Castillo de Canena Arbequina Olive Oil from Spain

Dense oil, of a pale green color, with a balanced and complex profile, a green olive fruitiness, identifiable in nose and mouth, and a great diversity of vegetable aromas, especially fresh grass, almond and artichoke. The mouthfeel brings to mind almonds, green apple, banana peel, and dash of pepper. Its sweetness also stands out, with a slight astringency. Great persistence on the palate.

Quick facts

  • Every year, Castillo releases a new First Day of Harvest XV olive oil, in both arbequina and picual, with an elegant label designed by a well-known Spanish artist
  • The arbequina oil has a sweet almond and green apple flavor, while the picual oil has a full green olive flavor with hints of tomato and fresh cut grass
  • This product has been produced free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and genetically engineered ingredients

Top reviews

Good recommendation via “Extra Virginity”

A week or so ago, I heard an interview on NPR’s “Splendid Table” program with Tom Mueller, author of “Extra Virginity” that convincingly suggested that “Castillo de Canena” Spanish olive oil was one of the few brands of the product that could be trusted to be high quality, authentic extra virgin olive oil. While I almost choked at the very high price asked by distributor La Tienda, I ordered a bottle. The oil arrived within a couple of days, heavily pillowed in bubble wrap, and we gave it a try immediately.

I have to say that Castillo de Canena is pretty much everything that Mueller promised. The taste is very fine; fresh, herbal and peppery. It does provide the throat burn that confirms its therapeutic benefits. And it does add a boost to anything it’s added to, including salads, soup or just bread. The problem, of course, is getting hooked on such quality at such an upscale price. So while I will be a fan of Castillo de Canena for the indefinite future, I will probably check out Tom Mueller’s other recommended sources for extra virgin olive oil in hopes of finding something as good, but a little less pricey. The California labels might be a place to start.

Meanwhile, this one is highly recommended.

CurtisCarlisle, PA

Virgin Olive Oil

this is a fantastic oil, tasty, light and great for making dips, sauteing; I heard about this product on a NPR segment of a book review, “Extra Virginity” the author used this and one other that I noted as being the real deal, great olives, processed correctly for the best health benefits…I bought the book and the oil… […]
ErnestRock, WV

Who knew that olive oil could be so good?!

This oil is so delicious it makes everything I put it on taste better. Steamed vegetables, salad, sprouted wheat toast, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, sliced tomatoes and fresh cheese..I even carry a small bottle of this oil in my purse to use in restaurants – it is that good!
ShamikaRoss, ND