Celsius Sparkling Wild Berry, 12-Ounce Cans

Celsius is a great tasting, healthy energy and fat burning drink that provides a unique extra boost to keep you going throughout your busy day. With multiple published university studies, you can enjoy Celsius daily and burn more body fat (Up to 93%!!!) during exercise plus 100 or more extra calories. Celsius is the world’s First and Only Negative calorie drink. Gluten Free, low in sodium, no preservatives & no artificial flavors- Celsius is your Clean Energy source.

Quick facts

  • Provides healthy, sugar free energy for up to 5 hours with no jitters
  • Backed by multiple published University studies and shown to burn up to 93% more bodyfat when exercising
  • Clinically proven to burn 100 or more calories per can
  • All Good Stuff- No preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Low Sodium and Gluten Free
  • Comes in 5 great tasting flavors (3 carbonated, 2 Non-Carbonated)

Top reviews


Worst energy drink I have ever tasted, and after drinking it I felt nauseous for 4 hours.

Might just be me, but I certainly would not recommend this to anyone…

JoycelynMarshfield, VT

Tastes horrible

I never drink energy drinks since i don’t really believe in them but tried the Wild Berry flavor because it was essentially given to me for free. Tastes atrocious. Kind of has a very “diet-y” flavor, mixed sith some sort of “pot-roast” flavor. As far as aftertaste goes, I guess there’s no real “after” taste, but the “during” taste is bad enough. It did get me a little bit wired though, which you’d expect from an “energy drink” (and caffeine). All said and done, I personally wouldn’t drink it again.

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NaWilber, NE

Good soda substitute

Began drinking Celcius as part of my Thrive Diet plan and as a substitute for drinking colas. There are different flavors but Wildberry is the best. I like the fizz. It also seems to give me energy which is probably the caffine in the drink but it is the only caffine that I use. I found I cannot drink it late in the day or it might keep me awake at night but it is a very refreshing drink. P.S. It also makes you burp great!!!
CandanceMerrimac, WI

Possibly effective, but sickening taste…try the orange soda

In general, I’ve liked the various Celsius flavors that I’ve tried, but this one in particular is pretty bad. It’s sickeningly sweet.

I’m not convinced of the effectiveness of the Celsius, though after taking three a day for a month and a half while dieting, but not exercising, I did lose about 10 lbs. Would I have done that without the Celsius? Maybe. My weight has plateued since I ran out and haven’t yet re-ordered.

The energy kick of this is pretty substantial. Once you stop though, there’s definitely a few days of sluggishness that I’m not sure I want to go through again, but I didn’t notice any headaches or anything.

I’m still debating buying more Celsius but I’m buying the orange soda, which is my favorite by far!

SanaEstacada, OR

BEST energy drink out there!

I’m a health nut and these are so good for you it’s crazy. and they give you more energy than your normal cup of coffee. Just wish they weren’t so expensive or else I’d buy them everyday!!!
LorieCharlotte, AR


Celsius definitely gives you energy! It is great before a work out. It helps you stay alert and awake after about a half hour it kicks in. It tastes great especially the Wild Berry, but everyone is different. Plenty of flavors to choose.
LaureneGood Hart, MI

Good tasting, appetite-curbing, pick-me-up!

I have been drinking Celsius for about three months, usually one every day, and after trying the different flavors, I found the Wildberry to be my favorite. I am not a big cola person to begin with- so this was just right for me–no weird aftertaste that I can detect, and it does seem to fill me up and give me a boost during the day when I may be sagging and want to reach for a sweet, fattening snack! As to whether or not it has supported weight loss, that is hard to say. I am conscious of what I eat and have been reducing portions and increasing my physical activity- so that is where credit goes for dropping a few pounds, but I CAN say that the Celsius does seem to stave off the munchie cravings when they come along.
I never drink more than one a day, and it is usually in the afternoon. I have not had any ill effects from the caffeine. I do drink one or sometimes two cups of coffee fairly early in the morning, so by the time I have a can of Celsius I would imagine my morning caffeine is long gone.
This just happens to be the flavor I like the most– you may not– it isn’t some kind of miracle elixir-but I enjoy the taste, the pick-me-up, and the fact that I don’t grab a candy bar instead!
WilliaFredericksburg, VA

packs a wallop

celsius is not for the faint of heart. It has 200 mgs of caffeine…I believe red bull has about 80. The wildberry is I think the best flavor, its vaguely like the taste of blueberry with other berry flavors mixed in to me, if you’ve had the berry flavored enviga I think the celsius is slightly better and more berry flavored than enviga’s is. I can’t comment on its calorie burning, but I know if I drink one of these I have enough energy to do a full workout that day.
KimWarwick, RI

best energy drink i’ve found in a LOONG TIME

Celsius is the best energy drink that i’ve found so far. i’ve tried a lot of them so far including monster, redbull, amp, FRS, 5 hour, etc. this has the right ingredients that do not make you crash, has a good flavor (not chalky) and actually kept me alert for a few good hours.

it speeds up your metabolism, hence the caloric burning..

it doesn’t give you a faster heart rate (not in my opinion), my blood pressure didn’t spike, and i didn’t have any jitters…

just got the case of 24 (mixed berry flavor) and am 1/2 way through the case. i am also considering investing in the company who makes them CSUH

great job, great product…my hats off to them

CheryleJenison, MI

AMAZING!!! Lost 38 pounds so far!!!!

Celsius is absolutley amazing!!! I have lost 38 pounds since starting 1 – 2 cans per day 2 months ago. It tastes geat too. It gives you tons of energy.
LakenyaBellvue, CO


You definitely will feel the caffiene jolt. Great before a workout and a good not sweet taste. Worth a try.
JonahNewport, PA

Much better than red bull

I love the Sparkling Wild Berry flavor, but it seems to be very difficult to find. I hope it doesn’t go the way of Enviga (which was discontinued a few years ago). I’m always in search for a good tasting 0-15 cal sparkling alternative to Red Bull and this is by far my favorite.
NinaReesville, OH

I like it better than the Sparkling Orange!

There’s a hint of raspberry in the Sparkling Wild Berry flavor but, not so much so that I don’t like it. I HATE raspberry, even the actual fruit so, I’m very happy I tried this flavor – my usual shipment of Sparkling Orange was unavailable/out of stock or I probably never would have. I have the orange on Subscribe and Save and I’ve REMOVED it after tasting this flavor! Now, I just hope Amazon.com will put THIS flavor on the S & S program so I can buy it that way. […]
AgustinaLa Conner, WA

Excellent product!!!

I have been purchasing these drinks for a while now and really enjoy them. They give me the energy I need to get through my workout.
LindsayMurchison, TX

Great Product

I’m not sure that this really can make you lose weight, but it does give an energy boost without the jittery feeling.
AngelesWest Newbury, MA

Love this stuff!

I really love this stuff! It tasted kind of weird at first but I got used to it real quick and now I look forward to drinking them. I bought 1 case each of berry, orange and coke and like them equally. I had been getting up at 4:30 am to make myself walk a couple of miles on the treadmill but now I take one of these with me and by mile 2 I just don’t want to quit walking. I started this about 2 weeks ago and have lost 5 lbs so far, and that’s even with partying in Reno for 3 days.

I feel great, full of energy! I’m up to 4 miles on the treadmill in about an hour. I will drink another celsius around lunch time and it keeps me going for the rest of the afternoon. I highly recommend this drink.

EfrainDarien, WI

Nice energy boost and focus enhancer

I definitely feel I’m getting positive effects from including this in my diet. I know they market this as a negative-calorie drink — I don’t know anything about that, but I have one with or near lunch each day and it helps me stay focused through the afternoon. I also love the no sugar part of this drink. I am particular to the Wild Berry flavor.
JonArnold, MO

Celsius Works!

Wild berry Celsius is a good tasting energy drink with a kick. It does what it says. I use Celsius daily and have had good results. I like the Peach Mango best, but this also has a good flavor.
JuliFarley, MO


I drink them all the time. I have been a customer for 6 months. They have really helped improve my workouts!
The Raspbery and the Mango teas are just like any other teas you would drink. The sparkling berry and orange is like a cooler for me.
I like all of them so far.
AdelinaRock Spring, GA


I have tasted a few flavors and so far this is the best! I absolutely love it! So much so that I buy it buy the case now. I don’t think it makes you jittery; just an all around great drink. I have tried the cola and that is also fantastic but my fav is the wild berry. I tried the green tea and it is hardly drinkable.

Two thumbs up for this drink!

EldoraWisner, LA

Very Good

I like this product. It tastes good and I have had no ill effects. I have a can with lunch and another with dinner and I haven’t hadn’t any problems sleeping. I don’t drink diet pop because of the after taste, but this has no after taste.
EdwinSycamore, KS