Chamong Organic Darjeeling Tea Bags, Spring Selection, 20-Count Boxes

Start your day with the fresh, bright, and lively character of Darjeeling Spring Tea. After a period of dormancy in the winter months of December through February, tea bushes offer delicate new shoots in March and April. These convey a grey/green glazed leaf and a light, clear liquor with a pleasant hint of mild astringency to the palate. The infused leaf boasts a prominent lime-green brightness and floral scent. These are our finest spring teas.

Quick facts

  • Chefs love this tea for freshness, natural flavor, quality and the fact you can use it in cooking and don’t need to add sweetener
  • Staple free, compostable silken pyramid tea bags individually wrapped for freshness, better infusion and flavor
  • Brought to you straight from our estates to your cup by the family passionate about tea since 1916
  • Contains GI (Geographical Indication) protected Darjeeling teas made from finest two leaves and a bud hand picked during peak Spring season
  • Certified Organic Whole leaf teas by IMO Switzerland

Top reviews

Amazing Bagged Darjeeling for the Price!

Although the product description made this tea sound pretty wonderful, I was still skeptical, having been a serious tea drinker now for 15 years. I’m even more skeptical of the quality of bagged teas, since many “pyramid” teabags still have tea leaf fannings or even dust in them, just like the old school “flat” tea bags. This tea not only brews up into a hefty serving of BOP, but the taste is fresh and clean, yet complex enough to be considered a decent spring flush Darjeeling. I was thrilled, because it can be difficult to find a good spring flush that is affordable and organic as well! And, while I generally prefer loose tea to bagged, I can use this at work when I’m pressed for time and still enjoy what I’m drinking. It would be great if the bags weren’t stuffed into very small (albeit freshness-preserving) packages which, on my clumsier days, is hard to open without feeling like I’m smashing the leaves. The teabag strings could be a bit longer as well. But these are very small complaints, and they will not stop me from ordering again. If the packaging helps to keep this tea as affordable as it is, it’s a small inconvenience to put up with.

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IdaGrantham, NH