Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice Herb Tea, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes

K-Cups for Fresh Brewed Tea – The secret of the Keurig brewing system is what’s inside this box–K-Cups–for brewing fresh, exceptional tea! Each K-Cup comes with its own individual filter, and acts as a barrier to protect your favorite tea from light, air and moisture. With the touch of a button, each cup brews hot tea to perfection just for you. Every K-Cup is specially packed by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with high quality blends of specialty herb, green and black teas that are the hallmark of Celestial Seasonings. What started as a passion for great specialty coffee has become a revolution in how specialty tea is brewed and served. Enjoy! Which flavor do you favor? Exotic? Eclectic? Extraordinary? Exactly! Always delicious, and always 100% natural. Why not try something new today?

Quick facts

  • This variety that has a hint of Asian Flavors for you can enjoy anytime!
  • Each K-Cup portion pack is an air-tight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor
  • To prevent dripping after brewing, tilt K-Cup slightly when you remove it from brewer.
  • Store at room temperature for best results.
  • Each listing includes 48 Kcups (2 boxes of 24 Kcups each) for your enjoyment!

Top reviews


I ordered sever K-Cups from Amazon, all arrived in good time, and condition.
I was going to give two of the boxes as part of a gift, but, the boxes looked tackie… Amazon put a bright LARGE sticker on the box… as an advertisement. If you are keeping the K-Cups for yourself I guess it is alright, but I don’t like the bright orange/yellow sticker on the box.
In the future I will shop other sights, so I don’t have to deal with this LARGE sticker.
JeffCanton, ME

PRICE IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! (the tea itself is nice)

This is a nice tea, but who in their right mind would pay this price–as of the writing of this review $41.95 for two boxes of 25 K-Cups –so puleeez — DON’T pay it!!! It’s nearly TWICE what the price should be–I am not joking about this. I know my K-Cups. And also, pay attention to the fact it is coming from a NON-AMAZON store, so you will also be paying shipping on top of everything else! Look elsewhere for this product, because the tea itself is very nice –hopefully AMAZON will get it in stock and sell it themselves rather than outsourcing.
RigobertoEdgewater, WI

Excellent tea any time, if you can get over the price

I love this tea. It’s my favorite of the K-cup teas. Great plain or with a little sugar when I want a sweet drink.

The only thing I’d say is negative is the price. A box of 20 tea bags is around half the price of a box of 25 k-cups. When I run out of these, I’ll just buy this flavor tea bags and run hot water out of the keurig to make my tea.

CherCombes, TX

Go Directly to the Kuerig Site to order..price here is too much.

Go to […] to order these. The price there is […] for a box of 24. If you order 4 packages of kcups, you get free shipping. If you sign up for their mail notifications (join their coffee club.) you’ll get 10 to 15 percent off. They ship rather quickly. But, if you want this tea for winter, you better order quickly because it tends to sell out around Christmas time or Thanksgiving. I like the Mandarin Spice, and the Lemon Zinger. All together, for 4 packages of tea (48 kcups of Mandarin, and 48 kcups of Lemon Zinger, my total was […] My only problem with the Kuerig site is that it is not too user friendly. Go to “at home” and then “shop” and you should find everything you need 🙂
JarodScott Bar, CA

no problem with item,just cost.

item purchased from amazon ,cost was almost twice what is should have been. Im told its because it went to liquid nation and they gget charged through amazon so they pass the cost along.Not HaPPY
NieshaEvans, LA

Always a favorite!

This variety of Celestial Seasonings is my very first choice for a (Keurig) K-Cup tea. Just spicy enough to be flavorful without being overpowering. And the orange flavor is very tasty!
MelanieValleyford, WA

Best of all!

This is the best tea of all the Keurig k-cups, when brewed with this machine, the flavor really comes through. Very refreshing and soothing also; highly recommend it!
CaroleColp, IL

Mandarin Orange Spice Herb Tea

I really enjoy the mandarin orange spice tea. It just makes my mouth happy and my tummy soothed after drinking!
GladysBlaine, ME

Excellent Find!

My husband and I are avid coffee drinkers but had a sample of the Mandarin orange Spice Herb Tea and could not wait to get our hands on it when finally available!

As a relaxing end of day drink or on a cooler day the blend has a robust flavor which we have found unusual in any teas we have tried. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to coffee as a relaxing drink and is also very good if you have a cold or flu!

OletaThe Dalles, OR

mandarin orange spice herb tea

This is the best spiced tea I have ever had.
The flavors are strong and do not weaken after brewing.
I highly recommend it.
RayHernandez, NM

Warm and soothing

This tea is wonderful. It’s strong enough to brew a “big mug” with your Keurig and still taste flavorful. I don’t find any taste left behind in the machine for the coffee lovers in the house. If you liked this tea in the bag form, you’ll be happy with the K-cup product.
MarioChoudrant, LA