Carnation Breakfast Essentials Ready to Drink, Rich Milk Chocolate, No Sugar Added, 4-Count, 11-Ounce Bottles

11 ounce bottle in a pack of 3 (total of 33 ounce). Instant Breakfast Essentials, No Sugar Added Powder and Rich Milk Chocolate.

Quick facts

  • 4-Count, 11 ounce bottle in a pack of 3 (total of 132 ounce)
  • Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials, No Sugar Added Powder and Rich Chocolate Milk
  • Complete Nutritional Drink 2x Protein of an egg to help build muscle 2x Calcium of yogurt
  • Anti-Oxidants to help support the immune system Fiber to support a healthy digestive system
  • Naturally & Artificially Flavored Not a low calorie food

Top reviews

love it

love this product, it is not availible in any stores where i live, only walmart, the prices at walmart fluctuate alot for this product, and alot of times it is sold out…i am not sure why, but even still, my only problem is buying it here is 4.00 more than buying it at walmart. sometimes walmart is such an inconvience i am willing to pay the 4 bucks but times are tough and i have to conserve where i can, what else can i do with that 4 dollars?
IldaCampbell, NY

Good compromise protein supplement

I am a very picky eater which seriously limits my protein intake. My trainer, yoga instructor, and physician both recommend that I start drinking a protein nutrition drink. Of course, being a purist perfectionist I set out on a quest to find the “best” drink on the market. I literally tried everything, including every powder mix. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I am a “super taster” (lucky me). I have long since deduced that when looking for nutrition bars or meal replacements, go straight to the brands that have been making unhealthy options first. They know what they are doing when it comes to making something taste good. Take EAS nutrition bars versus Snickers nutrition bars. Snickers is in the good taste business and they know how to engineer a tasty treat. For them it is taste first then nutrition chemistry, whereas EAS is chemistry first and taste second. EAS nutrition bars don’t even need to be taken out of their packaging to be eaten, since there would be no noticeable difference in taste. Same for this drink, Carnation has been making Instant B’fast forever (at least since the Stone Age when I was a kid) and they know what tastes good. Regardless of the stats, what makes this drink the winner of my taste quest is that it really tastes like chocolate milk. Just to mention a few items, it has “no sugar added” which means that it only has the natural milk sugars…it is NOT sugar free. It is a reasonable 150 calories, whereas most protein drinks are well over 200 (which is a plus for those watching their calories). The bonus is that it provides 13 grams of protein, which makes it competitive with the other drinks on the market.
VannessaLone Rock, WI


I was looking for a sugar free breakfest drink which i thought this was. After i order it and the powder version i found a web site that showed the label. It has 12g of sugar so if your a diabetic BEWARE! haven’t got it yet so can’t say about the taste.

Update: drank 2 packs of the three so far and i’m very pleased with this. The taste is rather good and after drinking this you can see we really do have to much sugar in our diets. It has a dark chocolate type flavor to me which i guess is do to it being low in sugar, regular version of this has 31g of sugar. Turns out the 12g of sugar is from the 11oz of milk which isn’t a problem. I reordered 4 more 3 packs, at the price of $14.64 with free shipping it beats Walmarts price of $4.88 a 4 pack. Looks like it pays to report a lower price when you find it to Amazon, i did and their price dropped for this since my last order.

KrissyRuby Valley, NV

no sugar added and tastes great

I recently purchased the Carnation no added sugar drinks, the “with sugar” version, a 4 pack of Kellogg’s version as well. Decided to test drive them all. Label comparison puts Carnation’s no sugar added breakfast drink on top. A third the carbohydrates as all the others, fewer calories by far, same vitamin content basically, and Carnation’s no sugar version came out nicely on protein. And, here’s the surprise, it tastes really good. So why down 20g more carbs, less protein and a lot more calories with Kelloggs or Carnation’s sugared version, when this is available. Yum.
ErinRock City Falls, NY

Love the screw on cap

Have found this to be a great tasting additional source of easy protein in my hectic day. The screw on resealable cap is very convenient for me if I don’t finish it in one sitting.
MuoiPerry Hall, MD

Wonderful Product without the Sugar and extra calories!

Purchased this because I fell in love with the regular (yellow bottle) version of this and was buying it in a convenient store at $3/bottle. This version tastes almost the same with no noticeable “sweetener” flavor and saves many calories (due to the lack of sugar, but NOT sugar-free). You may find cheaper in the store (locally was $5.99/4pack while amazon is $22.71/12pack), but the convenience cannot be beat. And my last purchase (March 18, 2012) was good until Jan 2013.
LilianaLobelville, TN

Great for Breakfast or after exercise

This has a very good taste and the number of calories is about right for breakfast or as a protein shake after exercise.

They are hard to find in our local stores so this is sometimes the only place to find it.

NievesKaufman, TX

Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink

I have this breakfast drink every morning. I only buy the sugar-free variety. I like to mix it with iced coffee for the perfect start to the day.
NadaFishing Creek, MD

Best tasting high protien drink low cal drink

I’ve tried them all over the last six years and CIB is the winner. I lost over 40lbs using CIB as my diet staple.
AbdulChurubusco, NY

Good Stuff

Like Carnation drink way better then one that has been pulled of the market..This seems to have more goodies ya need..
NorbertoBanks, OR

Great for Diabeics

I have used the powered version of this for a long time with good results. I find this much easier to use and handy. I might also add that this is in my daily ritual and i find it helps me to keep my blood sugar in a good range. thanks.
DallasChantilly, VA

Healthy beverage!

I buy these occasionally and drink them for breakfast when I don’t have time to sit down for a meal. They taste pretty good and give me the vitamins that I would otherwise miss out on.
LamontRowdy, KY

Good milk

Great chocolate milk, no weird aftertaste at all. i don’t normally like company produced health food/drinks but this is good stuff. i wouldn’t of tried it, had my sister not bought me one, one day when we stopped at a gas station and grabbed 2 bottles(chocolate for me vanilla for her).

If you also don’t but need/want something healthier in your diet, or even if you just want a good tasting drink pick some of this stuff up today you wont be disapointed!

GlyndaWaynesville, IL


This stuff is great! I’m glad I found it here since I can’t seem to find it in any stores at all. Special K has a similar drink that I also like but this one is the best one I have tried.
JanellaColebrook, NH

Tasty but not so chocolatey

Considering that this is made by Nestle’s I was disappointed at the lack of chocolate taste. The sugar added (yellow) version tastes better but it’s also 100 calories more per bottle. But Nestle’s should have found a way to increase the chocolate taste without the extra sugar. Still, they’re a generous size, not bad & as cheap with free shipping as I found them at Kroger. I just wish they were more chocolatey.
JoiWhite Deer, TX