Celsius Apple Orchard Blend, 12-Ounce Cans

Celsius is a great tasting, negative calorie drink for your active healthy lifestyle that has been clinically shown to burn 100 calories and more, provide lasting energy and when combined with exercise, reduce body fat and improve endurance. Winner of 12 international awards for great taste and innovation, Celsius has no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Celsius is available in five sparkling and non carbonated ready-to-drink flavors, convenient on-the go stick packets and a 30-serving canister.

Quick facts

  • Burns 100 Calories and More per serving
  • Provides Lasting Energy
  • Reduces Body Fat
  • Improves Endurance
  • Clinically Proven

Top reviews

It’s amazing good!

I came across my first Celsius marked down at a Walmart. I used to drink one brand of sugary energy drink, because it worked, but so did the Celsius after the first time. It’s a fact none of the sugar free energy drinks taste great. However, I thought this brand tasted pretty good. I was glad to be off sugar, but then realized it had sucralose, which I don’t want in my body at all. I am so glad for this Celsius which gives me energy all day, and with all natural Stevia! I ordered the 2 cases Amazon had in stock, and will continue to do business as long as they sell it. It is so good, I use it in my Dr. Oz daily smoothie in the mornings, as well as neat, when I don’t have time.
KristinSumerduck, VA

Solid Energy Drink (that’s also relatively healthy)

The other reviewers are being melodramatic.

The taste is good – not great – slightly weird aftertaste. If you like the other Celsisus drinks, I’m not sure how you would find this one so much worse. Expect a decent tasting drink, trading off some flavor for health, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve come to like the taste much more as my taste buds have slowly recovered from years of drinking artificial sweeteners.

Seriously not worth all the uppercase reviews, exclamation points, and comparisons to “goat piss.”

HortenciaScammon, KS

Worst tasting Celsius product ever, by far!

I have had about 9 flavours of Celsius products, which I believe is all of them.

My ranking (Best to Worst) based on my preference:

Sparkling Ginger Ale
Green Tea Peach Mango
Strawberry Kiwi
Iced Lemon Tea
Sparkling Wild Berry
Sparkling Orange
Sparkling Cola
Green Tea Raspberry Acai
Apple Orchard (Stevia)

The Ginger Ale, Green Tea Peach mango, and Strawberry Kiwi are top notch to me, very tasty! Everything up to the Cola is really good in my opinion. The Raspberry Acai doesn’t taste nearly as good as the others to me, but most friends like it. The Apple Orchard is SOOOOOO incredibly BAD that it makes me feel nauseous, and makes me like the Raspberry Acai (which I previously detested) much more. A friend who usually likes the Stevia sweetener flavour found in the Apple Orchard describe the flavour of Apple Orchard as ‘monkey urine.’

KeciaWest Lebanon, NY

I hope “Celsius” creates more flavors using Stevia for the sweetener

Personally, I think the other reviewers must be commenting on some other product, because they’re all crazy!!! While this flavor is not the absolute best of all the flavors, the fact that they used Stevia and Erythritol for sweeteners instead of the fake and “bleached sugar” otherwise known as Sucralose, makes me immensly happy. The Apple orchard blend tastes like they blended a bunch of different apples and some other sweet flavor and that’s what you have. I am DEFINATELY willing to sacrifice a very small amount on flavor as long as I get the same great product with less harm to my body.
CarrollAlkol, WV

Horrible taste! Do not waste your money!

I am a huge fan of the Celsius drinks, I have converted some of my coworkers from regular energy drinks to Celsius. I was excited to try the stevia version. I have 11 can left that I will end up throwing a way. The taste is horrible! It taste like bitter medicine. Stick with the original.
DierdreNew Freeport, PA

Terrible…just Terrible!

A lover of Celsius for many years…this is by far the worst product I have ever tasted. It is like bitter medicinal apple juice…I would give it zero stars if possible. Bought a 12 pack…threw out an 11 1/2 pack. Seriously…not sure if the formula is off or the Stevia isn’t integrated properly, but it is flat out terrible!Do yourself a favor and get Orange or Wild Berry…or the teas, all of which are really good!
CoralieStollings, WV

Couldn’t even get down the first sip without spitting out!

I’m assuming this one is goint to be discontinued, if it hasn’t been already. Because my local discount store is selling them dirt cheap. No Pun intended – it does taste like dirt – worse!
DaleLockeford, CA

Tastes like death

First let me say I REALLY like the Orange and Kiwi flavors of Celsius. They had the Apple at my local store so I grabbed several cans at a good price. They are horrible. It tastes like a combination of Apple Juice and raw sewage, with a hint of Robitussin to top it off. Just a horrid after taste. I could not even finish the can, and I was really happy to find this after they were sold out of the other flavors for a while. I wish I never found it. Putrid.
AronLittleton, NH

apple orchard blend

I did not like the flavor at all. A bad aftertaste. Love the other flavors but this is not a favorite
NeilRising Sun, MD

I can taste the caffeine

There are several energy drinks that sweeten with Stevia and taste much better than this one. It’s not the Stevia that makes this drink so horrible, it’s the caffeine, I can tell. The “Drive” flavor of Vitamin Water has a similar bitter bite except much weaker.

This has 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is ridiculous. That’s not a magical calorie burning formula, that’s a cheap buzz. This stuff sucks.

AlvinaSaratoga, NC


I love Celsius. By love, i mean i drink at least two a day and sometimes more (i suppose I’m pretty addicted at this point). At any rate, I ignored the warnings of all my fellow reviewers about the taste and boy, was that a terrible mistake. This stuff really does taste like goat piss or some kind of chemistry experiment gone bad. I wanted very badly for it to work, as I was feeling like ingesting so much artificial sweetener was probably doing something bad to me, but I can’t even gag this stuff down. Three sips and i poured the can out. I have 11 cans sitting here, and as it’s non-returnable they will be going in the trash. Amazon, you shouldn’t carry this crap! It really tastes AWFUL!!!
LaverneKingston, OH

Apple orchard blend celsius

I like most of the celsius flavors but this one is not very good. I would not recommend this product.
RoxaneCunningham, KS

Not great

I agree with the others who mentioned this is the worse tasting of all the Celsius drinks. The price was so cheap so I decided to purchase. I almost threw up on the first try and couldn’t even drink the rest. Its smell wasn’t even appetizing. But if you decide to keep it and drink it, I would recommend eating a banana or something after drinking to remove that lingering taste off your tongue.
LaureneSignal Mountain, TN


I ordered the variety pack and 4 of this flavor came in it. It is absolutely the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life!

I tried to drink them without tasting them, but it didn’t work. They were just sooooo bad I had to dump the rest down the drain.

Order another flavor and stay away from this abomination they call a drink.

ChinHarvel, IL

It was alright

Be warned, your first one you make a face that says it is nasty as all. After that, the taste grows on you, and is tolerable at best. I recommend you try other flavors, like cola or orange. The carbonated flavors are much better tasting and much more refreshing.
ReubenMaywood, MO