Castor & Pollux Curious Cat Organic Catnip, Grey Mouse Toy

Curious cat is the ultimate in certified organic catnip that’s had the cat community mewing for more. Our veggies and mice are refillable, too. Our sea pack includes a blue fish and red lobster. Don’t forget to store your organic catnip in a sealed container in the fridge to keep it fresher longer. Castor and pollux pet works is a leader in organic and natural products for pets. We are dedicated to uncompromised quality; we celebrate pets in our lives, and are committed to feeding pets in need. Our featured product lines are organix organic dog and cat foods and treats, natural ultra mix natural dog and cat foods and treats, good buddy dog cookies and curious cat treats.

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Product great – pricing is wrong

The Castor & Pollux Veggie 3-pack is a great item. My cats love it. However, the pricing is way off. C&P sell this item for $7.49, so at this price I expected three 3-packs, but only got one. Amazon agreed to credit my account. If the pricing still says $19.42, you are better off going directly to C&P.
VellaCoaldale, CO

My baby loves these!

Strangely enough, my kitteh doesn’t like most catnip toys.. but she absolutely loves these.. especially the carrot!! I orginally found them at petco. purchasing from amazon is much cheaper than the manufacturer!
NadaShiloh, NJ

Cats love it

My cats love this toy. They have lots of toys from which to choose, and this one has been a favorite for a long time. They chewed the tail off, but it is in good shape overall for the amount of time it’s been enjoyed. The refillable pouch is a nice touch.
HoraceBoones Mill, VA

Wrong Item Shipped

I was so excited to find these online, only to find, when the box came, a box full of catnip, not my cat’s beloved favorite toy. Then, since these are non-returnable, had to call Amazon in order to process a refund. Most unhappy!
SolomonOktaha, OK


These are the BEST CATNIP TOYS EVER! I even discovered (by accident) that they can be washed! My sister was told, at the store where she usually purchases them, that they are being discontinued. My cats are devastated. They last a very long time, have a rich catnip smell, and cats do choose their own favorites!
JeniTuckerton, NJ

New toys for Jake

The Castor & Pollux Curious Cat Organic Catnip toys have turned out to be my wee Jake’s favorite toy. Being small they are easily transported from room to room, which he will do most nights. I never know where they will be in teh morning.

These toys are well made and nicely designed.

Would recommend to everyone with a cat who goes for catnip.

LaurelRepublic, MI

Possible the greatest mouse toy you could ever get your cat

While my cats have alot of toys, the most notable would be the grey and brown versions of this mouse. With good reason, as all three of my cats are apt to pick them out to play with and carry them through the house. There are possible as many as 50 between all four corners of my house.
CathleenBroseley, MO

Cats Love These!!

My two Scottish Folds, who don’t really like toys, loved these from the moment I opened the package. After they’ve (the toys) have been lying around a while I just rub them between my two hands and they are back to their original state and the cats love them again.
SusannahWapello, IA

Cats love em

My cats loved these mice and immediately tore open the velcro catnip closure. This can be quite messy. I refilled with my homegrown catnip, more of a whole leaf than the dusty powder you get in the stores.
LailaLipscomb, TX