Carnival Funnel Cake Maker Mix 2 Pack & Pitcher Set


Quick facts

  • Each container makes up to 12 funnel cakes
  • Includes funnel cake pitcher and two cans of delicious origianl funnel cake mix.

Top reviews

Less than satisfied

Was disappointed in the product for the price. Plus both containers were opened slightly when they arrived. I would have thought the containers would have been sealed with plastic but they were not. I would never purchase from this vendor again.
SantosDe Armanville, AL

Just like at the fair!

I was shopping at Big Lots just before Christmas when my son spotted this Funnel Cake kit. He begged me and, well, it was Christmas, so I picked it up and it sat in our pantry till this weekend. I surprised the kids with these funnel cakes on Saturday night and they were a big hit! They were extremely easy to make (just add water) and the included yellow pourer worked flawlessly. It says to fry them for 30 seconds but I found that too mushy. 1 minute on one side, 30 seconds on the other gave me a crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Sprinkle with a little powdered sugar and it’s just like being at the fair.
GraciaPleasant Hill, CA