Caramel Apple Pops, 48-Count Package

Enjoy caramel apple goodness whenever the mood strikes with Caramel Apple Pops, the perfect combination of tart, green apple candy coated with rich, creamy, caramel – all packed into a delicious lollipop!

Quick facts

  • One 48-count box of Carmel Apple Pops candy lollipops
  • The perfect combination of tart, green apple candy coated with rich, creamy, caramel

Top reviews

Delicious, worth the money

I wanted a candy that would last me more than 5 seconds and wouldn’t double my weight over the course of eating it. Caramel apple pops fit the bill perfectly: 60 calories, and they last long enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

I went looking for these in local grocery stores and couldn’t find them, but luckily Amazon saved the day. The pops came in the packaging that is shown in the picture but (as another reviewer pointed out) they look like they were home made. The pops vary in size, shape and mixture. However, it didn’t really bother me and unless you NEED perfectly shaped pops with just the right combination of caramel and hard candy, I doubt it will bother you either.

Overall, highly recommended! Just wish stores would start carrying these again!

BTW, here’s the nutrition information in case you want it:
Calories – 60, Total Fat – 1g, Sodium – 15mg, Total Carbs – 15g, Sugars – 10g, Calcium – 2%

JanieLoma, CO

My favorite candy of all time!

I have been searching in the grocery store for these caramel pops for ages! I used to suck on the during my kids sporting events. As good as I remembered them!
DavidaCraddockville, VA

tastes like the real thing

These are my favorites and I have reordered more than once. Perfect for desert without all the calories and is soooo good. Cant find these locally so go to Amazon for my candy fix.
LoreanHales Corners, WI

Suckers that can actually make you happy – that good.

These were local during Halloween and then we couldn’t find them. Of course they were here at Amazon. They look like they were made in your kitchen as they are not uniform in shape or size, but they are amazingly good. It’s like going to the fair and getting a tart green apple covered in yummy caramel. They last a really long time which is good as they are 60 calories each, but they stop me from wanting a 300+ calorie desert so they’re a good deal. I do find myself smiling while I have one; they make you feel like a kid.Tootsie Roll Caramel Apple Pops 48 count
LachellePinos Altos, NM