Cento’s Tomato Puree

Cento D.O.P. certified San Marzano tomatoes are hand picked only when they are ripe, giving them a distinctively sun-ripe and sweet taste. D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) certified San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the Agro Sarnese Nocerino region of Italy, renowned for its especially fruitful soil as a result of its proximity to Mount Vesuvius. case pack 6

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It’s good, but probably only worth like twenty thousand

I bought this for $45,000 or thereabouts. It was definitely delicious, but after finishing it in 15 minutes I wanted a little more bang for my buck. $20K would have been a better price point.
SherronSummertown, TN

This Tomato Puree is a Real Bargain

I was happily surprised when I received this item the 2nd time. (The first time, it was delivered with the cans crushed). When you check the ingredients, it has one item, tomatoes. I usually get tomato puree because they put so much salt in tomatoes, but puree usually doesn’t have salt added. However, this was much better than the watery store brand I used to buy. It’s actually quite delicious and costs less than the store brand. I used to buy Contadina puree until my store discontinued it, but I think Cento is better. I’m amazed there aren’t more serious reviews, because this is a very good item.
EduardoNeenah, WI