Casbah Falafel Mix, 10 Ounce

Visit the Mediterranean with Casbah and discover a world of new flavors. Taste recipes perfected by generations of artful cooks passionate about good food and good health. We make a complete line of versatile and great-tasting vegetarian prepared mixes and side dishes for you and your family. Whether you are making your favorite dish, or trying something new, we are confident that you will discover rich and inviting flavors in every bite of Casbah foods.

Quick facts

  • Falafel mix made with garbanzo bean flour, wheat flour, and spices
  • Classic Mediterranean recipe
  • Delicious plain or in pita bread with tahini dressing
  • Vegetarian and low fat
  • All natural with no MSG or artificial ingredients

Top reviews

Good crunch but CANNOT pass off as homemade

I bought this with the intent of eating it straight from the box when I’m busy at school and thought it’d be stovetop stuffing quality. In other words I wasn’t expecting the world and that I’d know it would be a bit dry. I also knew that the recipe for making falafel was dead easy. But reading all the positive reviews I felt, “well why not”. I need to be brutally honest and say the only thing worthwhile about this mix is the crunch. Otherwise it is similar to eating glorified sawdust when prepared as instructed and will never pass as homemade falafel as per another reviewer’s commentary. Honestly homemade isn’t hard if you have the kitchenaid hand blender, but the convenience factor was something I was really interested in.

Can be baked

Flavour and texture is like sawdust (must soak at least 30 minutes though that won’t fix it)

Because I had the version from Mediterranean Cafe east of Los Angeles (Pasadena to be specific) one might think I’m picky, but honestly they could have at least tasted what they created and said that you needed to add fresh cilantro, parsley and onion to compensate the texture of the dry mix. I actually had to guess what was missing then, with a receipe online, and make a brand new batch of falafel from hand in order to fix the flavor and inside texture of this one and my family and I still think it’s weird.

Simply put if this is the best of the box falafels I’d stay the heck away from all else. If you feel the same way and you’re stuck with 12 boxes, what you can do to fix it is to add some cilantro, onion and garlic until it develops the falafel greenish hue. I did this and it was definitely much much closer to the falafel I had. Perhaps I should also add breadcrumbs but a part of me goes “is this honestly necessary!? Why am I REMAKING falafel?”

IMO if convenience is ruined by forcing one to remake the item they’re supposed to imitate the product fails. I am therefore giving one star for the crunch only.

DeberaMurray City, OH

Just OK, in my opinion

I bought this on Amazon because my supermarket doesn’t keep the falafel stocked, and most of the time it is sold out. The Casbah 10-pack is a good value and now I have enough falafel to last awhile, and the 10-ounce bag means you can easily cook a up a big batch without having to open multiple packets. But I have to say that the flavor is just OK, not as great as the other review would indicate in my opinion. Actually less spicy than the brand from my local store. Still, it is good. I may buy Casbah again, but probably I will try one of the other brands first.
MichaHelenwood, TN

Best Falafel Mix on the Market!! 🙂

I absolutely love falafel, and have tried a number of different falafel mixes, including Casbah, Ziyad, Swad, Nirav, and Manischewitz.

Until I tried Casbah, I liked Ziyad brand the best. Ziyad cooks well and tastes good, but is not as flavorful as Casbah (which has a stronger flavor than any of the brands I mentioned).

Swad and Nirav are good (they taste good but are less flavorful than Ziyad), but do not purchase the Manischewitz. It does not taste the way falafel is supposed to. The ingredients indicate that it is made with matzo meal, which is probably why it tastes so vastly different. It’s not that it tastes bad, but it just doesn’t taste like falafel. The packaging is nice… the mix is divided into two separate sealed pouches. Good for single people. Quantity wise it is less than the other brands, though.

I have not tried Near East or Fantastic Foods brand falafel mix, so cannot comment on the quality of those mixes.

Casbah tastes *perfect*. Spicy, crunchy, very flavorful, just the best. If you eat this brand you will never eat any of the others again.

UPDATE: September 2012: Ziyad has reformulated its falafel mix, and it tastes really yummy now! So try a box of that if you don’t want to spend the big bucks to buy Casbah. Personally, I felt that Ziyad was so improved that I didn’t need to spend the extra energy to hunt down the Casbah packages, or order in bulk from Amazon. Try it, and see what works for you. ^^

MichelleLando, SC

Delicious and easy

After trying to make Falafel from scratch and failing miserably, I decided to try this box mix. It turned out perfect! It was very easy as well as flavorful. Delicious.
SynthiaJordan, MT

Quick, easy, and delicious

This falafel kit has saved me many times. I always buy a few boxes and forget that I have it. Then, when I run out of groceries and I’m rifling through the cabinets for something tasty to eat, there it is! Falafel! Sometimes I eat it by itself, on a pita, or with crumbled spicy tofu.
MelaniBarton City, MI

Excellent Value

I chose this brand because of the price and free shipping availability. Delivery was as promised and in perfect condition. I had had this brand before as well as many others. It is not my favorite, but ranks highly.
ArdenRawson, OH

Casbah Falafel – Fresh and priced right

I’m in Italy for a few years and can’t find falafel mix here, so I ordered it from Amazon. The Casbah brand is high quality, fresh, packaged well, and cooks just like it should. The price is reasonable considering I can’t get it anywhere else. Highly recommended.
VadaLake Dallas, TX

can’t be any easier

Add water to hydrate the mix and form balls and fry. How could it get any easier? This product also is tasty! I prefer it cooked with a veggy oil other than olive oil.
LaniDaisy, GA


Followed directions -falafel mix 1 cup;add 1/2 cup water, falafel 1 box(10 oz); add 1cup of water. So you would think the total mix in the box is 2 cups. correct? no, I found that there is a little more left.It is wonderful surprise.I like the flaver. the texture is little rough made it little difficult to form the patties or the balls.
GradyOntario, WI

Family’s Favorite Falafel Mix

This is our family’s favorite falafel mix, that which comes closest to the best falafel’s we’ve had in local restaurants. The flavor is nutty and spicy, and very consistent, box-to-box. They cook up a nice golden brown-to-brown and have an authentic crunchy consistency on the outside. When prepared as directed – add water and let sit for ten minutes – it produces a thick batter that holds together well and stays together through frying. We use a spring loaded falafel patty maker, though I think it would work just as well forming the patties by using a tablespoon.

The main reason for a five star review is for flavor and consistency, which are among the best I’ve found in a mix and – surprisingly – better than what I’ve had in more than a few restaurants and stands. It also doesn’t hurt that these meet with my Jordanian father-in-law’s approval when I do the cooking. (which, for me, is something akin to a French chef earning a Michelin star…) Taste is subjective, however, and I’ve seen arguments arise between falafel aficionados on which ones are the best: Lebanese, Israeli, Syrian, Greek, etc. So, before going out and getting a whole case of the stuff, I’d suggest trying one box first.

My preference is to fry these in peanut oil (about 1/2 inch in an iron skillet) as I feel peanut oil has a higher burning point than some other oils and think that it produces the best flavor. Naturally, this is not for the peanut-allergic among you. I’ve read that falafel can be baked and the box also gives instructions on this, though I’ve never tried it. For serious shoppers, the ingredients list unbleached wheat flour and does not indicate that it contains fava beans. (It does, of course, indicate garbanzo bean flour as the primary ingredient) This may or may not matter to purists, but I’ve gotta go with the taste buds on this one and will be sticking with Casbah.

The last point for me is price, or more accurately, value. While I would prefer to have the option of getting this mix in bulk so as to do without all the packaging, I’ve only found it by the case: 12 boxes of 10 ounces each. Still, the cost comes to pennies-per-patty for each falafel versus over a buck-per-patty at our favorite restaurant. Granted, this does not include the necessary goodies (pickles, tomatoes, onions, and hummus for this particular family) but it’s still a fraction of the cost of having our family falafel extravaganza eating out. If you plan on making this a staple of your diet, the subscription plan saves you even more.

Bottom line: Flavor, consistency, and value are all tops with Casbah falafel mix: Five stars from this reviewer.

GerdaFalmouth, KY

Excellent flavor!

Excellent flavor and makes quite a few patties per box. I would suggest frying them though as baking them tends to really dry them out.
AlysiaBeirne, AR


This product is so easy to use/make and is delicious. Reminds me of my trip to the Holyland.
EffieImlay City, MI