Chaka’s MMM Sauce – Zesty Recipe – 1/2 Case

Chaka’s” ZESTY MMM sauce is an unsurpassed blend of natural ingredients created to enhance the flavor of meat, poultry, and seafood. With a little more zip than the original sauce. It is a non-tomato, non-teriyaki sauce. It makes your marinated meats tender and juicy. You will be overwhelmed and delighted with its pleasant and tangy tasteBoth Original & Zesty are truly all purpose products. You can add his sauces to any meal you prepare for a mouth watering experience. All of “Chaka’s sauces have NO SUGAR, NO MOLASSES, NO MSG or NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES. These sauces also contain NO FAT and NO CHOLESTEROL

Quick facts

  • Contains 12 18oz bottles
  • only 8 Calories per serving
  • Total fat-0%, Cholesterol-0%, Sodium-380mg-16%, Total Carbohydrate-2g-1%, Sugar-0%, Protein-0%

Top reviews

The best sauce for BBQ steaks!

I love this sauce and we have it here in California, highly recommended, the best BBQ steak sauce and I also like to mix it with my Italian dressing for salads, which is good too.
PamelaPatton, CA

Sensational Marinade

I have been using it on Chicken, Pork Chops & Lamb for years. I have moved from CA to TX so now I have to order it online…
NigelCedarburg, WI