Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials Complete Nutritional Drink 22 Pack Box

Short on time? Start strong on the go with CARNATION INSTANT BREAKFAST Ready-to-Drink, an energy drink packed with the nutrition that you need, whenever you need it. Just grab, shake and go for a great-tasting pick-me-up at home, in the car or at the office. Classic French Vanilla

Quick facts

  • Pack of 22, 1.26-ounce each (total of 27.72-ounce)
  • Classic french vanilla flavor
  • Contains 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Made from non-fat milk

Top reviews


I have no clue what you want me to say. I would not have bought the item if I did not like it prior to my purchase. We got the delivery in two days and I am satisfied with the service.
NanceySparr, FL

Product is good, but why so expensive?

You can by this same size box at Sam’s club for less than 1/2 this price?
CasandraMorganton, GA

Price Shopping

I’ve been drinking chocolate instant breakfast since high school. That was lot of years ago and I still love it. Since I drink a glass of this every morning. I recently moved and the local grocer doesn’t carry it. The town is small, so I shop on the Internet a lot. I buy a lot at Amazon too. However, two different price checks sent me to Amazon for this item. Both were advertised as the lowest but they were not. One of Amazon’s listings was almost twice the price of a walmart store. Even Walgreen on line lists it for 4.99 per box of 10 packages.
ArethaCrozet, VA

Carnation Instant Breakfast Classic French Vanilla

This is our 2nd order from for Carnation Instant Breakfast French Vanilla Classic in the 22 pack box. We have been looking for this product for months in all of the stores around us and could not find it. I searched everywhere I could think of like Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Safeway, and didn’t have any luck until I checked out The first time I searched on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To much of my amazement, I was totally surprised of the many things that I buy even from Costco right here on I will continue to buy as many products that I can possibly find here on Now I am looking at other items that I would never have thought of buying from Keep up the great service and I plan on sharing this information with everyone I know.


NylaCullen, VA