Casbah Couscous, Organic Whole Wheat, 10 Ounce

Visit the Mediterranean with Casbah and discover a world of new flavors. Taste recipes perfected by generations of artful cooks passionate about good food and good health. We make a complete line of versatile and great-tasting vegetarian prepared mixes and side dishes for you and your family. Whether you are making your favorite dish, or trying something new, we are confident that you will discover rich and inviting flavors in every bite of Casbah foods.

Quick facts

  • Delicious organic whole wheat couscous, read in just 5 minutes
  • Classic Mediterranean recipe
  • Combines perfectly with vegetables, meat, or any of your favorite recipes
  • Vegetarian and low fat
  • All natural with no MSG or artificial ingredients

Top reviews


This product was the worst – it was so stale, even the dog didn’t eat it (and she eats everything). It had such a stale taste to it I thought for sure the product was years old but there was no expiration date on it. None the less – it went in the garbage.
KymOtisville, MI

Excellent base for an amazing (healthy!) meal!

I love this organic cous cous. We try to only eat organic. This is so quick and easy to prepare – just heat water to boiling (I do it in the microwave in a pyrex measuring cup), stir in the cous cous, cover and let sit for a few minutes. Fluff, done! Our daughter likes it plain with salt and a bit of olive oil blended in. I like adding a nice sauce with vegetables over the cous cous (such as the delicious 5-minute Indian dish, Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables, that I also buy on Amazon). Also wonderful with legumes of any kind, or served with chicken or fish as a nice change of pace from rice or pasta. I hope that Amazon carries it again soon. Your get a lot of servings in each box so it is healthy, delicious, and a good value. My only complaint — and this is not the fault of the product — is that the case we recently received had an expiration date only 2 months out. Most products are still good past the posted dates, and we like it so I’m sure we will manage to eat it before it goes stale, but Amazon should be more careful with their stock control.
RimaMineral Wells, WV

great product, good deal

great deal on this cous cous – has gotten hard to find locally, so this is a great way to order – my only “complaint” is that the expiration date is only a few months – so don’t buy if you plan to eat, say, only one box a month, it won’t last the whole year
RosannOrleans, NE