Carob Chips, Sugar Sweetened, 1 lb.

Carob Chips, Sugar Sweetened, 1 lb.

Quick facts

  • 1 pound bag
  • We will not be responsible for melted product due to heat during shipping. Order at your own risk.
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Top reviews

Special cupcakes for Romey

We brought the chips and bake a birthday treat for our dog. It was great.
LanellArcadia, PA

ummm, ummm good!

The chips are excellent and the time receiving them was excellent. Thanks!
KatieLancaster, TX

carob chips, sugar sweetened

I cannot have any chocolate due to health reasons so the carob chips help me enjoy a non chocolate treat. The chips are very good. I do not miss chocolate.
FrancesBelmore, OH

Great on Large Orders (for cheaper shipping)

These sweetened carob chips are simply sensational. You wouldn’t even be able to tell that they weren’t chocolate. We use them in all sorts of cookies and candy making too. Contrary to popular belief, carob can be melted just like chocolate. The trick is to use a double boiler and do it as slowly as possible. If your mixture gets too grainier lumpy, you’re doing it too quickly. Slow down!

You might also try cooler water. Not cool water, just cooler than you’re already using (and getting the lumpy mixture). This might mean, you need to use warm water instead of hot water. Or, it might mean you need to use hot water instead of boiling hot water. After all, if they can turn carob into chips, you can turn carob chips into something else, right?

These babies go great with the Barry Farm’s PB chips:
…as well as the yogurt coatings also from Barry Farm:

Do note: the more you order, the better the shipping (compared to all items) but larger orders can take a little longer to ship. Don’t fret though, you’ll get it!

TriciaMoriarty, NM

The BEST Carob Chips Ever!

I have tried carob chips for years and always walked away swearing I would never try them again. However, I took a chance on the sweetened carob chips from Barry Farms as their carob powder is so much better than any other that I have tried over the years. I used them in chocolate chip cookies and they are absoultely, hands down, the best I have ever tased. I ordered more just to keep in the pantry!
ShizukoWynnewood, PA

maybe alright for baking but must have high trans fat content

I ordered this product in hope of obtaining a good chocolate substitute for my toddler to snack on. Unfortunately, beside a lot of sugar these chips are loaded with saturated fats – almost certainly with plenty of trans fats since the oils are listed as being partially-hydrogenated [trans fat content not described on label]. Taste-wise these chips are too sweet for my liking but at least have the basic carob flavor that I remember from chips available in the stores back in the 80s and 90s – albeit a purer carob with less fat content would be most welcomed.
MaliaRadcliffe, IA