Certified Organic Raw Cacao Nibs from Ecuador – 5 Pounds

SaaQin® brings to you Certified USDA Organic raw cacao nibs. Cacao is increasingly being consumed for its nutritive and health enhancing properties. This cacao is grown using sustainable practices. This premium cacao is the best for consuming chocolate in its raw, natural state. The cacao nibs are unprocessed to maximize nutrient preservation. All this adds up to a rich tasting cacao with a pleasant aroma. A truly wonderfully delicious and nutritious food!

Quick facts

  • Superfoods Cacao Nibs
  • 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • Our Cacao Nibs are truly raw and never heated above 114°F
  • Great source of magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper and potassium
  • Cacao also contains antioxidant

Top reviews

Good in smoothies

This is great with a banana smoothie made with almond milk. Even my boyfriend who doesn’t do raw food likes it. Yum!
MelonyMidway Park, NC

Cacao nibs

I made a mistake ordering these, I should have only purchased a pound to begin with. I thought they would have a better taste, I don’t think I’ll be able to use them. I won’t buy anymore.
StantonDecker, MT

Good stuff

I have not purchased this again because I believe they have recently raised the price so I will be shopping around again I think.
GertieChireno, TX

great and delicious!

i bought these since my raw cacao powder that i usually buy from alive and aware was out of stock, i thought what the hey this is a GREAT price. but like another reviewer said, seems almost too good to be true.
although they are a little greyer in color than the picture which shows a richer dark brownish cacao nibs, they still tasted great.
in fact, i was really surprised by how delicious they are straight out of the bag. yes they are a tab bitter, as you would expect raw (unsweetened) cacao to be, but i was pleasantly surprised that they were totally edible this way, sort of like chomping on a roasted coffee bean but actually not that bitter even. my husband and i can nibble on a small palmful, plain, and like it that way.
but of course it is a little better with something sweet 😉 i like it in a snack mix of raw cashews (naturally sweet and mild- a great compliment to cacao nibs) with large coconut flakes, and if i add some dried fruit it is REALLY heavenly!!
i am so glad i can eat my cacao without the usual sugar over load.
i even suggest brewing it like loose leaf tea in a strainer, and you can re-use the “grounds” a few times. sweeten if you like, maybe add a little good raw cream, and it is better than coffee and better for you to boot!
i am a total cacao-holic now. 5 lbs is NOT too much, so go for it!! we use over a pound a month between mostly my husband and i ( okay we give some to our two small children, just not too much!). i also LOVE to share this great blessing from Mother nature 🙂
i hesitated to give this the full 5 stars, because like i said, i think the color indicated slightly less than the freshest quality . but it is a high 4 stars, and i still totally recommend it, especially at this price.

you will LOVE it!! peace be with you!

ElishaBulan, KY

Excellent Product at incredible price

Taste: These nibs taste a bit bitter just as they should because they contain no sugar and are raw unprocessed cacao. Cacao is considered a super food because of all the vast array and quantity of nutrients they contain and this is exactly the way to eat them to get the maximum benefit. My husband can eat them straight out of the bag but if you need a little sugar with your cacao like I do you could try this: I melt some dark chocolate, stir in about equal amount of cacao nibs and place teaspoonfuls onto a nonstick surface. Place in frig and when hardened, put them in a container and stash in the frig. The taste is really good, some lightly sweetened melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs for a great texture contrast. You could also add them to a shake if you have a really good quality blender. You could also do a search for recipes on the internet and you’ll find all kinds of ideas.

Quantity: Just right, enough to make it worth the free shipping but not too much that you can’t consume it before it looses it’s freshness. My husband and I can easily go through a lb or more a month.

Quality: Excellent, they look and taste just like the nibs I purchased from whole foods a few months ago.

Price: Excellent, only a fraction of the price you’ll pay at a grocery store or other online sources.

Shipping: Prompt, well packaged.

JacqualineMontezuma, GA

Awesome quality CACAO nibs

these are high quality fresh cacao nibs. great price and excellent packaging. i highly recommend this product from alive and aware.
StormyAvis, PA

High quality nibs without the WholePaycheck price

It’s a giant sack of raw cacao nibs. If you’re the sort of person who needs cacao nibs at all, you probably need five pounds of them so cease your hesitation and buy! The Alive and Aware nibs are of excellent quality and taste great!
NumbersLisbon Falls, ME

Not quite 5 pounds

When I received the item, the part of the label with the weight had been torn off which made me suspicious. I weighed the item on my electronic kitchen scale and the weight including the plastic bag was 4 pounds 14 ounces instead of 5 pounds of nibs as advertised. I later transferred the nibs to another container and weighed the empty plastic bag; it was .95 ounces so I was shortchanged almost 3 ounces of nibs.
NoahArcola, VA

LIARS!!!! This is not raw cacao!

If you’ve ever had raw cacao nibs, you should realize immediately that these nibs are roasted. I contacted the seller about this, and here is what I said, and how they responded:

Hi. I received 5 lbs. of Cacao nibs yesterday, but they are not raw like I ordered. These distinctively smell and taste like roasted nibs. After I noticed this, I looked at the bag. The label says that it is Organic, but doesn’t mention being raw (Organic, Herbal Essence Cacao Nibs). Do you want to send me some raw nibs or give me a refund?

Raw Nibs are so bitter if not roasted, All cacao nibs have to be roasted at low temperature.
All our customers love them, try it, if you chose not to use it, fine please return the 5 lbs bag for a refund.
thank you

So, they’ve decided that since raw nibs don’t taste as good, they’re going to roast them. (Why not throw in some cream and sugar while you’re at it? They taste really good like that!). It’s fine if you want to roast them, just don’t market them as raw!
But, I decided to give them the benifit of the doubt. Maybe they “roast” their cacao at a low enough temperature to still be considered raw. I emailed them back:

At what temperature do you roast your cacao?

below 80 degrees.

Below 80 degrees? That’s gotta be celsius right? A quick conversion tells me they roast their supposedly raw cacao at 175 degrees. That’s not raw by any standard.
I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt one more time. They did say that “all cacao nibs have to be roasted…” So I emailed Navitas Naturals about their raw cacao nibs (I was eating Navitas nibs before trying these). Navitas processes their cacao below 118 degrees, making their cacao truly raw. Halaleveryday is clearly a shady company who should not be trusted. Yes, these nibs taste better than raw nibs, but you’re not buying raw cacao for the taste. I advise staying away from Halaleveryday, Alive and Aware, and Herbal Essence products.

How are these roasted nibs? They taste much more like chocolate than raw cacao does, and are much crispier and easier to chew. There are definitely some hard pieces (pieces of shell, I assume?), so watch out for your teeth if you decide you can trust this company enough to eat their products.

HubertKnifley, KY

False advertising

I originally gave these five stars, but I just learned that they’re NOT actually raw. My original review is below; now they get only one star for false advertising. Stick with Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs.

Much cheaper than Navitas Naturals Cacao Nibs and just as good. These might be an acquired taste, but once you “get it” you’ll love them.

NonaAlexandria, VA


I was apprehensive about investing in a whole five pounds, as I wasn’t sure of the quality. (A few mentions of “grey” color, etc.) But the price was so right! I had been getting a quality product from Wilderness Family Naturals, but it was considerably pricier. PLUS shipping. So I went for it- ordered the 5 lb. “Alive and Aware Organic Raw Cacao Nibs” off of Amazon.
As a cacao nib connoisseur, I can say these are perfect. Read up, if you’ve never ordered nibs before, because these won’t be just like eating a candy bar only healthier. No, nibs are unique. They are going to be a tad bitter, and yes, maybe the crunch is a bit unlovely for some.
But for cacao-nib-lovers, these are every bit as good and fresh and tasty (and rightfully colored) as any I’ve ever gotten. Only difference: All the rest have cost a lot more.
Go for it, I say! Order these! Keep the extra in the fridge (I suppose you could even freeze ’em), and they’ll keep months. Yum…
EduardoLawrenceville, GA

Good stuff!

Was a little concerned since one review was not too encouraging. I have found it to be debris-free, not overpowering smelling and tastes just as you would expect a sugar free chocolate to taste! So I WILL buy it again and it was a good price!
ShantiIpswich, MA

Texture is not pleasing.

I expected cacao nibs (or bitter chocolate tasting), but it is more like eating tree bark with little flavor. Had ‘coffee ground like particles’ in my mouth for hours. I will cancel my auto-ship.
PartheniaBriggsdale, CO

Fast & high quality

The product came quickly and was as expected. The nibs were a bit more grey than I had expected but they go very well in my protein shakes. It would be great if I could get crushed (I don’t mean powdered) cacao nibs. It would blend up easier.
JewellPort Carbon, PA

I’m so addicted to these!

These are a fantastic product. I first bought them because they were cheaper than Nativas, but I prefer them. The pieces are larger which is better for me because I snack on them. I don’t use them for cooking or smoothies. I love the taste and texture. I seriously can’t stop eating them. If you’re thinking they’ll taste just like dark chocolate you’ll probably be disappointed. It’s very apparent they’re the source of chocolate, but they’re definitely more bitter than even a very dark chocolate. My only concern is that I eat a lot of them and they’re loaded with saturated fat. 1 ounce has 35% of your daily value of fat and 130 calories. I went through a 5lb bag in 3 weeks. I’m afraid to do the math. I just ordered another bag but I’m definitely going to slow down on them. – I just did the math and I hope I’m wrong – that’s almost 4 oz. a day. 140% of my daily saturated fat and 520 calories. Yikes!
CarliSaint Clair, MI

Taste so good

I’d never tried these before, but I keep reading about how good cacao is for you. So I tried them and they are so good. I can eat them right out of the bag. I’ve also ground them up in my coffee grinder for use in a shake. I will be using them for just about everything now, especially baking. Can’t wait!!
TameraBurkeville, VA

These are NOT raw and contain pebbles — watch out!

I have only eaten a few handfuls of these but have already bitten down on 3 pebbles. I almost broke my teeth! These cacao nibs also contain a lot of hard shells . Also, I could tell by the taste that they were roasted. The whole reason I bought them was because they claimed to be organic and raw. With all this deception, now I’m wondering if they’re even organic. They do taste pretty good, though not as good as the truly raw nibs I bought before because the roasting imparts a slightly charred flavor.
ThomasineUpper Falls, MD