Charms Candy Assorted Squares 20ct

Hard, old fashioned square candies in an assortment of the traditional delicious Charms fruit flavors! 20 – 1oz PACKAGES PER BOX

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great pocket candy

These have pretty good flavor which doesn’t disappear after the first minute. They are stickier than Charms sour balls or Lifesavers, but they are each individually wrapped so they don’t stick to each other and half a roll doesn’t grab all your pocket lint.
NicolaHolden, MA

Nice Memories

Gave me great memories from when I was a kid, buying these at a restaurant after church on Sundays. Friends made the same comment when I shared.
BronwynDepew, NY

Lifesavers without the holes, and more flavors.

First came across Charms when my parents received one of those boxes of 1950’s candies as a gift, most of which was nearly inedible, but Charms was one of the few things I tried which actually tasted good. Essentially Charms is just like a Lifesaver (maybe they came before?) only better. Instead of a circle with a hole in the middle they are squares with little indention’s (they kind of look like Halls cough drops) so you get more candy for your buck. They also have more flavors, off the top of my head in addition to the typical flavors there’s green apple, orange, and strawberry (maybe a few more different ones). And the 3rd best thing, they’re individually wrapped, which makes it easier to carry a few around in your pocket and insure they don’t get dirty. Really not sure why these things haven’t aren’t more popular, much better than Lifesavers in terms of pocket candy.
ShavonneElk, CA