Charleston Seafood Sashimi Tuna, 32-Ounce Box


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Wasn’t for me…

First of all, the pieces weren’t as premium “Toro” part as product picture. What I received instead were less expensive “Akami” part, the part widely used for regular cheap Tuna Sashimi or Sushi in US. One of the piece were older than others judging by the color. I tasted one of the better piece as Sashimi and decided to cook the rest instead of taking them as Sashimi. It just wasn’t worth it. My guess would be significant part of the price is for nice packaging and shipping. For those of you who has Whole Foods not too far, just make friends in their seafood section. Not officially but they can prepare sashimi tuna pieces for you better than this. They are still non-pemium “Akami” part but fresher and taste better than this and not to mention less expensive… Nice service for people have no access to decent seafood but this isn’t for me…
IrishPigeon Falls, WI