Capers Non-Pareil, 2lb

85% of all of the cultivated crops of capers come from two countries, Turkey and Morocco. Capers are the floral bud of a thorny plant called “Capparis Spinosa”. This is the medium size caper that Castella carries. They are packed in vinegar brine and contain no preservatives. Refrigerate after opening. Imported.

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Tasty Capers

I’m pretty picky when it comes to selecting gourmet foods. I am an unschooled chef having learned to cook from living in Europe and Asia. Capers are part of Mediterranean life and are found in many of Italy’s best salads in the finest restaurants, as well as those in Spain, Greece and the Greek islands, This my first experience with Castella Capers Capers Non-Pareil, 2lb and I must admit that I am impressed! For the price, the quality and flavor is great. They are especially good with fresh diced Roma tomatoes, fresh basil leaf, flat filets of anchovy, a bit of prociutto and fresh grated asiago cheese. Then sprinkle lightly with balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper to taste. (BTW, My own Recipe) I highly recommend Castella Non-Pareil Capers and I am now a returning customer.
MathewLamoille, NV

Great buy, great capers!

Even having to pay the cost of shipping on these capers they are a great buy and a great product. Research the cost of capers in your local market and you do the math and then decide. I am very happy with this product and will order again!
BrianneMason, IL

I love Capers

Great price.Great quality. Quick ship.If you use lots of capers this the place to buy it.
I am ready to oder two more jars.
JaRoyalton, IL