Cat Treats Gourmet Mixed Greens Large Packet

Renee’s extra-fancy blend of organically grown seeds for fresh rye, oats, barley and wheat greens offers multiple sowings of fast growing kitty treats. Extra large packet provides 10-12 sowings for a consistent fresh greens.

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cat grass

This grows very fast when it is indoors with plenty of sun. My cat have already taken a whiff at it.
KenishaMyers Flat, CA

Better than tuna fish

I’ve been growing ‘grass’ for our indoor cats for several years. I have tried the other brand that is mostly oat seeds. They like that one well enough. Renee’s contains several other grains in addition to the oats. Our cats go NUTS for it; even more than than they do for tuna fish!

If your cats are indoors all the time, don’t let them eat too much at once when you first give it to them, unless you enjoy cleaning regurgitated cat grass from your sofa and carpet.

MarlanaPeace Valley, MO

My Cat Loves Grass!

My cat loves grass.Also houseplants,plastic shower curtains,beads and many other odd items.But he was killing my plants and maybe hisself,because many times he would throw the leaves right back up.So,I saw this-the Cat Treats Gourmet Mixed Greens.And since I love my cat,and he is a picky eater,I got the Gourmet package.I followed the directions,he loves this grass!I do,too.I have 2 pots growing,so that he has a constant supply.He’s not eating houseplants or shower curtains anymore.One thing,don’t leave the pot down for a long time.I put mine on floor next to his catfood for about 15 minutes.Any longer and he stops eating it,he just pulls the whole piece of grass,root and all,out and makes a mess.
I rated this as great.I don’t worry about him being poisoned,my plants look good,and he gets the greens he needs.Oh yeah,he’s a housecat,never been outside,so this is just great.The only thing I’m unhappy about,I know I didn’t get as many seeds as advertised.I overlooked that.I’ve got bigger problems to complain about.
DeaneEnoree, SC

Good Cat Grass

I use this in a small Sylvester/Tweety chia pet cat grass container, with a backup as well so when one is dieing out I can start the other one because it takes about 5 days to sprout and mature grass before putting it down for consumption.

First time only used two teaspoons of seeds in small 3 1/2″ dia soil opening in container, and the next month used 3 tsp which has produced the grass density desired. I use orange bagged Miracle Gro fast-draining soil for Cactus and add 1/4cup of water, cover opening with plastic wrap over a clear plastic glass to allow room for sprouts to grow, put in a warm dark place for 2-3 days then set it in the sun for 2-3 days misting often with water. I follow up with misting a few more days so all the surface seeds stay wet and continue to sprout watering once a week with 1/4c water thereafter. In the winter to sprout seeds, I put it in a small cardboard box, cover that with a dark plastic waste basket and sit it in the sun, putting another light colored woven basket over the dark plastic basket when necesary so it doesn’t get HOT. In the summer, it goes in the dark warm attic.

KrystenWashington, MO

Great cat grass

Grows very well. No need (as with some other cat grasses) to leave in a dark closet for a few days after planting — just plant the seeds, water, and give it a few days in a semi-lit spot. Nice organic mixed greens of different colors, and my cats love it!! This package lasts a long time, but I’m already on my second order because I think it’s a great product.
YasminHerkimer, NY

Cats love grass!

Bought this for Mom’s cat and he loves it! Mom usually hand picks some for him because the ends of the grass pokes him in the eyes. But he would eat it all day. Mom leaves it by her cat’s water dish and he grazes when he wants too. Contrary to what some people think the cats just like grass NOT because they are sick!!
JenelleTullahoma, TN

Very good cat grass

This is my 4th purchase of this “Cat Treats Gourmet Mixed Grass. My cat “Oreo” like to eat this grass.
NerySouth Easton, MA

Cats love this stuff

My cats love this grass. It is easy to grow. The vendor was quick to ship I recommend this item to any one who has cats.
DanielKewaskum, WI

Fast & Perfect Service!

Just received my second or third order from “No Thyme Productions”, and same as the earlier shipments, it arrived before the expected date, everything included and in good shape. I most definitely recommend this company! The cat’s love the mixed greens assortment.
DorisHibernia, NJ