Carbquik Baking Mix, 3 lb. box

low carb baking mix

Quick facts

  • 3 lb box makes 90 biscuits, just add water!
  • 90% less carbs than Bisquick
  • 2g net carbs per biscuit
  • No sugar – High in fiber – Low sodium – High in protein
  • 9 different recipes on the box

Top reviews


Bought the carbquick and wish I didn’t. Does not taste good and when baking with it definately comes out different than the regular bisquick. Will not buy again…..
BetsyLambert, MS

Carbquik tastes like bisquik

I suppose some people might rate this product higher as it is a great substitute for Bisquik, however I didn’t like it because everything I made from it tasted like Bisquik.
ChrisEast Poultney, VT

Not Too Bad

We tried this tonight for pizza crust. It really wasn’t too bad, but there are some issues to be aware of if you are going to use it. The directions say add 1/3 cup of very hot water and mix to form a soft dough. No way does this happen. you have to get your hands in there and kind of work it all together and then it is pretty dry and crumbly. Kneading brings it together somewhat. As far as getting it in the pan, just be patient. Flatten it out as best you can and then start working from the center and press outwards. It takes a lot of work, but you can cover a 12 inch pan with it. It will be very thin though. I didn’t find the flavor all that objectionable if you have a lot of toppings on it. I think the trick to all this low carb stuff is desperation anyway. Once you are on the diet long enough even cardboard tastes good. :0)
JonelleWindsor, SC

Terrible, waste of money

This is the worst low-carb product I have ever purchased. When using it to make pizza crust, I could not even cover half the pizza pan, and the taste was horrible. I used it to make biscuits, and they were incredibly dry and had no flavor. I tried again, adding some margarine, and they still tasted awful. I tried to make pancakes, and the batter was as thick as cement. I tried adding more liquid, but they were horrible. I cannot imagine how this product is still on the market. Krusteaz used to make WONDERFUL low-carb baking products, so I know it can be done. This stuff, however, is awful.
RolandaWebster, TX

A great tasting way to kill your weight loss!

I used this product under the belief that it was really better than regular flour. Guess what. It isn’t. Go to the isle on your grocery store and you will see that there is about a 5 carb/ 20 calorie difference between this and regular wheat flour. NOT TO MENTION, this is WHITE, REFINED, HIGHLY PROCESSED. Taste delicious, if you are on atkins or Dukans and you eat this, you may experience what I experienced. My experience is what made me turn around and realize the truth about this product:
1. INSANE cravings for more carbs. You will want them whether it comes from this product or junk. That is because a carb is a carb and regular store bought/ restaurant style/ vending machines/ cafeteria food/ etc will not use this product. You will seriously slip in your will power. The serving size for CARBquick is ONLY 1/4 a cup. You’d do yourself a favor and just spend the money on a regular slice of bread.
2. ACNE golore. I have minimal acne. Wheat makes me break out. Atkins gave me the clearest skin ever. After a week of this product I had tiny zits all over my face! Unacceptable!

Considering the expense of this product, it is not worth paying for. Carbquick should be known as the Carb that will QUICKLY spike your insulin! You’d do better to get yourself some almond flour or if you are not wheat sensitive (which most people are the FDA just doesn’t want to ruin the wheat industry) just buy some real flour!

BarbieBabson Park, FL

Fabulous product, but overpriced on amazon

I’ve been a fan of Carbquik baking mix for sometime. After a few experiments, it has become a staple in my kitchen. With that said, I wouldn’t recommend paying this price for it–it’s exhorbitant. I found it much cheaper at netrition. Until reviewers hold amazon vendors accountable for overpricing, they’ll continue to do so.
LavetaWatts, OK


this is the best i breaded mushrooms for my husband he loved them low carb or not its hard to tell
NikiFostoria, KS

way to expensive

This is a very nice product but Netrition has for the exact same item for one half of the price,
RickieDammeron Valley, UT

cost too high! more than double!

I love using Carbquik. Since getting my kindle fire for christmas, I am seriously considering joining prime and using it for free shipping on my low carb products. I usually get things at netrition where they charge a flat $4.95 per order.

Well, the Carebquik is $11.99 on netrition, but $26++ here on Amazon!! What is that about? Much too high and very overpriced. I will continue to make comparisons between the netrition costs, and even with the $4.95 shipping I can come out ahead.

The Carbquik is wonderful, and I highly recommend it for a low carb diet.

TylerCropseyville, NY

B J McClain

taste not bad. I added cinnamon and nutmeg for pancakes. They were flat and not fluffy.
DomoniqueFranklin, TX


This product came in most handy due to my big appetite for a slim person and I am a diabetic of about 1 1/2 years now Type 2. It became very useful for me to be able to make my pumpkin bread, cocoa bread, as well as experiment in making other baking goodies with this products. The vast majority and I mean vast majority of baking ingredients such as meal, flour, breads, i.e. are so so loaded with carbs and diabetics are limited to the amount of carbs one can eat during a meal and throughout the day. This product “gives back” ways of baking and making things now that we cannot eat anymore, should NOT eat anymore and if one does a very limited and very small portion! And last, the product baked up just find with me and taste great in my recipes and baked goods! P.S., I just wished the cost was a tad bit lower. THANKS!!!
RafaelaFruitland, WA

Just like the “real” thing!

I bought this mix to help curb some of my cravings for “regular” breads. I tried the simplist recipe on the box – drop biscuits, just add water and bake. My biscuits didn’t rise as much as those in the picture on the box, but they tasted so delicious! Even my kids devoured them. A great staple for the carb-conscious person. I recommend highly.
ManDanville, KS

Love this stuff

I’ve used this many times over the past couple of years. Biscuits, breading for fried chicken, low carb brownies, etc. If you are following a low carb lifestyle, this is a great substitute for white flour-laden products. It does have a different taste, and a little aftertaste, but if you are doing the low carb thing, you’re probably already familiar with that. I use this for anything I would usually use Bisquick for. I hadn’t had a biscuit in over a year when I tried this…I was so glad I found it. Carbalose- the flour they use, is also available from some sites by itself- You can use this in even more recipes.
CatherinaCresson, TX

I wouldn’t be able to stay on my diet without Carbquik

I have been doing Atkins for months now and having Carbquik has really helped me stay on it without cheating (much). It takes a little experimentation to make recipes come out right, but once you do it is really good stuff. Adding cream and butter liberally helps make really good biscuits. My girlfriend also makes some great meat and Carbquik casseroles.

Some people complain about it not being perfect but ITS LOW CARB BREAD. It tastes amazing when you don’t have bread. Anything with a biscuit like texture will come out good and will be a joy to eat.

I can only hope that they come out with more products like this. I love my food and this definitely helps me eat the dishes I crave while staying on a diabetic friendly diet.

EllisInternational Falls, MN

Nice but too pricey.

If you need a biscuit fix this is good, but costs too much (Should be 1/3 the price). A better way is to get the book ‘Carb Wars: Sugar is the New Fat’ (ISBN 0979201802) and use the cooked gluten flour secret to make your own for much less money. (The Popovers are great!)
LeaDuck Hill, MS

Awesome Product

If your trying to do a low carb product. This works out great. There are receipies on tova’s website on how to make poundcake, pancakes, and a variety of other items. They turn out pretty great.

Try it. It’s a great product.


SelinaHumeston, IA

Pretty good so far

I’ve only really used this for pancakes so far (less one attempt at making chicken fingers – it was ok). The pancakes are really pretty good. I’ve used this recipe: 1/2c. mix, 1 egg, 1/4 tspn. baking powder (keeps it light), 1 1/2 tspn Splenda and enough liquid to reach normal batter consistency (start with 1/4 c. and add more if needed – cream and a little water is ok, but unsweetened soy milk is excellent for this). Cook in liberal amount of butter and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Makes one really big pancake or several smaller ones!
MitchParade, SD

A must-have item for your low-carb kitchen

Carbquik makes perfectly good biscuits, lousy pizza crust (alas, too soggy or too crumbly or both), and VERY good pancakes (toss a handful of blueberries into the batter for an extra treat). I’m in the latter phases of the Atkins approach to eating, so I don’t have to avoid things like bread and biscuits as religiously as I did before (there’s really nothing on Atkins that you can NEVER have), but thanks to this product I can enjoy dough/batter-based goodies much more often than I could if I was just eating the regular, carb-heavy versions of these foods as an occasional treat.

Carbquik is admittedly a little pricey, but you get a big box of mix that should last you a while. I ordered this from Amazon, but it actually shipped from the supplier “Carbsmart”, which offers a variety of low-carb items for those following a controlled-carbohydrate approach to eating. By the way, this way of eating has gotten me back to my college weight in record time, and with no trouble maintaining that weight now that I’m there.

A final tip about this product: be adventurous and doctor up the recipes on the box as you see fit. For example, some melted butter and/or a little grated parmesan cheese in the biscuit batter will make for a tastier, more interesting biscuit, and I already told you about the adding-blueberries-to-the-pancake-batter thing. Chopped strawberries in the pancake batter works great, too! And I’m still determined to find a way to make decent pizza crust out of this stuff.

CaronRobbins, CA

Not Bad So Far

I’ve only used this product to make pancakes so far, but so far, so good. Except of course for the first attempt. When I mixed the batter according to the package directions, it appeared WAAAY too thick to possibly make pancakes. Sooooo… I added and added and added liquid until it seemed like pancake consistency. DO NOT DO THIS! That first batch, although the crumbs tasted just fine, didn’t hold together, couldn’t be flipped without the entire thing falling apart, and frankly made a huge mess. Entirely my fault, admittedly. I plan to try using it for pizza dough and deep-fry coating soon.
DovieTatum, NM

A Real Blessing

This is a wonderful, versatile product for people who need to keep their carbs low, particularly diabetics who must restrict carbs but still want to eat well. It works in practically any recipe for Bisquick or other baking mix. The taste is just fine, a little more buttery than usual flour. My kids love it. It’s extremely high in fiber, and getting kids to eat fiber, well, you know. So this has been a really excellent addition to our pantry. I hope they never stop making it!
MeredithSan German, PR

Couldn’t live without it !

I have been using Carbquik for over two years and I absolutely love it. I found a recipe for brownies that called for it and the brownies are moist and delicious. I highly recommend this product for those who watch their carbs and want to make their own low-carbs foods.
AlonaLehr, ND

Biscuits and more

This is truly a wonderful product. The biscuits are light and delicious. You can use this product for other dishes as well. I have made a fruit cobbler and pot pie toppings. I highly recommend this wonderful product.
CyrstalLancaster, KS

Do Not Hesitate to buy Carbquik

Attention Low Carbers and Diabetics!!!

Yeah, I know. You’ve tried other Low Carb products and most SUCK right? I’ve been doing this for 12 years — I lost 160 pounds the first 2 years and then slowly slipped and gained back about 50 pounds over the last 8 years. Believe me, it doesn’t take much to put it back on. I never went back to eating full blown carbs — just more desserts, maybe a hamburger and fries here and there. I am now back to strict low carb and the first thing I did was buy my wonderful Carbquik!! Everything positive everyone said on these Amazon reviews is TRUE!! I swear! And the few negatives have got to be from people who are not EXCLUSIVELY low carb. Is it expensive? Not when you can finally have delicious biscuits or pancakes and a ton of other previously forbidden foods.

I’ve tried every low carb packaged food around. It’s actually a lot of fun experimenting but I remember some DOOSIES!! I remember the Atkins Macaroni and Cheese product (10 or 12 years ago) OH MY GOD!! Soooooo GROSS. I literally gagged and choked from just a taste. That was the worst product I’ve tried and the rest of just not very good. CARBQUIK IS AWESOME. Buy it right now!! Netrition has it for 11.99 plus 5.95 shipping so it is a much better deal. Which is unusual for Amazon — they are usually the cheapest place. I adore Amazon by the way!!!

If anyone out there reading this is hesitant to try low carb, please do yourself a favor and read Gary Taubes “Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It”. It will change your life!

Happy Low Carbing….

KaneshaHaverstraw, NY

Waste of Money

I’ve tried 3 different recipes with Carbquik. I used it to bread chicken- just barely ok. The biscuits I tried were terrible. The dumplings for chicken and dumplings were a mess. They didn’t hold together when I put them in the boiling chicken broth to cook. I had to pitch the doughy mess and order dinner out. The mix its self has a peculiar odor that is unappetizing. I wouldn’t recommend buying this product.
TammiDorrance, KS

4.5 Stars For Sure!

Carbquik sounded too good to be true, but the price in Amazon (and I am surprised at this for isn’t Amazon supposed to be the leader in good deals? Or did I just dream that?) is way too high. I have a need to cut down considerably on my carbs consumption and being the bread lover and all things requiring flour, really, I was amazed when I read this flour had 90% less carbs than the leading brand (would that be bisquick?). So I bought a box, no sense in wasting money if it was not going to deliver on the promise, and the very first thing I did was a Banana Nut Bread. It came out very tasty but please note the ingredients besides the flour have a lot to do with the final result. Used EasySweet and brown sugar Splenda instead of regular sugar, walnuts pecans and sliced almonds, cinnamon, heavy cream, etc and did about 3 loaves of what I can easily substitute for any banana bread found in my local supermarket. So that was a score! Next, I tried my luck making oatmeal cookies and these came out pretty tasty and I kept asking myself: “Have I really created the ultimate, guilt free, less stress oatmeal cookie?”. This is not a perfect mix, by any means, but compared to what is being offered they seem to be one company that cares for that particular segment and equally deserving, in my opinion, of individuals such as myself and their needs and desires. That alone always elicits an emotional response on my part. I have been known to shed a tear or two of joy in my warm kitchen as I see the final products greeting me hello. Did Waffles and they also came out pretty tasty, have to make sure the ingredients and the recipe are bullet proof. I like to mix the flour with lots of cinnamon which according to science is a great glucose equalizer (did anybody said sugar challenged?, perhaps it is time to realize that sugar can take your joy away together with your teeth, if consumed avidly, which is the way I always consume it until now). So I went to where I also buy some very good low carb varieties and was happy with the box. So much, in fact, that I just ordered a new one. I envision a day when the wonderful people of this great country will be able to enjoy sweets without the mortifying thought that it is not too healthy for such nice beings. So Carbquik works and if their nutritional information is accurate it is also a much welcome relief into a world where very little attention is paid and given to the needs and desires of people with some kind of restrictions. Now, don’t get me wrong, that does not mean we (I count myself in the list) need to settle for subpar, less appealing product just because the situation demands it. No no no, like the song goes: “you can have your cake and it too” (bob dylan lay lady lay?) and that is exactly what I am intending on doing these Holidays, known for their tempting treats. Carbquik worked for me and I tip my hat (for a bold head must always be protected) to the makers of this helpful product. Not quite 5 Stars but 4.5 Stars For Sure! Happy Holidays and please make sure to compensate all the eating with a walk, swim or a run!
JewellJasper, MO

Taste is FINE, I don’t know what you are complaining about?

Four stars due to price only. Otherwise, it would have been an absolute pleasure to give it a full five stars.

I’ve made waffles, pancakes, and drop biscuits so far and I have to say this stuff is awesome. The texture is a little strange at first, comes out of package lumpy when it’s dry, but mixes up fine. I also have to use MUCH more water in the recipes than is listed on the box in order to get the right consistency- maybe that is where other reviewers are having taste problems? Pancakes/waffles cooked up well, thicker than expected so make smaller drops of batter per piece and flatten with spatula as they cook if possible to ensure even heating through the middle and so as to not end up burned.

My husband and I have been on Atkins for about 6 months now. We’ve splurged on IHOP pancakes a few times in the last few months, and I have to say although the texture is a little different with these, add butter and syrup (even sugar free) this stuff tastes like the real thing. We can even eat them plain and they taste not too far from normal pancakes. I suggest adding more water/ half and half in the recipe (for pancakes we added 1 cup half and half, almost 1 cup water to get the consistency we like) because you’ll find when you mix it up it’s like the batter is a black hole for moisture. My tastes haven’t changed too much and I still by far prefer “real” food, but I’ve found this mix is a completely different ballgame when it comes to “diabetic/diet” foods and there’s not too big a difference.

Also, the fiber in this is AWESOME! It will take you a few days to notice though 😉

CherilynLinden, WV

really good-if you follow directions

I was very dubious that this stuff would be any good when I bought it, but I just finished making the cheese biscuit recipe on the box and I am AMAZED. Seriously, they are so good- even my kids like them; they couldn’t tell they were low-carb. They were soft, light, and buttery like the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster. I wouldn’t recommend using the plain ol’ water and carbquick biscuit recipe. Even if you use real Bisquick, those biscuits are NEVER going to be any good. Anyone who has made biscuits from scratch knows they have to have a lot of fat in them- either butter or shortening- to be edible. And you have to stop messing with the dough as soon as everything is moist enough to stick together- don’t knead it at all or you’ll wind up with hocky pucks. Anyway, follow the directions, measure accurately and don’t cut corners- margarine?? yuck! The recipe says to use butter, so don’t complain if you don’t follow directions and you wind up with a mess.

I’ll be making the pancakes tomorrow- can’t wait!! It’s been probably at least a year since I had pancakes…

BTW- A couple of reviews on here have been bad because it’s too pricey- but that’s not really fair. This price on Amazon is more than twice the price I got mine for elsewhere- that’s not Carbquick’s fault. As with anything, you have to shop around.

QuianaLapeer, MI

Excellent Item But Shop Around For Better Prices

I love this product, its excellent and can be used in a zillion ways from pizza crust, scones, pancakes, bars, etc etc I love it and it has been a lifesaver as a diabetic. The rest of my family can’t tell when I use this that its low carb! Makes a great Red Lobster cheddar bay bisquet!! Better than RL. BUT people please shop around, this price is outragous.
I love you Amazon and you have given me hundreds of great deals but not on this. Go to and its only 11.99 for exactly the same amount. A huge savings! I just hate to see people not try this product because of the price on this site.
JoLivermore, CO


Great way to enjoy pizza on a low carb diet. We even put a little bit of sauce over the ricotta cheese (there are plenty of low carb spag sauces in the grocery store). I also bake the crust for about 5 minutes before I put everything else on and then bake it again, otherwise the crust does not get cooked enough.
BobetteStrykersville, NY

Just tried this product

I received this item a few days ago and I decided to try it. The recipe for the drop biscuits are delicious. You won’t get the same taste as the real thing, but if you have a craving for a baked good, this will satisfy your craving.
EveliaRothville, MO