Cascadian Farm Organic Flax Right Harvest Spice Granola Bars, 7.4-Ounce Box

Crunchy organic granola bars with flax seeds and a subtle blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.

Quick facts

  • Each box contains five pouches, each pouch contains two bars

Top reviews

The Bars that made us friends

We were two teenage girls stuck in the back of a car for two hours. The heat pounded against the walls, sinking into our very bones. We were unsure of each other. Small talk nipped at our teeth, but we hungered for something deeper. Friendship.
Her mother broke away from the conversation with my mother.
“This is for you girls.”
5 words. 5 ordinary words that changed my life.
She handed me a granola bar. Cascadian Farm Organic Flax Right Harvest Spice flavored. I cautiously opened it up, would I like it? What if I got tired of it half way through? Was I brave enough to go at it alone?
But I didn’t have to. There were two bars nestled in the plastic wrapper. I handed her one, giving her a shy smile. I bit into the granola bar. She did too.

All at once I saw what wasn’t there before. Things we had in common rushed out of my mouth, and hers. Jokes swarmed through the air, infecting us with laughter. How had we not been friends anymore? The moment we shared the granola bar, we shared our future.

LuzPort Arthur, TX

Is this price for real?

I love these bars, but Amazon has got to be kidding with this price! I just bought some of these same bars, same size box, for $1.99 a box. I’ll continue buying them at the store and NOT at Amazon.
IrinaJenners, PA

Delicious but really overpriced

These crunchy granola bars are really tasty but the price is just too high for my wallet. I had signed up for Subscribe & Save but even on the current 15% off promotion combined with the Subscribe & Save discount they are still way too over priced so I regrettably had to cancel my subscription.
RickVineland, NJ

Yummy flavors of Fall

This was very good. We purchased a box of Flax Right Harvest Spice Crunchy Granola Bars at our local Harris Teeter. I really like the flavor of the bar – it is sweet with “a subtle blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice” and reminds me of Fall. The crunch and texture remind me of Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey Crunchy Granola Bars. Very good. I will be purchasing these again.
IraCrocheron, MD

My All-Time Favorite Quick Fix

I have been ordering these delicious granola bars for a couple years now through the Subscribe & Save delivery option. I love the Harvest Spice flavor and the addition of Flax seed as well. These are not overly sweet and not bland in the slightest. My boyfriend is extremely skeptical of my “healthy” food choices but whenever I have these around, I find him eating them quite contently. He says these taste great and I agree. They are great for a quick hunger fix, mid-afternoon snack, or “on-the-go” breakfast start. If my picky, meat-loving, junk-food eating 34-year-old boyfriend is giving a full five star rating, I’d say they’re worth a try and a great addition to any pantry.
BrigitteAcosta, PA

Just right for a quick breakfast.

I love these bars. They have a great mild spice flavor and are crunchy and sweet. Everyone who has tried them in our home has really liked them. They are often used as a quick breakfast on the run. Absolutely wonderful with coffee!
DonaldDingess, WV

Wonderful, Flavorful granola bar.

These are my favorite granola bar right now. At first I was hesitant to try them when I realized how crunchy they were; I tend to prefer more chewy granola bars. However, these a absolutely wonderful when dipped in a cup of warm chai. I have one now with my tea almost every morning. Yes, they are expensive here, but they are far more reasonable on Amazon than anywhere else on the internet, including Cascadian Farm’s website. My local grocery store carries only a limited selection of these products and even those are regularly $3.60 a box.
SimonPierre, SD