Charlee Bear Dog Treats 16Oz Zip Pack Liver

Charlee Bear Liver Flavored Natural Dog Treats are made with Poultry Liver which is an excellent source of protein. The comination of liver and durham wheat makes for a taste dogs cannot resist. Charlee Bear Liver Flavored Natural Dog Treats are made exclusively with all natural ingredients. With only three calories per treat, you can reward your pooch often without the worry of Fido gaining excess weight. Charlee Bear Liver Flavored Dog Treats are recommended and used by professional tra

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  • 16-oz pouch

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Great Low Calorie Training Treats

Charlee Bears are small and low calorie, so you can use them en masse for training. We use them both for standard training (sit, stay, drop it, leave it) and behavioral training (no bark). They’re not stinky or messy, so you can put them in your pocket, purse, or car without worry. We keep a small bag in the car for travel to reinforce when our puppy doesn’t bark at people walking by, one by the door to reinforce when she goes to the bathroom outside, and a bunch of treats in a treat bag for travel.

The one downside to these is that because they’re not as stinky, it can be harder to use them to get your dog’s attention if he or she is distracted, like at the dog park or if you have a bunch of visitors. Our trick to get around this is that we put some stinky treats in the treat bag with these, and they’ll take on some of the scent (We use Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce).

Our dog loves all flavors.

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