Carob Chips, unsweetened, 1 lb.

Carob Chips, unsweetened, 1 lb.

Quick facts

  • 1 pound bag
  • We will not be responsible for melted product due to heat during shipping. Order at your own risk.
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Top reviews

sweet tooth

I was fairly disapointed with this product. I wanted to make homemade candies but this product does not melt in a creamy fashion. It is all clumpy.
SandiRowdy, KY

Tastes like cardboard

I have been buying the unsweetened carob chips from a local high end supermarket. I decided to try these since they cost less. What a mistake! These taste like cardboard! I was very disappointed after having bought 5 lbs. thinking they would be the same. These are awful! I had to throw them out and go back to buying the other ones at the supermarket. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to try and save money, in this case it didn’t. Also, when they arrived, 2 packages were melted, so they were not packaged well.
TeresitaPflugerville, TX

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

These chips contain Partially Hydrogenated oils. If you are looking to eat these for health benefits, you’re better off with chocolate. Otherwise, find a brand with no hydro.
CandidaSummit Lake, WI

love ’em

I was so glad I found this product. I should not eat chocolate for medical reasons. Carob does not taste exactly like chocolate but it satisfies my cravings and I think it’s a great substitute; especially as chips in cookies. These taste like bittersweet chocolate. The sweetened ones are good too. I’m so happy I can have cookies and milk again!
VanesaValley Village, CA

Carob Chips

I love carob and especially since it is unsweetened. It is really quite delicious. I can’t have chocolate, so this product is perfect for me. I am very happy with the taste and quality.
KennethPurvis, MS

tastes like carob flavored cardboard

i love carob chips and the store near me doesn’t carry bulk items so i decided to try these. big mistake. i ended up throwing them out they were so dry and yucky. i went back to the store and bought the sunspire brand . so much better and worth the higher price.
CarriPlacida, FL

Don’t waste your money

I purchased unsweetened carob chips for candy making. They do not melt well and are supper grainy, plus they have a horrible flavor. I called the company and even though they say quality guaranteed these were awful and they would not do anything to make it right and were very rude on the phone. Do not waste your money on these!!!!!!!!!!!
CarmeloPort Clinton, OH

Always a great experience with Berry Farm!

Love this company and their products. I’ve been ordering from them for over a year now and will continue to do! Great company!
JaneyEagle Bend, MN

who needs chocolate when you have carob?

i have been using carob for over 12 years, and nobody can tell the difference. at least not right away…but there are no complaints! my brownies and “chocolate” cakes are a hit without the caffeine properties you get with chocolate. it’s also a healtyhier choice all around. try it if you want to live and feel better…without the jitter!
StarHoosick, NY

Warning – contains SOY

Regarding Barry Farm Foods, I couldn’t tell by the description that these carob chips contain soy. They are not returnable. I think it would be helpful to list all ingredients as on the actual label for those of us with lots of diet restrictions.
MaeLakeview, NC