Charms Blow Pops Cherry Lollipops 48 Lollipops/box, 31.2 Ounce

Charms Cherry Blow Pops, 48 Count

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  • Charms Blow Pop Cherry
  • 48 Blow Pops

Top reviews

Old lollipops. Don’t waste your money.

I usually buy my Charms lollipops at BJ’s, but they only sell the assorted box. That is why I was willing to pay more for this product. When I received the package the box looked old. Like it had been setting around a warehouse for some time. I decided to try one and regretted it. The lollipops are way past their “freshness” date. They are nasty. Don’t waste your money purchasing from this seller. I wish I would have read the reviews before I spent my money. I requested a refund. I think I’ll stick to buying them at BJ’s where the lollipops look and taste fresh.
CarylPolk, OH


I do enjoy the sour apple blow pops so I was excited to receive this package. First off, it did take some time for this package to arrive. Secondly, as I opened the first blow pop, it looked pretty old but I was expecting some to be in that condition. But basically every single one I opened so far, each one looked very old and not fresh. I am very disappointed that this company would send off the product in this kind of condition. I will never order from this seller again and very disappointed. Wish I could receive my money back but I know that will not happen. Save your money and purchase somewhere else.
JefferyPegram, TN

Love sour apple? Love bubble gum? You’ll love this product

I must confess that I am addicted to these and am thrilled to be able to purchase them in bulk. Great price for a yummy treat!
MardellKlickitat, WA

I liked them

I’ve had a few boxes already and they’ve always tasted fine. I can’t really compare them to a local stores since they don’t have any. A few different companies sell them, I buy the cheapest ones.
HarrietteBreese, IL

the best !

Charms Sour Apple is the Best ! the others are good too , but since I was a kid many moons ago and still as an adult with my nieces and nephews .. we all squabble over the sour apple ones.
StephanieCampbell, TX