Cedar Lake Tasty Link – 12 Cans

Cedar Lake Tasty Links are meatless hot dogs with a light spicy taste. Use for sandwiches, or dice to add in stews or casseroles. No Artifical color.

Quick facts

  • Vegan Protein
  • Meatless
  • Meat alternative
  • Delicious & Lightly Seasoned
  • Healthy

Top reviews

Not like older versions

These are the latest Cedar Lake meatless hot dogs. The older versions, Tofu Dogs and DeliFranks were very good. Unfortunately, unless I just got a bad batch, these are very hard, tasteless and gummy. We couldn’t even eat them; I will most likely throw the other 9 cans out too.
LandonKeystone Heights, FL

Great Alternative for Health Conscious people

I first ate this when I visited my best friend and I’ve loved eating it ever since. I can say that it can’t be identified at all that its meatless. It’s good for my husband who controls himself from eating a lot of meat. It’s a good alternative. Though it doesn’t really taste the same as the traditional but it’s still delicious. For those of you who are health conscious, must try then you can think you haven’t avoided yourself from eating meat at all.
JesseOvalo, TX

Who Knew

I didn’t even realize you could get meatless hot dogs but I got these for my niece since she doesn’t eat meat and they are really good. I was pleasantly surprised and everything in them is good for you. What a concept right!
DarellViolet, LA


It’s always a matter of choice on what types of food you enjoy and this product is one of those that I love! You won’t miss the taste of hotdogs anymore with this product and forget about the calorie and meat content, this is the bomb in grilling!
CandanceEureka, IL

Not Bad

These meatless hot dogs tastes pretty good, it also has a light spicy taste. You can use it for sandwiches, or dice to add in stews or casseroles. There’s also no artificial color. A healthy choice!
ScottieEly, IA