Cento Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes, 28-Ounce Cans

The official seal of the Suolo e Salute s.r.l. on each can, guarantees Cento Organic Tomaotes are grown naturally and chemical free. Freshly packed

Quick facts

  • Certified Organic Product
  • Premium Quality
  • Guaranteed Fresh
  • Product of Italy
  • Grown Naturally

Top reviews

Great Tomatoes Once they were packed more carefully

This is the first time I have purchased this brand of whole canned tomatoes. Judging by the taste they are about the same as other quality canned whole tomatoes. They were very tasty and I am glad they are organic.

There were actual tomato leaves in the can. Like many other nightshades, tomato leaves and stems contain atropine and other tropane alkaloids that are toxic if ingested. I hope the cooking of them helped destroy the toxins, because I just ate the whole can… 7 Roma tomatoes minus the 3-4 leaves. At least Some of the tomatoes were partially unpeeled.

Also almost all the cans were dented. They were packaged in a very flimsy large box. Not very professional.

I won’t purchase them again.

UPDATE: The leaves inside the can are BASIL LEAVES NOT TOMATO LEAVES. I only leave the above-reference to the tomato leaves to help others know they are poisonous.

I contacted Amazon customer service. They are going to send me another box and hopefully they are not dented like the first one was. If they are. They will refund me they say.

SECOND UPDATE: The second case arrived and they were not dented at all… mainly because this time they came in a box and inside another box with padding around the inner box. Customer service at Amazon was very helpful and as soon as I told them of the problem of the original order’s dents they immediately remedied the problem. Way to go, Amazon!!! Yes, I will definitely purchase them again.

ShelbaGreenville Junction, ME