Carnivorous Pinguicula Moctezumae Butterwort Plant 3 inch pot

Live healthy Pinguicula Moctezumae Butterwort plant about the size of the one in the picture. Comes with a 3 inch net pot, just like the one in the picture, moss ideal for soil, and a detailed caresheet explaining how to take care of Butterworts. All you will need is a bowl or saucer to hold the Butterwort’s pot that it comes with and a little bit of water, a gallon or so of reverse osmosis or distilled water, and a sunny window to put your Sundew in. Humidity domes and year round warm weather is not necessary. Butterworts have sticky leaves that trap small insects and then digest them through their leaves. Moctezumae Butterworts make violet flowers.

Quick facts

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  • Live healthy Pinguicula Moctezumae Butterwort plant
  • Comes with a 3 inch net pot
  • Comes with detailed caresheet
  • Shipped bareroot
  • Comes with loose moss appropriate for Carnivorous Plant’s soil

Top reviews

Beautiful, healthy plant

Just received a Pinguicula Moctezumae Butterwort from this seller. Plant arrived quickly, and in exceptional condition. It even had 2 perfect blossoms on it. Very pleased with all my purchases from Joel. One of the best carnivorous plant sources and highly recommended.
KieshaEllenburg Depot, NY

Just as pictured and described, healthy thriving plant

We just moved to Virginia from Washington state, so many more bugs and with 4 boys I thought this would be a great intriguing first house plant! It arrived in great health and came with clear detailed instructions. My 7 year old helped read directions and we choose a fun hand painted ceramic coffee mug that my boys had previously decorated for a Mothers day present and successfully planted it. It is now thriving in window and my 7 year old goes outside on a bug hunt to find “Pavement” tiny ants to feed it. The ants are so tiny that one dead or maimed is enough to place on plant. At first he put it in flower. Which was soon picked off by my 3 year
old. I was worried that this may harm plant but it appears to still be thriving. I may be wrong but I believe this plant stalk/leaves are able to absorb the nutrients from the bugs? As it appears to be sticky? Not sure as it has only been a week since flower bud was picked off by my son. All in all I found it tobe a fun houseplant to have especially with curious boys and of course the “Carnivorous” aspect is most thrilling!
JunitaCharlestown, RI

Fast shipping, great condition, thriving thanks to care sheet

I’m very impressed with the growth of this plant. It came in about 2-3 days after ordering even though I’m in Ohio. It arrived with the roots wrapped in a moist paper towel and rolled into a ziploc baggie with a completely intact flower! I followed the care sheet that came with the plant and it’s been thriving ever since! It puts out a fresh flower every week or so and is growing like crazy. My order came with tons of New Zealand Sphagnum moss and I even have some left over! Great product, great seller!
JanisTaylorsville, IN

Wonderful little plant!

A excellent plant from a reputable seller. Includes a care guide everyone must read! Beautiful deep violet blooms about the size of a U.S. 5 cent piece. Beautiful but not delicate. Mine has caught three decent size flies already. Very pleased.
RachelleLadoga, IN

Very Thorough Seller & Healthy Plants

It’s the early going here but the plants arrived well packed, healthy, and with thorough instructions with regard to potting and getting them off to a good start.
AntioneGuide Rock, NE

Super Fast & As Advertised

Packed well, came with pot and moss for planting, clear care instructions and arrived very quickly. Also was shipped in bloom and seems to be enjoying it’s new home so far.
AdahSouth Gibson, PA

Well done

I received the p. Moctezumae, and the plant arrived green, healthy, and with a purple flower. Even received instructions with the pot and dried sphagnum moss. Im an experienced cp grower, and this was a good deal.
KenishaCharlottesville, VA

Fun plants to have

This reviews covers 4 different carnivourous plants – butterworts, sundews, flytraps and pitcher plants. All arrived quickly, were is excellent shape and the transplanting instructions were very clear. I also found contacting the owner directly via their website got quick and helpful response. Will definitely buy from again and recommend them to others interested in these types of plants.
KileyWaldorf, MD

Great Plants

The plants came very quickly (3-4 days) and they were in great shape! We planted them according to the instructions and on the Tropical Butterwort the flower even survived! There is a new one blossoming now-very pretty! I would not hesitate to order from Joel’s again. I got exactly what I ordered. We have this “Carnivorous Plants biodome” that has been growing for almost two years and all that grew was a fern and what I think are liverworts, only the size of a dime!I decided to try the more direct route and I’m glad I did.
Julie D.
RoxySprague, WV