Chai Countertop Box

Our unique blend of Chai Tea may be the best you’ve ever tasted. Sweet and fragrant with notes of honey and spice, you’ll love warming up with a cup or serving it to friends. Eight, 1 oz. packets make it easy to prepare; just tear open, pour into a cup, add hot water and enjoy!

Quick facts

  • Unique Chai Tea blend may be the best you’ve ever tasted
  • Sweet and fragrant with light notes of honey and spice
  • 8, 1 oz. packets
  • Just add hot water, stir and enjoy!

Top reviews

Mannheim Steamroller Chai Tea

The best package Chai tea I have tasted next to my homemade Chai tea. Very convenient for one quick cup. I prefer to mix half water, half skim milk.
KaraEvant, TX

Mannheim Chai Tea

This Chai Tea is one of the best that I have ever had. And it is so convenient in the 8 ounce packages. Please do not discontinue this product! It is too delicious to go the way of the Yam Seng Champagne Bubble Bath…Sincerely,A big Fan,Megan A-W
JodyFreeport, OH