Carr’s Poppy & Sesame Crackers, 6.5-Ounce Boxes

By appointment to H.M. the Queen Carr’s of Carlisle Limited Biscuit Manufacturers Carlisle. Rich savoury taste. Made in Canada.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 6.5-ounce box (total of 39-ounce)
  • Rich savory taste
  • Made in Canada

Top reviews

Great tasting snack crackers!

I think of all the Carr’s crackers, the poppy and sesame are the best. Watch out, they’re addicting, you can munch on them as if they’re potato chips. I love these with my nut butters, cheese, you name it. Amazon had a terrific deal on them for awhile, at something like $17.00 for twelve boxes, but now they’ve raised it to the same price as the other Carr flavors, $30.00, so they’re no longer such a terrific bargain.


But I’m still buying them, not as frequently.

LatoyaHouston, TX

Some of the best crackers made

Carr’s crackers are about as good as crackers get. They’re tasty, sized right and sturdy enough for dipping.
TriciaChristmas, FL

The Best Crackers Ever!

These are my all time favorite crackers. They’re so delicious that they can actually be addictive. After you have eaten 2 or 3 a strong very good flavor starts to accumulate on your tongue. And you start to crave more of that great flavor. And then, the more crackers you eat, the more you crave another. –

The bad part is that these can be difficult to find. I first discovered these at local supermarkets about 10 years ago. But then, after a few years .They disappeared from all of my local stores. Then, about a year after they disappeared from local stores, Amazon started to carry them. But Amazon is often out of stock on these. Including a recent period when Amazon didn’t have any for over a year. So if you want any. You have to grab them as soon as you see that any are available. –

I was pleasantly surprised when Amazon recently made them available thru Subscribe and Save. Aside from the lower price and free delivery. Maybe that’s an indication that Amazon now expects to always have these in stock. –

TaylorSouth Royalton, VT