Catnip in a Cup

Cosmic brand catnip is the result of years of research into the culture and processing of this herb. It is fresher, more potent more aromatic and longer lasting than other brands. It is handled with profound understanding of of proper practice in curing which allows our catnip to realize its full potential. Then through advances in processing, we spartate the stems from the leaves and the flowers. Cosmic brand catnip is packaged in reclosable airtight plastic bags or cups to retain its quality.

Quick facts

  • Encourages cat to play and frolic.

Top reviews

Makes for a Happy Cat

Have bought this in store before. Cat loves this product! She eats, licks, and rolls around in it whenever I provide her a pinch. If your cat gets “high” off catnip, this should work for them too! (FYI, catnip is from the mint family. Note, cats over 3 months old will be receptive to the effects of catnip ONLY IF they are genetically predisposed. Half of all cats will feel no effects from catnip at all.)
OteliaDexter, MN

Good stuff

My cat loved it – though I don’t know how well it was sealed because he could smell it through the box and ate some of the cardboard box trying to get to it!
FernandaPeterson, MN

Could be fresher

Catnip needs to be carefully cultivated (I read) so that other plants do not creep into the field. Also, it must be fresh to really get the cat to respond. My beloved cat did not react as I expected; truly effective catnip has a narcotic effect on susceptible cats, putting them in a spell almost. My cat could take or leave this catnip unless it was really laid on heavily.
BenjaminWest Paducah, KY

Bad Cat Dope

I have three cats, none of whom were particularly interested in this catnip. I don’t know if it was a bad batch, but my cats usually love catnip. I threw the rest out.
MargeneHope, ID