Carnation Breakfast Essentials, Variety Pack Powder, 10- 1.26 Ounce Envelopes

Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Complete Nutritional Drink Variety Pack Powder 6 boxes containing 10 – 1.26oz packets

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 10-Count envelopes (360 grams)
  • 2x protein of an egg to help build muscle
  • 2x Calcium of yogurt to help build strong bones
  • Anti-Oxidants to help support the immune system
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Instant Breakfast = Instant Love

Perfect for kids who can’t have a heavy breakfast in the morning before school. My daughter semi-suffered for a year and a half before I remembered this stuff. I had never had it as a child, but I have always remembered its jingle: “You’re gonna love it in an instant!”. Well, its true- you will. Flavors included are: dark chocolate, french vanilla, chocolate malt, strawberry, and milk chocolate. My daughter said that the dark and the milk chocolate tasted alike, and she was crazy about the malt-flavored packet. I tried the strawberry and vanilla, and was suprised that they were good as well (I was expecting a too sweet, artificial taste to them). I am not a vitamin freak, but I love the fact that anyone in my family can get some vitamins and protein in them from just gulping this enjoyable beverage down. Made on equipment that also processes soy. Delish (I had a friend that turned me on to this word back in ’97, so beat it, Rach(a)el Ray!)!
LaquitaCrown Point, IN

Yummy, but you might find a better price…

Definitely a 5 star product, but we get it at Costco in a 30-pack for about $10. If you have Costco in your area, you might want to check it out. (Update: The Costco pack is all Milk Chocolate, BTW–thanks for comment pointing that out. Also, it’s only about $8 as of 3/2012.)
MagnoliaThree Lakes, WI

five stars for quality, three stars for ‘variety’

as a huge fan of carnation instant breakfast (in vanilla), i thought, “hey! why not try the variety pack?” so i ordered this six box variety pack.

now all the actual product was quality, however most of what was in each box is chocolate. i’m not a huge fan of chocolate, so this was a disappointment. as usual i love the vanilla, and i also quite liked the strawberry (tastes a little less sweet than strawberry quik). however there are THREE kinds of chocolate in each box: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate malt (two packs of each flavor in each box).

for something called a ‘variety pack’ there sure seems to be a lack of options other than chocolate.

i am plowing my way through the six boxes and am going back to ordering just plain vanilla.

i hope this helps someone out there!

TakakoBeatrice, NE

Great Option for adding nutrition

My daughters weight isn’t low, but she eats so little that her Dr recommended this as an option for her. We use whole milk for her and my other two use skim. Great for the whole family.
LashandraMammoth Cave, KY

Mmmm, when chewing cereal is too much work…

These are pretty nutritious. Certainly more so than a bowl of most cereals. My kids are liking these primarily because it’s different than usual eggs/toast or cold cereal, which are usually on the menu for breakfast. Probably the same at your house, too. And I imagine that these would be a time saver if we’re running late. The flavors are good. The dark chocolate doesn’t taste much different from the regular chocolate, unless you’re trying them side-by-side, so I didn’t even offer the difference to my kids. They won’t know. Our overall favourites are the chocolate malt and vanilla, though. I wish there wasn’t quite so much chocolate (6 packets of the 10 are a chocolate based flavor.)

To make these healthier, I plan to get some plain Greek yogurt and clear fiber powder and add a bit to each drink. That ought to make these more filling also. And, FYI, the flavor of the drinks should be sufficiently strong to overshadow any yogurty taste.

ValrieKilmarnock, VA

Good price

I was able to save about 20.00 by purchasing these through Amazon, as opposed to our local grocery store. Since we go through a box a week, the savings can add up quickly. Would definitely recommend.
ChiFair Oaks, CA

good for a convenience food

I drank this in the mornings when I was pregnant. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, but it’s a convenience food and good to keep around in case of emergencies. I remember the coffee flavor from when I was a teen, which I am not able to find now, but you can add a spoon of instant coffee powder (good with all flavor varieties except strawberry) to get a similar flavor and a little kick.
RobbieCastleford, ID

Well worth the price on Amazon!

The Instant Breakfast variety pack price cannot be beat because you do not pay tax! With a “Prime” membership, you also get this in two days!
YolandeOrangevale, CA