Casbah Couscous, Original Toasted, 6.3 Ounce

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Quick facts

  • Large couscous pearls with a nutty flavor and light texture
  • Classic Mediterranean recipe
  • Combines perfectly with vegetables, meat, or any of your favorite recipes
  • Vegetarian and low fat
  • All natural with no MSG or artificial ingredients

Top reviews

a hidden treasure!

I’d had a box of this sitting in my pantry for two years, and I finally tried it last week. I now refer to it as my ‘lazy woman’s risotto’. It is effortless to prepare, and, when I leave it a little moist and lightly toss it with a little grated cheese (I prefer Cotija hard Mexican cheese), it tastes ands feels like a creamy buttery risotto (without any of the work)! I serve it with curries and hearty tomato-based vegetable stews.
RubinBrinktown, MO

Fast starch side dish – need more recipes!

Made this using tigerpaws suggestion from her review of this item (she called it her “lazy woman’s risotto”). I toasted the cous cous with Nanak Pure Desi Ghee, Clarified Butter, 28-Ounce Jar and minced garlic. Then I added two cups of chicken stock made with Chicken base. I didn’t have cojito cheese so I used shredded parmesan, tossing it on top when the cous cous was cooked through. Whole process took about 17 minutes. Everyone in my family had seconds. I have been searching the internet looking for other ways to make it more interesting, but this is a very good pantry item for me since it goes from cupboard to plate so fast!
LueSouth Vienna, OH

Wonderful, delicous couscous

I had this wonderful couscous at an upscale restaurant and went on a search to find some for myself. I looked in all the supermarkdets, gourmet stores etc. and could not for the life of me locate any. I happened by chance to spot it on Amazon and ordered the whole case. I served it with stuffed salmon and it was a huge hit. I ended up giving some of the boxes away to friends because they liked it so much. What makes it different from other couscous is that it is larger grained. Very good and you can add various ingredients to it to make it even better tasting. Thanks Amazon!
MarnaWaianae, HI


This couscous is absolutely wonderful. The couscous is large pearl and is delicious served hot or cold. Cooks beautifully — delicious plain with mushrooms, mint or any one of a dozen other additions. Highly recommend it.
TandraEast Chicago, IN