor Drops to Diet Shakes, Cafe Lattes, Cappuccinos, Coffee, Tea, or Steamed Milk. All Capella Flavor Drops are sweetener and fat-free and add flavorful addition to specialty desserts and culinary dishes.

Quick facts

  • “Just the Flavor, Not the Sweetener”
  • 3-5 Drops Flavors an 8oz Beverage
  • Great for Enhancing Diet Shakes!
  • No Fats, Calories, or Artificial Sweeteners of Any Kind!
  • Flavor Drops are available in over 45 Flavors!

Top reviews

Tastes good in coffee

This is really good in coffee. I bought several flavors from the Capella company, and this is my favorite so far. For a 12 oz cup of coffee, I put in 9 drops, which worked out very well. I also added about a teaspoon of Wholesome Zero sweetner (awesome stuff). It probably doesn’t need any sweetner at all.

FYI – this tastes NASTY if you try it straight. It’s kind of like cough syrup, but worse. The same thing happens if you try Vanilla straight, though, so I wasn’t too worried after I first opened it. Once it’s been dissolved in enough coffee, it tastes like it smells, which is wonderful. And there’s no sugar or calories.

I haven’t tried this disolved in water. There are instructions for it, but I think Egg Nog flavored water would be weird since plain Egg Nog should have a creamy texture to it. A fruity flavor might be better.

This would be awesome in milk shakes.

I usually buy flavored coffee (whole bean), but I think I’m going to keep investing in this and just buy regular plain coffee. That way I can have any flavor I want without having to store several pounds of expensive coffee.

AnikaEdmonson, TX

Not eggnog flavor.

The smell is right, but the taste is way off–at least, it’s off if used to try to flavor milk. Maybe it would be better in something else.
NeilAdamsville, TN