Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning 5 lbs Tub

Cavender’s seasoning is as distinctive in the foods of today as those prepared for the feasts of the ancient Greeks. This seasoning is excellent on steaks, chops, roasts, meat loaf, chicken, fish, turkey, hamburgers, seafoods, and wild game. Use Cavender’s in all cooked vegetables, gravies, soups, stews, casseroles, eggs, poultry dressing and vegetable juices.

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The time I had Cavenders it just tasted funny….Made my food not good……They also don’t list their ingredients I always enjoy being able to know what I am consuming……Save the money and get a different Greek Seasoning
BetsySaint Paul, KY

consistently good and a good price

dependable seasoning for any type of meat, veggie, dip, just wonderful. it is consistently good and this was a good price for quantity. now i can refill my own containers and gift them away at my wedding.
FlorrieBeaver Bay, MN

Greatest collection of spice ever!

I use this on everything! It is wonderful on meat, but it takes veges to new heights. If I could have only one spice in my cabinet, it would surely be Cavender’s Greek Seasoning!! You can’t go wrong buying this.
ZaidaRussellville, AL

Great product/lousy supplier

Love the product, not so happy with the supplier.
Cavender’s Greek seasoning gets used for steaks and chops in my house, more recently I’ve used it on scrambled eggs and in the crockpot. We use this with a light amount of Lemon Pepper but heavy on the Cavenders. First time I was introduced to this on a steak I thought the steak was too big to eat, but it tasted so good I ate the entire thing! Our steaks are always grilled with charcoal which also adds to the flavor.

I’m having trouble with the company that provides it though, Parthenon Foods, they used an incorrect zipcode and are telling me that the package never got returned to them. It’s been 5 months and I’m still trying to get a replacement or refund out of them.

NathaliePatuxent River, MD

How to be a Great Chef and Gift-Giver in One Easy Lesson

First: Order Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning 5-lb. tub through Amazon. Then, wait about three days for your own “tub of magic” to arrive!

Now: Instead of Italian Seasoning and salt, use Cavender’s on chicken, lamb, pork, and beef when you cook. Add a little lime juice (I prefer “Nellie and Joe’s Key Lime Juice”) for an extra zing. You now know the secret to Greek-style potatoes, too.

And, you also have the perfect gift to share with friends and family! Start saving empty spice bottles. The labels wash off, so you can re-label them with your own name and “Mystery Spice Mix.” I don’t re-label, though. I just share. My family and friends think I’m so smart for buying Cavender’s in bulk, especially when Amazon has it for such a great price and fast, FREE delivery.

Oh, Amazon’s price is quite competitive with local prices, too.

CarleenDuluth, GA

Wonderful Product!

This is truly a wonderful product. I use it on everything! All meats, veggies, casseroles……really kicks up the flavor of soups. Enhances the flavor of most any food, without overpowering it. People always ask me what I use to make food taste so great and I tell them it is my own SECRET ingredient!!!!!
EdwardoSims, AR

An Excellent Product

I had been using this product from my local store until they quit carrying it, so I am pleased to have access to it here. This mixture is heaven on any grilled meat. We like to heavily season ground lamb with it & grill in patty form. It has become our favorite “hamburger” dinner meal.Please try it. It is so flavorful without overpowering the meat.
AliCanisteo, NY

Great seasoning for everything!

I am so glad I found this online. It’s great on almost everything! Great seasoning for hamburgers and all meats. Great value.
MarcelaStronghurst, IL

best seasoning

I love this product. My husband and I use it on almost all the food we eat. It has the right balance of saesoning mix. It is also great on foods Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning 5 lbs Tubthat you BBQ . It’s great on most meats .
ChandraElkader, IA

Great service!

Thanx for getting the Cavender’s to me in good timing. I was on vacation and realized I forgot to pack my Cavender’s! So, I had you send it where I was on vacation. Thanx again.
RomeoTow, TX

What Did You Put On the xxx?

That’s what we get asked every time we use the seasoning. Whether we use it on cooked veggies, meat, salads, stews or soups as an accent, rub or ingredient. Flavor is wonderful and picks up the taste of almost every dish if you are looking to add some savory seasonings. Tub lasts awhile and has eleiminated the need for finding it at the grocery stores which can be unpredicatable in carrying the offering or in finding it in a certain location within the store.


NicolasaLudlow, CA

Impossible to be a “great” cook without Cavender’s

I agree….it works with ANYTHING! Great on turkey burgers…really zips up an otherwise boring non flavor. Use on any meat, veggies for grilling, soups and stews; add to meatball mix and make wonderful dips and spreads. Try mixing Feta cheese, bit of mayo, little bit of Greek Salad dressing (I use Yassou, but I think that one’s local to Boston) and Cavender’s. Whip to incorporate all ingredients into a smooth thick dip. Use with veggies, crackers or my favorite, on grilled turkey burgers. If you want to use the dip with lamb, add lemon juice and fresh or dried mint. Yummy! There is just so much you can do with it! I too buy it in the five pound tub. If the ship were sinking, the Cavender’s goes with me!
ArielLittle Lake, CA

Great Product but shipping prices are criminal

Cavender’s is a great product and I fully recommend getting it anywhere you can, however buying it from here with the outragious shipping charges is criminal.
DeloresEdna, TX

This stuff is GREAT!

Couldn’t find this in my local grocery anymore so I turned to the internet. 5lbs of it, and at a great price. Can’t beat that with a stick. This stuff goes great with anything…and I mean anything! Try it in a stew, on eggs, on your BBQ. Anything!
LavonnaCarthage, NY