Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea 12-Ounce

Celsius is a great tasting, healthy energy and fat burning drink that provides a unique extra boost to keep you going throughout your busy day. With multiple published university studies, you can enjoy Celsius daily and burn more body fat (Up to 93%!!!) during exercise plus 100 or more extra calories. Celsius is the world’s First and Only Negative calorie drink. Gluten Free, low in sodium, no preservatives & no artificial flavors- Celsius is your Clean Energy source.

Quick facts

  • Provides healthy, sugar free energy for up to 5 hours with no jitters
  • Backed by multiple published University studies and shown to burn up to 93% more bodyfat when exercising
  • Clinically proven to burn 100 or more calories per can
  • All Good Stuff- No preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Low Sodium and Gluten Free
  • Comes in 5 great tasting flavors (3 carbonated, 2 Non-Carbonated)

Top reviews

Know What You’re Drinking and Use with CAUTION

Celsius drinks claim to be “negative-caloric”, which is to say that you actually burn calories by drinking it. Hmmm. . . Sound too good to be true? Well, of course it is. It’s low-calorie because it’s made with Sucralose (Splenda to the average consumer) and it promotes weight loss because its a combination stimulant (taurine) and diuretic – so basically, it works on your body like any over-the-counter diet pill. That said, the Raspberry Acai flavor does taste pretty good, but it will be up to the individual to decide whether or not any potential benefit justifies the downside.

Unlike many other reviewers, I actually liked the taste – I thought that it was a smooth blend of green tea and berry flavor. However, there is just enough of that artificial tang at the end to tip you off that it’s sweetened with Splenda. But the absence of any fizz or overly harsh flavors made it easy to drink – which is good because it comes in full-size cans and leaves you feeling pretty full (i.e. just shy of bloated) afterward.

So is it any energy drink or a diet aid? It’s a little of both. Most of the crucial ingredients are lumped together into a single line item (i.e. their secret, proprietary mix), but taurine is listed and the caffeine content is obvious. I found that while Celsius could beat back an afternoon energy swoon, it didn’t really make me any more alert or focused – just instantly awake, albeit in semi-zombie form. This effect came on quickly and did last for a couple of hours at least.

Now for the bad news – the “crash” effect that a lot of these drinks try to pin on their competitors was overwhelming with Celsius. As a little bit of background, I’m a grown adult in good health and am very caffeine-tolerant. However, during my testing of this product, I made the mistake of drinking two cans about three hours apart and ended up unable avoid my first all-nighter since college. I was completely awake and pretty functional throughout, although I wouldn’t have operated any heavy machinery at the time. But by the morning, I was suffering headaches, muscle twitches and even a flutter in my chest. I’m completely sure that this was all temporary side effects of the outrageous amount of stimulants and not permanently harmful, but it was still enough to make me wary from that point on.

So, the bottom line is this – if you’re looking to occasionally avoid getting sleepy mid-afternoon at the office, or if you need to stay up late once in a while, Celsius may be an option for you to try. As a prolonged weight-loss regimen, I wouldn’t take on the potential health risks in order to grab at some too-good-to-be-true advertising come-on. There’s still only one way to lost weight and keep it off, and it ain’t fun and it ain’t quick, but it works: eat better, eat less and exercise more!

KarolynKelliher, MN

My Taste Buds Say NO MORE!

I was excited with the concept of being able to burn calories and boost my metabolism by consuming one can of a flavored drink. After opening a can and taking one sip, the disappointment was written all over my face. The taste is horrible. I can not even force myself to drink one whole can. I sipped it as long as I could and poured the rest down the drain. The flavor is strange – I don’t how else to put it. It is bitter and has a bad after taste. I could smell the Raspberry flavoring but the awful taste was too much for me to handle. I have tried other energy drinks like Monster, and I did not care for the taste of those either. The taste of the Celsius Raspberry Acai actually reminded me of those drinks, the staleness and bad after taste. On a plus note, one can only has 10 calories compared to other energy drinks that are very high in calories.

In regards to boosting your energy level, I could see a difference. I only drank half of a can, and after a couple hours I felt very fidgety, energetic and wide awake. However, my mouth keep watering like I was going to “up-chuck” and I kept burping up the flavor of the drink.

Even if I was guaranteed I would loose one pound a day by consuming one can daily, I would still not be able to force myself to drink it. Maybe the other flavors might be more appealing to my taste buds, but this flavor was not for me.

AnhWest Lebanon, IN

Doesn’t work if you don’t drink it…

That being said, I don’t know if it does work if one does drink it because I just couldn’t stomach it.

The description boasts a blend of raspberry and acai that is “bittersweet”… Seems to me they left out the tartness of raspberry altogether and bitter is an appropriate word- unfortunately the combination of bitter and sweet equals a taste that is like a nibble of unripe fruit and a packet of sweet n’ low/saccharine. The taste is that foul and bitter. The other flavors of Celcius seem to have better reviews here on Amazon and those may be worth a try, but raspberry acai is just unfortunate. My first thought was that that they left the “ai” out of the “acai” (sorry to be crude, but really yucko tasting stuff)…

I would like to try the other flavors as they seem more promising but I think I will taste them in one can experiments from a local convenient store and make sure I like them before being left with 23 cans of doorstop.

The premise- 100 calories burned per can is quite appealing. This product is marketed as a supplement. It does contain caffeine, guarana, and taurine, and a few other ingredients in their special blend, MetaPlus.

Fingers crossed that one of the other flavors tastes better, as I could also use the 3-hour extended energy boost that the cans claim.

BirdieSaddle Brook, NJ

One sip was enough

I was intrigued by the claim that this non-carbonated but caffeinated drink would actually burn calories although I wouldn’t quite know how to really prove or disprove that it does. But I found it interesting enough to order this “dietary supplement”, as it says on the can. At the very least I figured it would be healthy (green tea and acai) and taste great given that it contains: No sugar, no Aspartame, no preservatives, very low sodium, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors.

But I was in for a surprise – it tasted awful. Imagine a can of carbonated soda that was opened and then sat out on a table for a day and you get a pretty good idea of what this tastes like. Very flat and simply not good. Both my husband and I tossed it after just one sip. Even if it burned double the calories it claims to burn, I highly doubt I could down the entire 12 oz or even just a third of it. Maybe if it were carbonated that would help but honestly: Save yourself the money, this is NOT good.

JanessaRedfield, NY

More an energy drink than a calorie burner IMO

I think that this product is more an energy drink than a calorie booster, but that is my opinion of the product. The taste is pretty good for one of these kind of products (I hate the taste of other similar type drinks, especially Red Bull) While it’s not quite as tasty as a soft drink, it’s not that bad. I did feel more alert after drinking Celsius Raspberry Acai, but not fidgety. Not a prefect product, but not a bad one either! If this pruduct does help me loose some weight, I will update my review.
JaniceOgilvie, MN

Do the Hokey Pokey

This drink is loaded with stimulants. It made my heart race. My daughter had two before she realized what she was drinking and got the shakes for two hours. She said it was like she was doing the Hokey Pokey. So, be careful and realize what you’re drinking. The taste to me was overly sweet. But the flavor was good.
CarriRiverside, OR

It seems to work but weak on taste.

Celsius, Green Tea Raspberry Acai is a vitamin enriched beverage that contains all of the “good stuff” and none of the “bad stuff” (No Sugar, No Aspartame, No Preservatives, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors). However the trade-off is simple “no flavor.” This drink is very weak tasting with a tart after-taste. It doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t taste good either. The drink does claim to burn 100 calories or more per can, and it did give me energy (I think primarily from the B6 and B12 vitamins). I can’t confirm that it actually burns calories. However, I can say that after drinking the product for several days–I drank one can each morning–I did lose a couple of pounds, and I had no bad after effects like you can get from other energy drinks.
ArlenRobersonville, NC

Celsius Raspberry Acai

This is a good tasting drink that tastes more like soda than a flavored tea. It uses sucralose which gives this drink the characteristic chemical-like bitter aftertaste I notice in all drinks that use artificial sweeteners. If the taste of artificial sweeteners and the possible harmful health effects from ingesting them doesn’t bother you then you will enjoy this drink.
NylaColliersville, NY

Tastes like cough syrup from 1979.

Remember that stuff your mom used to give you to stop your cough when you were a kid? Well, this tastes VERY MUCH like that. Ugh. I am drinking this now trying to come up with adjectives to describe what I am tasting to you…. watery, non-carbonated, slightly-grape-ish, dry, and weird. That best describes what this stuff tastes like. I would never purchase this on my own.

As for the claim on the can “burn up to 100 calories and more” – how does one prove that? I certainly can’t tell you if it will help me burn 100 calories. There’s no way for me to prove or disprove that statement. By the same token – shouldn’t we slap that on black coffee as well? Certainly coffee ups your metabolism as well, right?

The can is really trying to sell itself; “NO Sugar” “No Aspartame” “NO Artificial Colors or Flavors”. Yah but that doesn’t mean it TASTES any good. It’s really like a light watered version of old corn syrup.

I would drink this over a period of a week or so to see if there is any difference in my weight, but wow, I can’t – I can’t get past that flavor…

KandicePukwana, SD

tasty pick-me-up

This is an interesting energy drink, with the promise of 100+ calorie burn just by drinking it down. Without a laboratory, I cannot vouch for this. However, it certainly does give an energy boost, even for an avid coffee drinker like me. And I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, it has a real ginger tang and not too sweet fruity flavor, although you can taste the artificial sweetener in it. I did not get shaky or find my heart race after drinking this, but did feel more alert. If you can tolerate the caffeine, it is a refreshing change from soda.
ReannaSaint Paul, MN

Provides a nice energy boost

I am not an energy drink drinker nor am I addicted to caffeine. The reason why I chose the Celsius drinks to review is that I feel as though I am all out of energy by around 3PM that I begin to doze off. The added benefit of boosting my metabolism rate was also appealing. I drinks I chose to review were the Celsius Peach Mango and the Raspberry Acai.

Taste-wise it is so-so. I have been drinking v8 vFusion Raspberry Acai flavor and have enjoyed the taste a lot. I was hoping that this would taste somewhat similar, but was a bit disappointed. I wasn’t able to differentiate between the tastes of raspberry, acai, but was able to identify the green tea. The taste which were decent. However, I wasn’t all that fond of the after-taste, which I was able to taste after each sip. I don’t like the taste of ginger, but could not taste it in this drink.

Energy-wise, I did find that I felt a bit more energized, and was able to make it through the rest of the day without feeling sleepy. I didn’t experience any crashes.

As this drink supposedly increases the metabolism rate, I weighed myself before drinking it and after. I switched off between this Peach Mango flavor and the Raspberry Acai every day. Without significantly changing my diet or exercise pattern, I did not notice any changes in weight.

For the energy-boost alone, I would consider this drink a decent performer. I would not purchase this for the taste or the claims of increase in metabolism rate.

TennieCaledonia, WI

LOTSA Caffeine, Easy to drink

Here it is, simply said. This is one drink with a lot of caffeine…..200 mg of caffeine. The drink is supposed to burn off 100 calories per fan, however whether it does not does not, it’s not a whole lot. I found it easy to drink down as it’s non-carbonated so you don’t end up with a huge burp after chugging it down. I did not find it to have an over sweet taste.

Now as some others posted here on if it’s good for you. Well in reality, no it’s probably not good for you. It’s not a pure nutrient drink. It’s caffeine with a marketing added benefit of burning some calories. But keep in mind most of what we eat and drink is not good for you. Especially stuff with caffeine. Drink a few cans of this and expect a crash and or some shaking or your heart beating fast (palpitations).

However if you don’t like coffee, want a change or whatever if you drink this in the morning or need to be awake then a can or so of this (depending on how much caffeine you can handle) will keep you going fine. Abuse it (as with anything) and it’s not good.

DelorasCuster, WI

OK product….not so sure of the ‘calorie burning’ claims, though

I had never heard of the Celsius brand of canned iced tea before I got the case to review. After trying it (along with some of my co-workers whom I shared the case with), we’ve pretty much come to similar conclusions:

PROS – taste is ok, similar to other canned/bottled ice teas like Lipton (but not Snapple). The tea seems to almost be some kind of energy drink (without it explicitly saying it’s an energy drink – there is a warning about high caffeine sensitivity/content on the can). On the other hand, it does NOT contain so much caffeine (like a Red Bull) that your heart will race. Everyone that tried it said they felt more alert, but without the jittery/edgy feeling of so-called energy drinks, and without the crash a couple of hours later. Each can only has 10 calories and the ingredients seem relatively innocuous/not a lot of chemicals. Price per can works out similar to other energy-type drinks (though way more than soda). Non-Carbonated.

CONS–if you don’t like Acai berries’ taste, you will probably not like this tea – Acai has a somewhat tart aftertaste – the tea itself is also not terribly remarkable (compared to brands like Snapple and Arizona). The calorie burning claims are pretty hard to verify – maybe the drink is intended to boost your energy before a workout, so you can work out more effectively? Cans didn’t seem too sturdy – one got punctured in transit, and several got dented (probably more of an issue if you have it shipped; not sure if this is available in stores?).

Overall, an ok product, so you’ll have to weigh the pro’s and con’s I mentioned. If you like Acai taste, you might enjoy this more than most.

DulciePenns Park, PA

Forget about the calorie burning claims…

I’ll admit, I had a difficult time reviewing this. The Celsius bottle boasts not only that it is a great energy/workout drink, but that it boosts your metabolism to the point where you will be able to burn about 100 calories per can. The only downside to that claim? The average person is completely unable to validate this claim. I know I’m not- I can only say what I personally felt while I was drinking it.


Eh… it’s ok. It isn’t the best energy drink flavor I’ve ever had, but it isn’t the worst by any stretch. The flavor I had was raspberry acai green tea. While raspberry isn’t one of my favorite flavors, I do love the taste of acai. Unfortunately this is a tart drink, so if you don’t like sour-ish things then you probably won’t like this. I know that the first time I tasted this I wasn’t that enamored of the flavor. Over time it grew on me, though.

Weight loss claims:

I can’t verify this as far as the calorie burning goes. So forget the calorie & metabolism claims. Obviously most people won’t drink this expecting it to cause them to lose weight without effort, but since I can’t prove that any calories burnt would be because of this drink (& not because of diet or exercise) I’m not going to believe the claims.


Energy wise though, this drink is a winner. I’ve drank quite a few cans of this & its given me a great supply of energy. I drank a can yesterday because I was going to be pulling a VERY late day (up for close to 24 hours) & I felt fantastic 10-20 minutes after I’d finished the drink. I’ve had NO jitters or heart flutters from this at all, which is a biggie for me when it comes to energy drinks. If it causes me to be jittery or have any sort of abnormal heart stuff, I won’t drink it on principle. (Seriously, why would I want to continue drinking something that made me feel like that?)

Overall, this is a decent product if you are looking at it from an energy drink perspective. It only has 10 calories for the entire can, plus it has a nice load of vitamins thrown into it. The only warning I’d give a perspective drinker (other than to not put a lot of weight on the metabolism claims) is that you should eat something before drinking this. Normally I don’t get an upset tum from drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach, but this one gave me a bit of an upset stomach until I ate something to settle it.

As long as you are looking at this from an energy drink perspective, you should be fine & be happy with the product. I don’t know that I’ll be buying this in bulk like I do some of my favorite tea drinks or my chocolate soy milk, but it is something that I plan on purchasing every once in a while in single cans.

YolandeLahaina, HI

Tastes Gingery – I like it!

Can’t comment on the calorie burning properties, but I really like the way it tastes. There’s no fizz, and initially reminded me of Raspberry iced tea. I could not place the after-taste or “tangyness” until I read the ingredients. One of them is Ginger Root – that was the “ahhh” moment – that’s what I was tasting. I’ll be keeping several of these in the fridge from now on. Great replacement for soda! The can is a little unusual in size – it’s similar to a Red Bull can in dimensions, only a little larger, so it’s narrower and taller than a standard soda can. Speaking of Red Bull, this also has the same main ingredients – Taurine. It also has Green Tea, Niacin, vitamin B, Guarana and Caffeine. So I would definitely call this an energy drink!

It’s also low in calories – 10 per serving, and one can is one serving (I hate those drinks that have xx calories per serving, but a can is 1 1/2 or 2 servings!)

AmieeLoreauville, LA

Great Drink

Love this drink and the taste is far better than most. I use the Amazon subscribe and save program with these. Just a word of warning though. Amazon is constantly changing their pricing on the case and prices will vary widely. My first order I paid about $23 for the case which was a great deal. Now they are over $34 for the same drink on the subscribe and save. So, if you see a good deal word to the wise it to buy more than a case at a time. Another word to the wise is not to use subscribe and save and assume the pricing will remain the same. Amazon changes the pricing and doesn’t tell you. I am giving the drink a five but giving Amazon a one for the subscribe and save program.
YeseniaWhitewright, TX

Disappointing taste and in general…just brew some green tea instead

This was disappointing. Didn’t like the taste…too chemical. Too much caffeine for most. Little to no raspberry or acai in the product. And, we stopped using it because the oral mucosa of both of our mouths was irritated by the ingredients. Just brew some green tea. So much better. Add a little honey and chill it if you like. Peace to you and yours.
ConstanceCayucos, CA

Raspberry Acai flavor is not bad

I ordered both the Raspberry Acai flavor and the Peach Mango and the Raspberry Acai is definitely the winner of the two. I thought the Peach Mango was awful with an especially bad aftertaste. The Raspberry Acai is a bit too sweet for my taste but it is far more acceptable, even pleasant if very cold and I’m not getting the harsh aftertaste I got from the Peach Mango – not at all actually. I am quite surprised that there is so much contrast between the two. So if you’re going to try this, definitely go for the Raspberry Acai and forget about the Peach Mango. I have no idea if this stuff will do what it claims, but it does contain a lot of caffine, so be careful. I can say that it woke me up pretty well when I used it and I did feel a bit warmer than normal for awhile, which was strange. I’m not too happy that its sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose which is the same as Splenda. Because of that and the fact that I’m not one for consuming caffeine, I won’t be drinking this very often.
EthaWernersville, PA

I’m hooked…Love this stuff!!!

I can’t speak for the carbonated flavors, but the Green Tea (Raspberry and Peach Mango) are delicious and give me the perfect amount of energy for the day. I did try the carbonated ginger ale once and was not impressed. I usually drink one can before morning workouts and it gives me the energy I need to power through a 1 -2 hour workout with ease. I don’t think it’s a miracle drink that’s going to lose weight for me, but it definitely gives me a great boost of energy, and a much more refreshed feeling than I would normally get from coffee. I’ve actually pretty much given up coffee as a morning drink now and have a can of celsius instead.

I would consider celsius a healthier and better tasting version of red bull or monster, etc. It was designed to be a healthy alternative to energy drinks loaded with sugar, with a twist of using a formula designed to help raise your metabolism and sustain energy for a few hours. It works!

GeorgeBoykins, VA

Not the worst tasting in the bunch!

When I saw that these were available I opted to try the “Green Tea Raspberry Acai” flavor. The products claim is that it “burns up to 100 calories and more in each can”. This is a dietary supplement that is vitamin enriched. My husband has begun working out as of late so these were a great purchase for us at this point. As others have stated, the can is taller and thinner than a Red Bull can and contains 12 fl oz.

Now onto the flavor… once you open the can you are hit with a raspberry “cleaner” scent. That isn’t necessarily bad, just a bit off. It is a pleasant aroma, but not very appetizing to actually drink. I personally did not like it, but can drink it for it’s “supposed” claims. My husband on the other hand enjoyed the flavor; rather LOVED it. He drinks Gatorade, Vitamin Water etc etc… all the things that I detest flavor-wise. Instead of taking someone else’s review to heart, I think it would be a better idea for a prospective buyer to purchase one can in each of the available flavors and come to their own conclusion. It all boils down to personal preference and taste buds! For me it tasted a bit like a diet raspberry iced tea with a fake sweet aftertaste and fizzy feeling. After reading the label and ingredients, I discovered that it contained sucralose (zero-calorie sugar substitute artificial sweetener) and ginger extract (fizzy ginger ale taste/feeling).

I stopped after 1 big gulp because I noteiced that Celcius is not recommended for people that are caffeine sensitive, children under 12 or womem pregnant and nursing. I personally need to avoid all caffeine for health reasons. My husband felt very energetic throughout the day and didn’t crash. He was questioning whether it was a “placebo effect”; regardless he continues to drink Celcius because he likes the flavor and felt very energetic.

Highly recommend to those that have sampled the product line before making the hefty purchase.

Here is the break down of ingredient list:
1 serving per container
12 fl oz
Calories 10
Total Carbs 1g
Sugar 0g
Vitamin C 60mg
Riboflavin 1.7mg
Niacin 20 mg
Vitamin B12 6 mcg
Biotin 300 mcg
Panthothenic Acid 10mg
Calcium 50 mg
Chromium 50 mcg
Sodium 6 mg

MetaPlus Proprietary Blend 1810 mg
Guarana extract
Green Teal Leaf extract
Ginger Extract

Other Ingredients: Premium Brewed Green Tea Using Filtered Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Sucralose. Contains: 200 mg total caffeine per serving.

NetaCurtice, OH

A Beverage That Burns Calories? Is it Too Good to be True?

Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea beverage is a decent- flavored beverage loaded with nutrition, with minimal calories, low sodium, and none of the bad qualities that make so many other beverages so unappealing. Oh, and one other thing: The manufacturer claims that consuming this beverage will help you burn extra calories. This product is decent in flavor, with the light taste of green tea backed with a small amount of raspberry and some medicinal properties. It is non- cabonated, smooth, and as easy to consume as a glass of water.

The key difference between this and your average green tea beverage is the calorie- burning claim. The manufacturer claims that this beverage helps you burn about one- hundred calories per can and when you consider that there are only about ten calories in each serving, it would therefore mean that consuming this beverage will actually result in negative calories. This almost sounds too good to be true, but a quick examination of the ingredients makes it easier to understand why this is possible. This product contains added stimulants in the form of caffeine and taurine. These stimulants will give your metabolism a boost, and this extra metabolism will likely lead to added caloric loss. The manufacturer is cautious when it makes this claim, pointing out that results are best when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. I can see how this drink could contribute to some extra caloric expenditure, due to the added boost of energy, but like the manufacturer claims, it takes more than ingesting stimulants to lose weight. You still need to control your eating habits and exercise for maximum effect.

The added stimulants could discourage some people from trying this beverage, but another potential turn- off is the price. Purchasing a couple of cases of this product would be almost as expensive as buying an inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. Unless I was seriously into losing weight and wanted any little bit of help I could get, I am not so sure this product would be worth the money.

Still, when all things are considered, Celsius Raspberry Acai Green Tea is a good beverage that is worth trying. The nutrition is much better than that found in most beverages and the taste, while it does have an artificial sweetener finish, is pleasant nonetheless. I’m a little cautious about consuming anything that contains multiple stimulants and increases my heart rate, but this is still a good product; better than the vast majority of beverages on the market and certainly worth trying if you’re looking for a liquid fitness companion.

TomDu Pont, GA

Relatively healthy caffeine delivery system

If someone tells you they drink this because they like the taste, they may not be telling the truth. I shared these with quite a few people, and the taste was never one of the good things people said about it. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good things about it, though.

It contains some vitamins and minerals. A test at a university found that volunteers saw some improvements in body composition. It claims to burn 100 calories per can, and who can say it doesn’t?

It assures us that it works best (in its claims to increase muscle and lessen fat) with diet and exercise, and I’m sure that’s true. None of the guinea pigs in my house noticed any effects, positive or negative, though we drank it before exercise as instructed.

Here’s what it does for sure: it gives you a kick of caffeine. If you prefer a sweet, cold drink to coffee or tea, then this is probably better for you than colas. If you start or end your day with a doughnut and coffee to get the caffeine/sweets combo, then this could be a more wholesome choice. And if you believe in it enough, it could encourage you to work out harder or longer, because faith can do wonders, and there are benefits to increasing exercise.

ErleneWhitesville, NY

Great Taste

Its a great tasting energy boost. I’ve tried a few of the energy drinks out there and never liked the taste or the jittery feeling I got. I highly recommend the Raspberry Acai drink!
ChiNuremberg, PA

It helps but you should know the facts.

This product cannot and will not make you lose any noticable amount of weight. At best it can assist in burning up 100 calories but in order to lose even a single pound you must burn off 3500 calories. So in order for this product to help you lose one pound you must not eat or drink anything else for 35 days or you would have to take in the exact same amount of calories everyday with one of these drinks.

It is ment to ASSIST you in losing weight while doing a healthy diet and exercise program, NOT make you lose weight.

I personally love the product, I found it helped me get through a good 1-2 hours of exercise easier and it makes my work days go by smoother.

ElwoodFive Points, TN

Good tasting but nothing special

Hydration is a very big deal to me now as is staying awake. I had no experience with these energy drinks – this was my first one. I did not have an issue with the taste like some other reviewers have stated. There is that after glow of artificial sweetener. Altogether, that is outdone by the berry/green tea flavor. It was pleasant to drink with a glass full of ice. Refreshing. No carbonation so you can sip on it as long as you like.

As for the other effects from the caffeine and caffeine-like additives (like taurine), I never got it. I do drink coffee and soda on a daily basis. A huge cup of coffee has a definite effect whereas this just gave me a little tiny bump. I found myself reading and re-reading the contents, trying to figure out what was going on, or not going on.

If you are a person who avoids coffee or other stimulants, this may do it for you. I’m thinking that the additives (which all source out as healthy) would be what attracts you and the taste is what would keep you. The middle part about losing weight or giving yourself a late afternoon buzz I can not attest to. The price is reasonable for energy drinks in this category. These are easily $2 a piece at the corner grocery. Buying them in bulk with subscribe and safe gives you a good bit of savings.

Weaning yourself off coffee and taking up Celsius is a strategic bargain. I do believe that bump is there, although I did not experience it. The other stuff makes it a wiser choice than roasted beans run through hot water, although roasted beans sure are fine πŸ™‚

ShelleyParks, AZ

Not very good

I tested this product and inititally wasn’t impressed at all. So, I had several friends taste it and see what they thought. Maybe it just wasn’t for my taste buds.

At the end of the day about 90% of the people that tried it didn’t much care for it, for a variety of reasons.

Some didn’t like the taste and prefered regular green tea.
Some experienced a ‘crash’ effect after drinking it
Some had doubts about all the health claims surrounding it

I think those were the main three complaints with this drink. As I said before I was not impressed in the least. Maybe for someone out there this is the right product for him, but there seems to be so many other (better) options out there.

This one just wasn’t for me.

CalvinKemp, OK

Effective Energy Drink, But The Cola Flavor Is Better!

Celsius Calorie Burner Green Tea Raspberry is every bit (or more so) as energizing as any of the other energy drinks (Monster, AMP, etc), but it has a bitter aftertaste. We tried this after trying the very good Celsius Calorie Burner, Cola, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), but we were sadly disappointed by this flavor.

While I can’t really confirm that this actually burns 100 Calories just by drinking a whole can, it certainly would not surprise me since this does pack a serious kick. I drink a can of Celsius about a half hour before my workouts and it does seem to give me more energy throughout the whole hour and half or so. On occasions where I don’t have time to grab a cup of my morning coffee, one of these does the job of waking me up just fine.

A note of caution: I do have a high caffeine tolerance (cultivated through years of drinking “too much” coffee) so while this is fine for me, my teenage son tried one before his workout and got “jittery”. Also, while not an issue about the drink, the can is made of very thin aluminum and is prone to ripping if you crush it, causing sharp edges that can (and did) cut fingers.

Overall, this is an effect energy drink but it isn’t as good tasting as the Cola flavor (which I even put it on automatic reorder). The Orange flavor is also better tasting.

Highly Recommended!


KyleHathaway Pines, CA

While good tasting, leaves my tummy feeling sickly

This is a pretty good tasting tea in gernal. It is not too sweet and actually has a tea taste to it. I am not sure if it really helped me burn that much more calories in general but I do know that I can feel it working. I get hungry faster after drinking this. The only down side, which knocked it down a few stars for me, is that it leaves a sickly feeling in my stomach. It feels like my stomach is almost hollow and just very uncomfortable in general. Almost like a slow heartburn. Otherwise, this is a pretty good tasting tea.
RosaleeFort Pierce, FL

Good, but Needs Improvement…

With the right proprietary blend for energy, Celsius is a good beverage needing improvement. The non-sugary taste and absence of carbonation, along with the lack of High Fructose Corn Syrup makes this a favorable choice!

However, the sweetener used is disappointing (Stevia would be a healthier choice); and the use of Calcium Carbonate (“chalk”) is no good for the body either. But with improvement, this drink would be near perfect.

Although not referenced on the product page, here are the Supplement Facts:

Serving Size ………………… 12fl oz
Servings per Container ……….. 1

Calories ……………………. 10
Total Carbohydrates ………….. 1g
Sugar ………………………. 0g
Vitamin C …………………… 60mg
Riboflavin ………………….. 1.7mg
Niacin ……………………… 20mg
Vitamin B6 ………………….. 2mg
Vitamin B12 …………………. 6mcg
Biotin ……………………… 300mcg
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium d…) 10mg
Calcium (as calcium carbonate) … 50mg
Chromium (chelate) …………… 50mcg
Sodium ……………………… 6mg

MetaPlus Proprietary Blend ……. 1,810mg
Guarana extract (seed)
Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized to 10% EGCG)
Caffeine (as caffeine anhyclrous
Ginger Extract (root)

Other Ingredients:
Premium Brewed Green Tea (using filtered water), Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Sucralose

Contains 200mg of Caffeine per Serving.

JaquelineColdwater, OH

Burn Baby Burn!

Celsius is a reasonably tasty and healthy supplement drink. It claims to help the drinker burn up to 100 calories with each can by raising your metabolism for 3 hours in conjunction with excercise. I cannot vouch for that, but it seems plausible. Drinking a bottle certainly gives me a blast of energy. I become markedly more alert and energetic. Whereas sometimes I would drag at the beginning of jog, after drinking Celsius I’d be spry from the get-go. I would caution against drinking too much though. I had two cans in the space of 6 hours and I got very fluttery – almost dizzy. These cans pack some powerful stimulants, or maybe my tolerance for them is low. Anyhow, keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that Celsius is more effective if drunk 15 minutes before exercise. It might burn some extra calories if you’re only sitting at a desk but I doubt you’d see any results. To lose it, you’ve got to move it! I consumed case of the stuff with and without exercising, and I can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference.

As a drink, I found Celsius to be decent. Not the best thing I’ve ever tasted but not bad. The tea flavor is there, but the raspberry acai flavor predominates. Even that isn’t overdone though. I wouldn’t say it is watery but it is a lighter beverage than say pure fruit juice. One thing I didn’t care for was the fact that it contains sucralose (Splenda). While I have not noticed any ill effects from consuming sucralose, others have. I’d rather not have artificially proceed sweeteners in my drinks if possible. That said, it doesn’t effect the taste in a negative manner, as you can see from the photos of my co-worker in the user submitted images above.

Celsius could be a good part of a diet/exercise program. It certainly is a stimulant. I felt it’s effect more strongly than with 5 Hour Energy, which I also like. At only 10 calories, it isn’t going to hurt in any event. It’s a little expensive but it is more than just a tea or soft drink so it that’s understandable. If you don’t mind consuming Splenda and can tolerate the stimulant ingredients, I would give it my qualified recommendation.

CaroleMonroe City, IN