Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries, 72-Count Box

Cella’s Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries are 1¼ inches in diameter in milk chocolate. Selected cherries are surrounded by a delicious 100% clear liquid then encased in real milk chocolate.

Quick facts

  • One pack, 72-count per pack
  • Creamy chocolate encapsulating all that cherry liquid that holds the delicious cherry center
  • 1¼ inches in diameter in milk chocolate

Top reviews

sent wrong cherries

I ordered dark chocolate cherries and received milk chocolate. These were for my husband who hates milk chocolate and were opened this morning,12-25. Please tell me how to remedy this?
LachelleAngora, MN

Broken and Sticky

The box arrived dripping in gooey cherry chocolate mess. Almost all the individual cherries were broken, even though the package arrived in normal condition. It was a mess.
NorbertFairfield, AL

Cellas Chocolate Covered Cherries-

This company is a quality company..i had received my order very,very quickly!!—on dry ice!!..but, for some reason, the product was buckled out at the bottom on all of the cherries that we tried ..like, it may in transport to the distributor, had melted a little bit and settled……and, therefore it was buckled out..i don’t know….but, they were a gift to my husband and they didnot taste right..the expiration date was fresh..but, for some reason…they were defective…the company w/ NO PROBLEMS..ISSUED A FULL REFUND..FOR THE ITEM AND SHIPPING VERY SPEEDILY…!!!I am giving this company 5 stars because..of their excellent service..as we all know that this is normally an excellent product…!!!..thankyou..for your excellent communication and service.. .amhuff.
ArtSaint Xavier, MT


I am disappointed in the product and the company. The product was completely ruined upon receipt…each layer of candy was smashed, though the outer shipping box was intact and without a single dent…leaving me to believe that it was damaged prior to being shipped to me. I have a confirmation from the USPS that the item I shipped back was received, but I have not yet received a refund…and it has been 19 days today.
I would not recommend this company to anyone!
MelvaLewisburg, TN

Cella Cherries

Order these every year for the holidays. The box arrived without a mark on it, perfectly intact, except for the contents. 31 of 72 cherries were broken. The box was soaking wet and the entire box was unusable. Being the cellophane around the box was filled with pink liquid, I have no idea how it was not noticed that the box was bad before it was shipped. I will never purchase from this company again.
MarandaWindsor, MO

Excellent chocolates

This is the first time I bought the 72 count, and there are allot of cherries in this box. When I start it is hard to stop. This candy is one that my children bought for their father every year.
We would go and buy a box for about $2.00 and he would pretend to be surprised every time they gave him a box. He is gone now but we still buy a box and put it under the tree.
these are a nice cherry flavor and the chocolate, could be a bit smoother but it is fine just the way it is.
LessiePond Gap, WV


VernellWaverly, KS

Yummy chocolates delivered on time

Don’t know how they taste, as they were a gift for someone overseas. However, the story is that Dad keeps telling my brother to have some when he visits so that he doesn’t eat them all himself. I guess they must be good.
MathildeCarrington, ND

Cella’s Chocolate Covered Cherries in a word YUM!

Cella’s hands down makes the best Chocolate covered Cherries. We usually buy them seasonally in the local stores but have a hard time finding the dark chocolate as those seem to sell out quicker than the milk chocolate.

That said, recently I bought high priced CCC (chocolate covered cherries)from Helen Grace Chocolates. I was desperate for some and no Cella’s in the local stores. What a disappointment! Any CCC lover knows that the liquid center makes up for 98% of the taste and the Helen Grace were lacking this. There was a scant (and I mean very scant) liquid center so all you really tasted was the chocolate, very overpowering! At 18.50 per pound it was a ripoff! From now on I am staying with Cella’s. You won’t be disappointed at all, they know how to make a cordial center!

LesaChest Springs, PA

Chocolate Covered Cherries

I absolutely love these chocolate covered cherries. They are always fresh and the quality is outstanding.
StarrDillonvale, OH

A flagrant mouthful of decadent deliciousness

Unwrap the bright red foil, lovingly and carefuly. Place chocolate covered cherry morsel in mouth. Bite into the chocolate outer shell, slowly, as the tart, sweet, cherry juices invade your senses and delight your day, whether it be rainy, blizzardy or just plain boring.


This is Nirvana of the Chocolate Covered Cherry kind.

Bella Cella!!

NelsonMaybell, CO

Delicious, Want More!

I ordered 2 boxes of these chocolate because our family loves them. We ate all of them in a very short time. I want more and have for over a month. Amazon does not carry them anymore so I can’t get free shiping and handling. I have to order
them from an independent company who charges s & h so consequently I have not
purchased more. I have requested that Amazon carry them again, but so far they have not reponded. I certainly would order them if Amazon would carry them again. Yummy!!
HaroldLaverne, OK

stale from lakewood candies

must correct my critique. cellas i got from lakewood candies were stale , out of date 6 months. should never have shipped
TraceyDriscoll, TX

Lotta Chocolate

My mom really likes chocolate covered cherries so I decided to get this for her as a small side gift for Christmas. These are pretty good–not my favorite I’ve had, but certainly not bad either. For the quantity and price, this is overall a good deal.
ElizabetDenton, TX


AlyceRuth, MS

Milk Chocolate with a splash

As any depressed chogoholic will tell you, some days you need a reason to see the half fullness of life. Cella’s Milk Chocolate Cherries is akin to step one in the battle against a world filled with trickery and deceit. I buy these at pharmacies from time-to-time but this great product ships fast from Amazon at the best price, You can start your search for any product at any point on the web or retail but you can be sure it ends at Amazon.
AleaseQueen Creek, AZ


Takes a lot of self control not to order another box. Love having these around for Christmas. Got a great price, product arrived promptly and they were fresh. A heck of a lot cheaper than buying locally.
DelenaWorthington, MA

Good But Not Better Than Average

I buy my husband chocolate covered cherries for Christmas every year and was hoping to find something better than usual this year. He popped a couple in his mouth and said, Fine. Any recommendations on state-of-the-art chocolate covered cherries?
DaltonBelen, MS

Excellent treat!!!

This was a fantastic treat that was truly enjoyed by everyone!! What I liked most about this candy is that each piece was wrapped by itself so you could just enjoy one or more if you really wanted too!! It also made for a nice grab and go treat!!
BryantBaltimore, OH

Good Product, The Best I’ve Found

Cella’s does Chocolate-Covered Cherries right! They are good – Very good, keep well and getting a large box of these will keep them handy over the months whenever you want one. Life is good with Cella’s does Chocolate-Covered Cherries!
NeomaLakeview, AR

Absolutely wonderful!!

If you like chocolate covered cherries, you will LOVE these! I am picky on the quality of my chocolate and also the cherries, and I have never been disappointed in Cella’s.

In one or two reviews I noticed that people had mentioned how some of the candies had “leaked”. Yes, you might see some sticky liquid in the box, but it made no difference whatsoever in the condition of the chocolates themselves. I never found a single piece that did not still have liquid inside, nor did this affect the quality of the candy in any way. I am thinking that this small bit of “leakage” is inevitable when you have this type of confectionary. I ordered two boxes of 72 in the last month, and I have been 100% thrilled – both with the quality of every single piece of candy – and also how quickly this company ships your chocolates! Order with confidence … you won’t be sorry!

KatrinaSammamish, WA

One of the best brands of chocolate covered cherries!

I absolutely love these chocolate covered cherries. I have seen reviews on other sites, comparing the different brands, and I see a lot of hate on these for no fondant in the center. That is really why these are so good! I like cherries with both the fondant (key: if it’s good), but also the liquid centers. I had these for the first time as a child after usually getting just Queen Anne cherries, and I still love these. Zachary, the brand Walmart and a lot of other places carry, are just gross..the chocolate is grainy and cheap tasting. It is getting increasingly hard for me to find Cella’s in stores. I usually only find them in a local drug store or discount mart by chance, but I’m so happy to find them here. Also, dark chocolate cherries are so much better in my opinion, but Cella’s is the only brand that I actually like the milk chocolate too! Its a wonderful, crisp, creamy chocolate. Yum! Can’t wait to get these and eat them! I’ve been getting by on Queen Anne (which are equally as good in their own right, meaning fondant centers)so I can’t wait to finally get a box of Cella’s!
VernaRogers City, MI


Ohhhhh…. Is this what Heaven is like? Without a doubt, these are the best chocolate candies in the universe! The combination of chocolate, cherry and liquid center is to die for. I’ve tried other brands, and always come back to Cella’s. If you are in search of candy perfection, Cella’s is the brand to buy! They are positively addictive.
AmmieVerda, LA


These were delivered quickly and are delicious. Highly recommend this for anyone with a weakness for chocolate covered cherries. Yum!
DavidKentland, IN

Same great taste!

Golly, writing this review is making me drool! Years ago, you could only buy these in Ohio at Christmastime. However, some wise soul figured it would make good marketing sense to make them available year round for us addicts and well, voila! No more buying tons of these boxes at Christmas and storing them in the freezer all year! Golly these things are awesome! I’ve been eating them for 40 years and still can’t get enough of them. In my husband’s family, they were always the first gift of Christmas, delivered from Santa. These things are in so many family traditions, that they HAVE to be doing something right. The only difference I notice is that the cherries are smaller than they were 20 years ago. Other than that, they haven’t mucked with the taste, the cordial filling, or anything else! Highly, highly recommend!
SerafinaWillard, UT

Great Service

The product was sent as a gift. It was delivered as stated and the recipient said they were delicious.
HeeRichville, MN

The Best Cherries Ever!

I’m so thankful they are on this site. They are so hard to find. Generally only around christmas and Valentines day.

They were shipped fast. Some had a light sticky feel to them.
But, they were great!
Thanks for your prompt business.
Best Wishes,
Kimberly J. Owen

MairaCheyney, PA

sold out at Safeway for the holidays but I crave more!!

Have been a chocolate covered cherries fan since I was a kid…and for years the Queen Anne kind were all the rage in our household–but I then found CELLA’S brand. And even this season our local Safeway and Giant food stores were selling 24 count boxes for $3.99 a box and I ate a ton of them. But as soon as Christmas was over, my Chocolate Covered Cherries were gone too! So nice to know I can find them on AMAZON, even if I do have to pay a little bit more. And being a dark chocolate fan I thought they would end up being my favorite, but I was wrong…the milk variety are still the best and by far better than Queen Anne which their centers are white and more solid. BELLA’S centers are more clear syrup and not solid which I enjoy better. LOVE this brand and Amazon’s great service!
JerrieSanta Rosa, TX

Delicious and Brings Back Childhood Memories

I gifted these to a neighbor of mine, who believes these were the greatest thing about growing up in the country. Getting to go to town and buy a handful of chocolate covered cherries! This is the 2nd box I have bought for him this year! He loves getting to share them with his grandkids, while telling them stories of when he was young.
DannLevelock, AK

Yes. They are good.

They are very good and the only brand chocolate covered cherry my family will eat. You eat them like a Reeses.. many ways. Bite off the bottom and sip it out, pop it inside your mouth, let it melt in your mouth, bite the top and suck the cherry out. I bought the 72ct box only once..we ate them too quickly. The smaller box is available year round at our local P. store, where shopping is a pleasure.
NorahKismet, KS