Caribou Coffee, Colombian, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

Smooth roasted coffee full of sweet caramel flavors, nut notes and delicate floral nuances

Quick facts

  • Includes 96 K-cups (4 boxes of 24 k-cups each)
  • This coffee is full of sweet caramel flavors, smooth roasted nut notes and delicate floral nuances.
  • 96 single serving packs; use with Keurig brewers
  • Please note: ‘regular’, ‘bold’ and ‘extra bold’ refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup
  • Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee anytime!

Top reviews

WAY too expensive for the quality

WAY too expensive for the quality – NO RETURNS — Not a good purchase — I am a big amazon fan and use it regularly – typically the reviews do not lead me astray – this one did 🙁
SharieMascoutah, IL

Best columbian coffee

I tried lots of these coffees and I like this the best- some are too strong, some little flavor, but this one is great. Finally
BessFlat, TX

Not so great

I expect a more robust flavor from a Colombian coffee. The Caribou K cup has an OK flavor; it’s just weak.
CandelariaMontrose, GA

Good cup of Columbia coffee

I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to coffee, I like my cup a little strong but usually go for medium styles as the bold and extra bold blends upset my stomach. Columbia is typically my favorite type of coffee and I was very pleased with this offering from Caribou Coffee. I’ve had their original “blend” on multiple occasions as its one of my favorites in k-cups. I’m not really sure how my coffee tastes stack up against other peoples but if you like a good middle of the road cup of coffee I highly recommend this.
LorieSaint James, NY

good coffee….nuff said….

Very happy with this Caribou K-cup. It’s exactly what its supposed to be…with just right amount of coffee flavor and aroma. (I like smooth light-to-medium coffee with no acid taste)
MarkettaCentral Lake, MI

Good, but not my favorite

I am a Green Mountain Dark Magic fanatic, so this coffee fell a little short for me. It has good flavor, but is just not strong enough for me.
PatsyAva, IL

Caribou Coffee is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l !

I’ve only tried the Caribou in the k-cups – and love it. It is consistently good – not bitter – will purchase again
JillianRio Frio, TX

Very good brew.

I purchased these for my brother so I cannot say what it is like to live with this coffee day in and day out. During a few visits with him, he offered me some and found it to be a pleasing brew: medium-body, not bitter, medium dark liquor. It is a bit on the pricy side for me (~ $0.66 per K-Cup).
AshtonSatsuma, AL

Wonderful brew!

I prefer non-flavored, semi-strong brews that I can add flavored creamer to when desired. This coffee has been the best I’ve tried yet, if you are looking for a semi-dark, yet not bitter coffee to start off your morning. It makes our kitchen smell like a coffee house each morning.

I have only found 1-3 types of non-flavored K-cups that I would buy again and this one is probably atop my list.

HoneyMountain Home, ID

Good coffee, good price

I was trying to find a decent colombian coffee and stumbled upon this gem. And with Prime, shipping is freeeeee. Awesome. Great flavor, smooth, not too bitter.
JackReeds, MO

Great morning coffee

Had been looking for a Columbian coffee for the Keurig. This is a great morning coffee and makes a pretty tasty iced coffee for those warm afternoon. Good price for 24 count box.
BridgetteHondo, TX

My favourite K-Cup variety

I have a pretty serious coffee habit. I drink 3 or 4 cups in the morning and a couple more through the day. I enjoy flavourful grinds, with nutty characteristics, but not too strong. While I can and have drunk Italian style espresso, for my daily coffee I prefer something that doesn’t have a chance of making me jumpy or give me a headache. This Caribou Columbian is perfect.
CoraleeRay Brook, NY

its ok

not as impressed as I had hoped. the standard blend is still my favorite. the is wroth buying but there is better out there. to each there own.
GretaLittle Rock, IA

Nice, smooth and bold flavor

I drink one cup of coffee in the AM so I really want a good one……not too strong….not too weak. This is perfect!
AntonioDavenport, IA

Love Caribou

I received a Keurig B-70 for Christmas a couple years ago and with it got the Caribou Colombian k-cups. I used to go to Caribou at least once or twice a week to get my coffee and then just have Folgers the rest of the time. When I made my first cup of coffee with the Caribou Colombian I told my boyfriend and son that I would never have to go to caribou coffee house/shop again. This is the best of all caribou coffee. It’s smooth and delicious. If you like mocha or dont like coffee black it is also delicious with sugar and cream or milk. I make mine with a dash of chocolate milk and 2 heaping tablespoons of Swiss miss hot cocoa for a 14 to 15 oz cup. Very good! I have not had any other kind of coffee since. This is the perfect coffee!
KiraLemoyne, NE

Perfect morning blend

This is my husbands favorite morning coffee blend. Not too bold, just the perfect jumpp start to the day !
MaeganReadville, MA


My Mom and sister love this coffee. I purchased it, just for the heck of it. And received big thank you’s after they tried it. My sister is a coffee snob, so high marks for Caribou.
TeressaVanceboro, ME

Poor quality

The quality of these cups were awful. Several of them broke open in my keurig brewer and leaked grounds into my coffee. This has not happened with any other brand of k cups.
SebrinaSangerfield, NY