CaramooCaramel Crumble, Original, 2.5-Pound Bag

Caramoo Caramel Crumble All-Natural European Candies Get their Rich Taste from Golden Caramel and the Finest Moo: 100% European Butter And Full-Cream Milk. They’re Still Handmade in Small Batches. Then Each Candy’S Delicate Flavor is Sealed in a Unique Vienna-Style Wrapper. These Rich, Buttery Caramels are Somehow Light and Crumbly Never Hard or Sticky. Caramel Crumbles Come in Two Scrumptious All-Natural, Gmo-Free Flavors: Original and Honey.

Quick facts

  • Rich, Buttery Taste of Golden Caramel
  • Light, Crumbly, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Yum
  • A Traditional European Confection
  • Unexpectedly Scrumptious
  • Oh, for the Love of Caramel. Caramoo Confections offer the Perfect Union of Rich, Golden Caramel and the Finest European Butter with a Light, Crumbly, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Texture

Top reviews

I have to disagree with the Rebecca Review

I received a few of these in a sample pack sent to me by Amazon Grocery. All I can say is Bleeeecchh!

Personally, I found the taste to horrible. The texture reminded me of lighter, crumblier mellow mint(which I like). Mellow Mint might be the wrong name. I do not see them to often. They are wrapped in a green and silver wrapper if that sounds familiar.

NaomaMount Marion, NY

Each to his or her own.

Amazon tried to hook me on these by sending me a free sample packet. I’m not sold. Caramel should have viscosity and chewishness (doesn’t have to be kosher, though), which adds to the lasting and lingering pleasure of the experience. These tasted artificial to me. 2 stars. Unfortunately, I shared one with my wife, who proclaimed them light, bright, and divine, a 5-star delicacy at the very least. So in the interest of a lasting and lingering marriage, I’m inflating my rating and ordering a bag.
MarquisFoxworth, MS

The Original Version

CARAMOO is a delicious caramel fudge candy that has the look of a caramel and the texture of a crumbly fudge. The milk and butter make them creamy and delicious. The caramels are made in small batches and wrapped in cute Vienna-style wrappers. The honey and the original flavors are both delicious but if you like a sweeter flavor, then you might like the honey caramels. I think I like the original caramels best. They remind me of a vanilla fudge I used to buy overseas.

~The Rebecca Review

JalisaMount Judea, AR


This is what happens when you make caramels and they flop. I paid $17 for a 2pound bag, and couldn’t even GIVE them away.
MilagrosPomona, NY

eware of ripped packaging

I just received my caramels. When I opened the package, one of the bags was ripped, so I tried one of the caramels. It was hard, and seemed stale. I looked at package and it was dated Aug.31,2006..outdated. I contacted Caramoo and told them they were selling old candy..and I received an email back explaining that they had dated the packages wrong, and it should be 2007. However, if the candy bag gets ripped, the candy will get hard and stale quickly. This is what happened to mine. I am returning mine because of the ripped packaging. Caramoo suggested that you keep the candy in an air tight I am passing this info on to you all. Hopefully they will improve there packaging.
BlytheKinards, SC

Sugar Addicts Take Heed

If you are a sugar addict…I warn you: do NOT buy these. They are DELICIOUS….and addictive. I loved the light and crumbly texture. They are buttery and sugary and sweet:

I bought 5 lbs.

I ate 5 lbs.

I am visiting them on my hips.

I just returned from the gym.

KaleighMineral Wells, TX

This is how caramels should taste!

I used to buy caramels that tasted much like these when I lived in Europe. I hadn’t been able to find them here — that is, until Amazon sent me samples of these. They are light, buttery and amazing! My preference is for the original flavor, but I’m sure the honey variety will really please honey-lovers. In a word: YUM!
TomDover, TN

Europeans understand…

If you ordered these expecting a smooth gooey American-style caramel experience, forget it. Other than the flavor, which is somewhat of a mellower butterscotchy vanilla cream, you will find these have the texture of crystalized fudge. They are a bit hard & crumbly at first, but soon melt into a sea of creamy delight. I laughed when I read one reviewer’s comments about “ordering 5 pounds, and eating 5 pounds”. I meant to send some to my sister but ended up gaining about 7 pounds in 2 weeks myself. I’ll have to recommend them to Renee Zellweger for her next Bridget Jones adventure.

My Russian grandmother used to get the real Polish version of these “krufki” which may mean “cow” since the Russian diminutive version of cow is “korovki” (there was a picture of a cow on the wrapper). If you are looking for those candies, these Caramoo’s taste exactly the same. Thank goodness they still come in the traditional wrapper – the only thing that slows down the feeding frenzy. (Please don’t tell my dentist!)

MernaJohnstown, NY


I, too, received a sample from Amazon… and it was simply amazing! I highly recommend it. Please note that this is the “original” flavor caramel. I also received samples for the “honey” flavored ones and I did not like those nearly as much as these.
PhilMilladore, WI

Tasty Caramel Treats

Yummy, yummy is all I can say about these caramels, 5 out of 6 in my family love them (hubby isn’t a candy fan). These aren’t your traditional chewy caramel squares we are all used to … If your up for a change in your creamy caramel, you’ll be pleasantly pleased. These are crumbly as their name states and don’t stick to your teeth, makes it easy to power them down so be warned.
CedrickMenard, IL

Not bad!! Sweet though.

I bought these and got them yesterday. It is pretty sweet so be warned. I think if you like fudge, you will like these. It reminds me of the Scortish whiskey fudge candy that I had before. I love how simple the ingredients are. It is addictive.
MillicentHomosassa, FL

Nice flavor

Nice flavor but sweeter than what I expected from a caramel. Sweet as a piece of fudge. Serving size is 4 pieces [150 calories]. So sweet I can only eat 2 pieces. Which is good for me–I won’t finish the bag in 2-3 days! Think I’ll share it at work.
ImogeneMesilla, NM

An addictive krewki alternative!

If you are looking for krewki, look no further. No, these aren’t “little cow candies”, but they are the closest I have had in years. My Polish mother proclaims them to be perfect. Price wise, they are about on par with ordering from one of the European importers. Use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save to get a good deal and keep these sweet treats coming on a regular basis! I ordered a bag to send to my husband in Afghanistan…we’ll see if they actually get there.
EdenNorth Kingstown, RI

Could they be more addictive? Yum!

These are soft and dissolve easily as you chew, unlike a traditional chewy caramel. That makes them better, for me. Alas, that also makes it easy to eat them by the handful. They are too tasty to resist: I’m ordering more.
KevinWalnut, IA

Just as good

I used to get these many years ago when living in Italy. I was excited when I found them on Amazon. They are as good as I remembered.
Unique and unmatched.
VonnieDugway, UT


I keep a bag of these caramels at my desk for a quick treat after lunch or as an afternoon treat. They have an incredibly creamy flavor yet the texture is unexpectedly crumbly. I’ve found that most people are very polarized by these little candies as they either love or hate them. You can count me among the former.
CrissyBloomington, IN

Not Traditional Caramels

The reviewer who said these were similar to vanilla fudge got it right. If you are old enough to remember it, I think they also taste a bit like penuche. Two is plenty for a serving, they’re very buttery and sweet and crumbley. These are not like traditional caramels- I wouldn’t try to make caramel apples with them. They aren’t that sort of caramel- they’re more like a hard fudge texture.

My roommate said he hated them but I had SO MANY of them in the bag that I decided to put some of them in the food processor with some graham crackers and make a pie crust with them. I made a butterscotch pudding pie with the crust and it was roll your eyes over good. My roommate loved the pie and commented on the great pie crust. So I think some of the reason he didn’t care for them was his expectation that they’d be like a Kraft caramel or like a butter toffee and they are actually both and neither.

So- don’t expect toffee or a chewey caramel with these. I think they’re awesome.

RamonitaDulzura, CA

Delux carmel candy

This is a wonderful carmel candy. I now know why it was the best selling carmel candy from Amazon customers. Melts in your mouth and has a great after taste. It is very soft and not the usual gummy variety of carmel, which I like as well.
EleneMancos, CO